JO H2O flavored lubricant

Flavored lube
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JO H2O flavored lubricant reviews

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This cherry flavored lube is amazing! It isn't sticky and tastes great. I enjoyed using this with my partner and it will be a staple.

This lube is a wonderful water-based lube. It not only smells good but tastes good as well. The price point is at a really good price. This is a flavored lube that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a lube like this. I only gave it 4 stars, however, due to it containing glycerin.

I enjoy it overall I feel the flavor could be improved so little but other than that I am quite pleased.

Whether being used with a mouth or a toy, this is a nice choice to get your member (or your pussy!) lubed up.

I think this is a great lube and the amount you get is very generous. The cap on the bottle is easy to open, even when you have lube all over your hands. The bottle doesnt leak even when turned on it's side. Just make sure to close the cap all the way.

This lubricant works well and lasts quite a long while. The smell is appealing and just like tangerines. The taste, however, is awful and reminds me of fluoride from the dentist.

I might purchase this product again the next time I am looking for a flavored lubricant, but I wouldn't mind trying other flavors of this product as well. Still, I'm not going to swear by this product alone for my flavored lubricant needs. I would love to try something that would be less sticky, a product that wouldn't be quite as slippery and would be better for going straight into sex afterwards.

Overall Jo flavored lubricants are just not a good buy, the packaging is horrible, they taste terrible and have a horrible after taste, they are colored, they are not body friendly and they are SOOOOO sticky.

Overall a great product if you're fond of sweet tastes, but I wouldn't recommend it for long periods of use as it becomes quite sticky forcing you to reapply which can make the flavour overpowering and sickeningly sweet. This combined with the easily broken/opened bottle lead me to give this product a 2 star review.

This is a good, water-based, scented and flavored lube that is easy to use and clean up after. It always enhances my experiences and I definitely recommend it.

This is one of the best water-based lubes out there. It has a silky, smooth feeling and lasts for a long time without becoming sticky. The taste is delicious without any nasty aftertaste, which can be hard to find. I would compare the taste to a lighter version of watermelon Jolly Ranchers. I would recommend this lube to anybody and everybody looking for a multipurpose, flavored lubricant.

The flavor and smell is chocolatey as the label claims but, like chocolate, it gets sticky when out for a while.

Banana-rama in your pants! If you're a fan of artificial banana flavoring, you'll love having this little bit more in the bedroom.

Overall this is the best flavored lube I have ever used, and being the mouthy type, I go through a lot. It performs just as well as a standard water-based lube, but manages to pull double-duty by making all sorts of oral play even more enjoyable by being both delicious and silky smooth. Buy this lube!

I love love love this lube. It is priced well, lasts a good long time, can be used with my silicone toys, tastes and smells amazing... I just can't rave enough. The only downside is the use of glycerin, which for me is not a con at all, as I have no issues with the ingredient, but it will cause an issue for some women.

Good value, great taste, and a nice-sized bottle for the price. It doesn't stain or leave a funky residue or anything of the sort.

Who would've thought mixing playtime with your favorite flavor--and there are a whopping 12 of them to choose from--could be so easy and fun? This is an affordable way to treat yourself.

Overall, I enjoy this lube, although I don't use it very often because it's REALLY sticky. It's a good amount for the price though and will probably last me a good while. It's great for adding some flavor to oral sex, but not for use during regular sex. I'd probably purchase again in the smaller size in a different flavor.

If you like the flavor of strawberry cough medicine, then this product is perfect for you! I haven't tried any of the other flavors, hopefully they are better than this one. This product just didn't live up to my lubrication standards, and in my eyes, is useless for anything but oral. After using this product, I was sadly disappointed. Overall, this product was okay, but I would not pay 12.99 again.

Just because I had a terrible reaction to the parabens and glycerine or even possibly the flavouring chemicals in this stuff, does not mean that it won't work wonders for you. It is a long lasting, silky feeling lube that smells like candy. But if you notice anything different about your vagina, look at your lube first.

While some of its ingredients are not the best for the lady parts, System JO pineapple water based lube is tasty, smooth and long lasting. It's one of the best flavored lubes for giving head.

As long as you're not sensitive to glycerin, JO H2O flavored lubricants are a great addition to your bedroom repertoire. The flavors are juicy but not too sweet, and if you're sensitive to aspartame or other artificial sweeteners, this is a great option.

A smooth and tasty lube by System Jo which makes for a pleasurable experience with your partner, or even with self play. While being non-sticky and making for easy and yummy clean up, this lube holds up to its promise.

