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Sliquid organics natural reviews

50 reviews
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50 reviews

I highly recommend this lube. It is body and lady parts friendly, it is pretty long lasting for a water based lube, and a little goes a long way! It has a permanent station on my nightstand, and I will continue to keep a bottle of it hand as long as it is made!

So in summary, this is your average run of the mill lube. There are no frills or fluff. Sliquid works great without any negative side effects

This lube overall isn't terrible; my only real complaints are that it's sort of runny, and that it requires some reapplication during longer play sessions. If the intended user is a fan of thinner lubes, then this is a good choice.

Though the upfront cost might be off-putting for some, it is utterly worth it. Whether or not you have allergies, lead a vegan lifestyle, or just want something natural, this lubricant can provide you with what you need. Bedroom veterans and newbies can both reap the benefits of a solid water-based lube, without the irritants some other products have.

If you're someone who values natural/organic ingredients and doesn't mind reapplying your lube every so often, this is definitely the product for you.

Sliquid is great for people who are sensitive to parabens or gylcerin, vegans and/or animal rights fans. I found it to be an incredibly comfortable, pleasurable lubricant which made my skin feel smooth after use. While I thought it was a little thin, I also had no problems at all with running, dripping, or leaking. I highly recommend it.

I found that this product dries out very quickly for my purposes: anal, masturbation, and masturbation sleeves. I love the ingredients list on this product. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to last as long as much cheaper drugstore lubes. I was pleasantly surprised to find this product not as runny as some water based lubricants, but that still did not make up for how short lived it is. It is good while it lasts, but I have to almost constantly reapply.

This is very much a "barely there" sort of lube—good for starting, but doesn't last. If you have concerns about irritation or environmental friendliness, go for this one.

I've just skipped to the point with this lubricant. Many of you are fans of the Sliquid sassy booty formula, and unfortunately, the organics natural lubricant formula is the underdog when it comes to drying time. The reapplication is the only problem with this lubricant, and yet it is significant enough to dissuade me from purchasing a full-size bottle after trying the sample size.

This lubricant has some really great qualities to it, but only if you're using it for very specific reasons. It's wonderful for women who have sensitivities to glycerin and parabens, and lasts a long time when used vaginally. The downside; it gets a little tacky as it absorbs into the skin and doesn't last nearly as long for external use. Guys, let the ladies use this one, there are many other jack off products that will work best for you.

In my opinion, this product is a failure as a lubricant. I find this product to be totally disappointing in its performance to the point of uselessness. I am glad I only purchased the sample size and quite frankly, I cannot recommend this to anyone.

The bottom line is that this a great product at a great price. It's vegan, natural, organic, and effective. In my experience, it lasts longer and goes further than many other water-based lubes of comparable price. If other lubes leave you feeling irritated or sticky, give this one a try.

This is a really great long-lasting water-based lube that can be used with any toy under the sun and latex condoms. Before committing to a larger size, you can try out their really great smaller size to confirm you love it as much as I did.

The lube was fantastic for intercourse, but came up a little dry and sticky for external use. It felt natural and clean; I could not recommend this enough (with the one con in mind).

Once my Sliquid Organics Natural lube runs out I shall buy the bigger size because I'm in love with this lube. My partner accidentally found my lube and now is also in love with this lube. What made us fall in love with this lube was that it is vegan, organic, not tested on animals and feels so natural.

If you need something to help you that last little bit, then you have something here that is both safe and sound for you to use. If you need a lot of lubrication, look else where, for it is not going to happen here for long.

Sliquid Organics Natural really does live up to it's name! It feels completely natural, and as an added bonus it's both organic and vegan. As someone who is sensitive to most lubes and has been disappointed by Sliquid in the past, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't react badly to this lube at all! Overall, it's a great lube to use and it's certainly become one of my favorites.

Personally, I went back and forth between the Sliquid products and settled with this one. I kind of see the whole line as a gimmick that really isn't worth the feeling of false self worth you get from going "natural" with this one. I would go for another product that is less expensive, yet at the same time isn't jam packed with ingredients you need a degree to understand.

I would recommend this product to those looking for a natural lubricant. It is designed to protect women's health and works well with the body's natural lubrication, yet it's more slippery than the real a good way.

If you are looking for a trial/travel sized lubricant, this is perfect. It feels great and lasts a long time!

This is my new favorite lube! If you are concerned about what they put in products these days you can rest easy with Sliquid Orgaics Natural.

Sliquid Organics lubricant is a great pick for vegans, people with sensitive skin, and anyone looking for an awesome, Eco friendly lube. Non-greasy and organic, this lubricant lasts and is compatible with all types of toys!

I am very glad that I chose the sample size instead of buying a larger bottle. I wasn't all that impressed with it having to be re-applied often and the fact that it foamed up kind of and tended to feel sticky during sexual activity.

So here we have a great lube, packed in a perfect traveling container, at a really reasonable price (for what you're getting). We enjoyed using it, and will happily order more for upcoming travel plans.

Sliquid Organics Natural is a natural choice for anyone that wants a water-based lubricant. It goes on clear, feels smooth, doesn't make you feel greasy afterwards and is really easy to clean off. It's the most natural feeling lube that I have ever tried and I absolutely adore it.

This was like being handed a bottle of my own natural fluids to use at will and in as great of quantity as I want for as long as I want. Not only are the ingredients and bottle "green" but the lube is a delightful experience whether hands, toys, or both are involved. It smooths the way and is also an enjoyable sensual experience in itself apart from and in addition to the ease with which it allows toys and fingers to move and stimulate and explore.

I love this lube! I love that it has no taste and has a natural texture. The lube absorbs into the skin nicely and did not need to be reapplied often. It's a quality product that every toy box needs.

