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EdenFantasys personal lubricant reviews

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If you are looking for the best lube on the market, this is it! No irritation, perfect consistency and viscosity and lasts long both as in during play and as a product.

This is the right viscosity for a little playtime -- it will get the party really moving and leave you without the messy cleanup of other products. Come on in, the water's fine.

Messy but effective? Yes. But it's fantastic. Even with the mess, I 100% recommend this product. It's easy to clean up, and on top of that, it doesn't dry out, like at all.

We really like this; it feels great and does not have a smell or irritate the skin at all. Great for vaginal and anal penetration. It does not feel like it is water-based, which we both enjoy. It is silky like an oil-based or silicone lube.

This is the best lubricant I have ever used. (I actually have 3 bottles). I never have to worry about the lubricant damaging my toys either. Since the lube is 100% body-safe, it can be used without a toy being involved. Add a quarter-size worth to your hands and fingers, and let the fun begin! You won't be disappointed.

Super Happy I've found lubrication that works for me and my partner! I have tried a lot of different kinds of lube, and this one does not disappoint. Very easy clean up.

Feels real nice and leaves your skin feeling soft when it dries. I was excited when I first got it about a week ago, and I am still happy with it.

A silky smooth, water-based lube that will glide over your most intimate parts, enhancing pleasure at a great price. It is compatible with most common toy materials and condoms, making it the only lubricant you'll ever need. Great for solo and partner play!

This item is worth every dime. I would definitely recommend it but make sure to keep the lid on your bottles because all lubes have a life span and they will go bad.

Definitely worth the price! Little goes a long way, makes masturbation and sex so much better. Lubrication is so important, but I didn't realize it until now. Natural fluids are great, but this just increases the pleasure tenfold.

This lubricant has great value, especially when you order more than one. But, it would be great if they would offer larger sized bottles of the lubricant.

If you're looking for a long-lasting lubricant that's odorless and affordable, then this one is a home-run. My personal experience has shown me that this lube can outperform even the largest heavy-weight competitors in both price and effectiveness.

I would recommend having a water-based lubricant always on hand for general use, and this has to be one of the best for the price.

A great option for most sexual situations where lube is required. Great for vaginal sex and masturbation. Get some lube today; it makes all sex better.

This is a product by a brand that I wish I had in my life sooner. I have had it for a few months and found it does not clump up and get clogged in the cap.

Wet and water-based and very little is needed. It contains no silicone and won't stain the sheets. It's safe to use on silicone, plastic, TPR, jelly, glass or metal.

Average as it comes. If you are looking for a cheap everyday lube, you may have found it here. This is probably the oatmeal of lube. No one will hate it as this is a great basic lube!

Everybody knows wet sex is better! Simply more fun, intense, sensual, and exciting. Helps both females and males reach orgasm! That wet feeling also aids in arousal and climax!

This is one of the best lubes I have tried and will be buying another bottle once my current one starts to get low. It lasts for a long time and won't leave you wanting to apply more.

A nice water-based lube that has a soft, velvet-like texture. It's long lasting and doesn't leave any kind of unpleasant residue. It leaves your hands feeling kind of soft but not sticky or tacky.

Ordering a toy from EdenFantasys? Why not add that bottle of lubricant to your cart? You know, the screen that pops up before check-out. Everyone needs lubricant when ordering a new toy, even if they need some for later. So pick up your bottle of this water-based, latex friendly lubricant today! It's great for long sessions and doesn't stain the bed sheets!

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