System JO H2O flavored lubricant is a great water based oral sex aide. It tastes and smells great. You can also use it for sex or solo play. There isn't any sticky feeling or bad after taste with this lubricant. Overall, it's a great product to have around.

Overall, in my opinion, this product is worth it if used as regular old lube. If you are looking at this product for taste alone, I would maybe choose another product. The taste does not really taste like the flavor promised.

Although this lube wouldn’t be my first choice for anal play, it works great for everything else. This has become one of my new favorites. And it tastes like chocolate!

I think this lubrication by JO System is a great product. People should invest in it because it's a good price for the amount you get (5.25 fl.oz!). It's made in the USA, is non toxic, non staining, and latex friendly. All in all it is a really great product for all purposes sex related.

This is a reasonably priced product and is one of the best flavored lubricants out there. On top of that, there is a menagerie of flavors to choose from you may not even know where to start!

I say if you're considering this lube, go for it! Just keep in mind that if you have a sensitive stomach, you might want to be careful about ingesting too much of it.

Maybe for anything but high-powered wand massagers, this is a good thing. We would not buy this brand again, as the bottle design was the only thing that we liked. I cannot say that everyone will have the same experience as we did with the H20 Flavored Lube and I hope that others will enjoy it more than we did.

If you want to introduce some flavor into your sex life, without a weird aftertaste or a sticky ending, this lube will be a great addition. Really smooth and all around a great product.

System JO's flavored water based lube is by far the best flavored lube I have tried. The flavor really packs a punch. Unlike other water based lubes, this stays nice and silky on skin and never gets sticky. The bottle is 5.25 ounces, which is a lot of lube for the price. This product does contain glycerin and parabens, though, which may not be safe with all users. The chocolate flavor also isn't very accurate.

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a tasty, sexy experience in the bedroom. Many flavors to choose from so no one is left out!

H2O tropical lube is worth it! It has a easy open lid, it tastes great with no after taste and it has a great smell!

Overall, I don't plan on using this product again. My personal experience with it was just okay. Nothing about this product is spectacular, yet nothing is bad. It is somewhere in the middle. Although if you are just beginning with flavored lubes this is a great place to start.

Even if you have tried flavored lubes before and have been disappointed, give it one more try. This one is worth it!

This is a great product for oral, on you or your partner. It has a pleasing taste, nice smell and is a great lubricator! I enjoy this product immensely, and it lasts a long time as well!

When this lube runs out, we will go out and buy another. The bottle is a pleasure to use and the taste makes for climaxing experiences.

System JO H2O flavored lube is another quality item from the System JO line that worked wonderfully for use in oral sex. It's definitely not ideal for anal and may dry up during vaginal sex or toy play but if you're looking for something to enhance oral sex, look no further!

I am so glad I stumbled upon this lubricant. It is a great lube that doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. The strawberry flavor tastes amazing and the flavor lasts. No more Hershey syrup for me.

Feeling almost more like a silicone lube than a water based, these lubes provide not only long lasting slickness but also a great scent and flavor. They're perfect for going from hand jobs to blow jobs, having sex, or giving each other a yummy rub down to facilitate yummy licking. A great product all around.

Finally, a flavored lube that tastes great and doesn't leave behind a sticky mess! This water-based lube feels more like one of its silicone counterparts (minus the drawbacks) with its silky smooth texture. While this may not be the best lube for intercourse, it's perfect for oral sex or any part of the body that needs a little extra attention. Plus with all the flavor options you're bound to find one you love!

The perfect lubricant to make all sexual experiences taste and smell as good as they feel. It's versatile and great for most any "dish" on the menu.

System JO H2O Flavored Lubricant is available in a variety of flavors that offers most users a favorite taste. It is a slick, warming lubricant that will leave your mouth watering. This lubricant is perfect for couples and adds flavor, aroma, and warmth to oral sex. I highly recommend this product and encourage you to give it a run. It is yummy!

I've looked all over for the best flavored lubricant, and my search has finally ended with this delicious stuff. Once you use System JO H2O Flavored Lubricant, you won't need anything else! It's never sticky, tastes great, and feels incredibly natural.

Although the product gets a little tacky, it is not nearly as sticky as other flavored lubes. I love this product and highly recommend it for oral sex use! It did not cause any sort of allergic reaction, and I have extremely sensitive skin. The raspberry sorbet is very yummy!

Simply JO H2O was worth the purchase for me. It was my first flavored lube, and I was happy with the experience. The ability to go back to oral after other positions, without a nasty taste, was the biggest reason for this purchase.