This is a decent lube, but I wouldn't recommend it for heavy use. It's got awesome ingredients, with absolutely no cleanup required, but it's going to be relegated to, "For getting started only," status in my toybox since it dries too quickly to be used for prolonged use.

I wasn't impressed at all with this lube. It was too thin for any kind of prolonged use, and the need to constantly reapply breaks the mood more than a little. If you're going to try it, get the sample size. If you like thick lube, you'll want to look elsewhere.

While this lube is thin, it lasts longer than I expected. I liked that it wasn't sweet, as I don't think sex should taste sweet. This vegan gluten free lube is surprisingly slick for so thin and water based. It works well for vaginal penetration, and for using a non-thrusting anal toy (such as a plug). However if you want anal sex with a person or a toy, you should look for a specialty lube for that purpose.

If you live in a dry climate, this is not a lube I would suggest purchasing for it dries just too quickly. I love the fact that it is organic and more natural than most lubes. My toys love it, and I so want to love it... it just dries too fast for my liking! I do plan on getting a few more for my camping trips, as they are a perfect size, and yes, reapplication will be a pain, but in the end worth it.

Sliquid Organics Natural is "natural" in many ways. It has natural ingredients, it feels like natural lubricant, and you'll naturally fall in love with it once you start using it! It lacks parabens, glycerin, and other nasties so it's safe for virtually everyone and everything, including silicone toys and latex condoms. It may not be for anal or penile masturbation but it's great for vaginal and toy sex. If you're looking for a great water-based lubricant, look no further. This lube is for you!

Excellent natural lubricant. It left me feeling moisturized and smooth, as well as all of the usual benefits. My recommendation is to give one of the sample packs a try.

Sliquid isn't something that thrills my partner and I since we don't use lubricants regularly, but that's not to say it isn't a wonderful choice. I would personally choose this for all of our "intimate activity." It's safe, paraben and glycerin free and is compatible with all toys. Those great qualities, plus it being super silky and slippery make it a lubricant that goes above and beyond most of it's competitors.

I've spent a lifetime suffering from problems caused by lube. Before Eden, I didn't know I had other options. I didn't even know what ingredients were causing the irritation. Turns out, both glycerin and parabens were a problem for me. After trying a few different Sliquid lubes, Organics Natural has become a fast favorite. It has just the right amount of glide to feel natural. It never feels sticky or greasy and absorbs nicely into skin. This has been a miracle in a bottle for me.

This is a nice water based lubricant for those who are easily irritated by most other lubes out there. It’s a little too thin for my liking, but is very close to a woman’s natural lubricant.

I love this lube, it can be used with anything since it's water-based, and it's vegan. This is a great, versatile lube. It's my favorite!

I really want to like this lube, but I'm scratching my head in comparison to all the others. It just seems to fall short of my expectations.

Sliquid Organics Natural is a mediocre lube. It gives a little extra slipperiness, and it's definitely a good bet for people prone to UTIs. But it's pretty drippy and doesn't last long. If you expect more than a bit of additional wetness from your lube, look elsewhere.

For those of you concerned with sensitive skin and allergies this is the one for you as it contains no glycerin, parabens or petroleum; only natural products. Perfect for vegans and those of you who only use organic products - yes even down to your lube! It slides and glides beautifully and for us it worked great for anal too without buying 2 lubes. It's tasteless with no smell and lasted for hours of play.

This lube is a must buy! It is perfect; guilt-free, and irritation-free. It is perfect for those of us with sensitivities.

Sliquid Organics is a wonderfully slick and smooth water-based lubricant, made of high quality ingredients. It contains no glycerin, paraben, or petroleum products and does not irritate. However, it is not the most long-lasting and may require reapplication, though it absorbs leaving skin feeling soft and moisturized, never sticky. Still, it is the best lubricant I have used thus far and is safe, non-staining and hypoallergenic.

If you fall into the category of a woman who sometimes needs a little help in the natural lubrication department right at the beginning of sex but once you get going you're perfectly fine? This lube would work for you. If you're looking for something that will last longer than a few minutes? Keep looking.

If you are into the vegan, non-animal tested, Made in the U.S.A., organic living and botanicals, then Sliquid Organics Natural lube is the way to go. I know that I will come back to it for a long time coming.

Sliquid Organics Natural lube is fantastic! It provided great slip for both anal and vaginal play and my partner loved it, too! It's thinner than some lubes in consistency when you first feel it, but it definitely won't disappoint. The bottle is attractive and fairly discreet, great for gift-giving. Highly recommended.

Well...I'm glad I got the sample first! This is not a good organic lubricant and a pretty bad lubricant in general. It doesn't last long at all and requires a lot of reapplication. It is safe for the body, use with condoms and all materials though.

Though not a particularly long-lasting lube, Sliquid Organics Natural lube is a vegan, water-based product that comes in an attractive little bottle and is glycerin/paraben free!

Sliquid Organic water based lube is vegan, organic, animal friendly, and paraben and glycerin free! If you have sensitivities or allergies, this could be the lube for you! If you want to live your life as close to nature as possible, there is finally a natural lube for you! I prefer other lubes (usually silicone) over this one though. It doesn't seem to hold up that well for mine and my partner's uses.

I needed a good, body-safe, water-based lube to use with my silicone toys. Sliquid Organic Naturals delivered a glycerin-, parabens-, and petroleum- free lube that stayed slick for as long as I needed; even though it didn't rejuvenate with water. However it did not stay slick for long when used with pure silicone toys, much to my disappointment. Nevertheless, it is still a great lube for general use.

Sliquid Organics lube contains many certified organic ingredients. It is vegan and works very well without any glycerine, parabens, or petroleum.

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