System JO H2O Flavored Lubricant really is the perfect water based flavored lube for me. It's spot on for everything that any woman or man would ever dream of for a flavored lube. I'm totally in love.....

This has definitely brought more oral into my life - giving and receiving. Completely worth the cost. Wonderful packaging, great taste, and the only significant problem is how quickly it pours out - but you can always find a way to put the extra to use. ;)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this lube. I think it provides a great long lasting lubrication, as well as an excellent barrier. It has a nice mouth feel and a pleasant taste/aroma. It does need to be rehydrated from time to time. But it doesn't leave you sticky or feeling dirty afterward.

And I thought her pussy tasted great before I found this lube. All I can say is WOW! Now I have to beg every night to eat her pussy.

Yummy Yummy!!!

This flavored lubricant is my favorite!! It lasts a long time, smells and tastes great, and isn't sticky at all. Clean up is a breeze...lick it off!! The only negative is the possible allergy concerns for some people but as long as you keep this away from the girly should be fine.

If you’ve tried other chocolate flavored lubes and been disappointed, or never tried them but would love to, I highly suggest getting yourself a bottle of the new System Jo Chocolate Delight for you and your lover to enjoy! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

JO Lubricants hits an absolute home run with their Flavored H2O lube. Water based but with a silky consistency, this lubricant has all the benefits of a silicone based lube with none of the drawbacks. Compatible with all your favorite silicone toys, you can use it as a regular toy lube or slather a generous amount on your partner's breasts, thighs, and whatever else for a lickable friction-reducing treat.

System JO flavored lubes are not only great tasting, but they work! Whether it's oral, with a toy, or with a partner, a little goes a long way and keeps the ride silky smooth and smelling fantastic!

System JO H20 flavoured lubricant is one of my favourite lubes. I tried it mainly for the flavoured aspect, but ended up really enjoying the texture. After trying all 12 flavours produced by System JO I ended up purchasing a large bottle of the raspberry. I keep it in my nightstand and use it for anything requiring lubrication.

It works absolutely wonderful! Nothing disappointing about this product! A definite keeper and we will be trying all the flavors in the future!

Definitely worth the money. A small bottle will last you a while, and the exciting and shocking flavor will enhance sex and leave you wanting more to taste.

System JO carries a ton of different lubricants, including flavored ones great for adding a little extra fun when you play.

Whether you want to improve the taste of oral or just add some interesting twist to it, JO's H20 Flavored lubricant is great addition to your oral pleasure. The taste and smell is great and doesn't have an after taste. If it turns out you don't like the taste, it is still a long lasting and smooth lubricant for intercourse.

This lube is great and it really doesn't have an aftertaste. The flavor I ordered (Strawberry) is wonderful and has a nice aroma and taste! Buy this product to add a twist of flavor to your sex life, you wont be disappointed. It's kind of sticky though so be warned about that, but please don't let that hold you back I'm sure almost anyone can enjoy this lubricant! It's water based so you can't go wrong with this product :).

System Jo H20 Flavored lube impressed me quite a bit. The slickness was amazing, the flavor - while not natural - was like a sweet berry candy, the scent is pleasant but not too strong. The lube lasted a good long while, the flavor lingered and it performed as well for vaginal sex and masturbation as it did for oral. An impressive, multi-purpose product!

It has a great authentic cherry taste, and is smooth. A great gift for all, with a pleasant cherry smell that isn't overpowering. It's my favorite flavored lubricant.

Great, fantastic... Best water based lube we have found by far. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great tasting lube for fun oral sex and slippery toy play!

This is the absolutely best water based lubricant I have tried so far! Not only does it perform fantastically with toys, I find myself loving this lube for oral and vaginal sex. It has absolutely NO aftertaste and the flavor is wonderful. Definitely worth the money!

This lube is a bargain for anyone wanting a great tasting product suited for oral sex. Put some in your honey's Christmas stocking!

This lube really has no aftertaste! This is my favorite lube for oral sex. It tastes great, smells even better, and performs very well. I love this lube, when I have hated all other flavored lubes I've tried in the past. Give it a try, you won't regret it!

This is by far the best flavored lubricant my girlfriend and I have tried. It has a great taste to it and smell. There is no bad aftertaste, the flavor just simply fades away. I would recommend this to anyone interested in trying an edible lube.

A flavored lubricant with no aftertaste? Impossible! When I pulled the System JO H20 flavored lubricant out of the box, I was convinced the bottle was lying to me... But I had to give it a try.

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