Water-based lubricant
by Wicked

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After trying almost every water-based lube out there, I can say with certainty, that this one is my absolute favorite. 5 stars, Bravo!

This lubricant seems to hold up good for what I used it for. It cleans up easily and doesn't have any weird smells. It also has the nice silky feel that silicone lubricants have.

A good lube should be the first thing you buy, especially if you are interested in using toys. You'll definitely want to lube a toy before use on a penis or anus and many times even for a toy in a wet, ready vagina. And even with non-toy play, a good lube can help with solo hand/finger play. Being water-based, this is compatible with just about every toy, and is easy to clean up. This is highly recommended.

This is a good lubrication option if you are particular about the way it feels on your body. It is not too expensive and worth a try if you are interested.

Wicked aqua is a healthy choice for a lube due to its vegan qualities and water base. It is the closest thing to natural lubrication and doesn’t leave you feeling gross and sticky.

Love the spray pump bottle and how discreet it appears. It's slippery and easy to spread. Worked great on the njoy 2.0. Passed with flying colors.

I tried silicone-based lubes, oil-based and many many more and nothing ever felt quite right. This one had everything I was looking and hoping for.

Aqua lubricant is okay, but not the best one I have tried so far. It is more discreet than some of the others, however.

The Aqua is a great water-based lubricant that's long-lasting and feels similar to a silicone one. It stays consistent for a good amount of time, which cuts down the need for re-applications. The lube has a silky-smooth feel and is in a travel-friendly pump bottle. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't come in a larger size.

Aqua is a long-lasting and body-conscious choice for a lube. I love how smooth and slick it makes things, but I hate the terrible scent and taste. It is NOT unscented as it claims.

If you're looking for a lube that is a water based lube, light and slick in texture, absorbs nicely into the skin and that's long lasting, then I would say this is the lube for you. Works for single use such as: masturbation, fingering, or for couples play such as: anal, vaginal,and with toys of your choice. Pros are easy clean up, not tested on animals, and contains a moisturizer. As for cons, the only thing is it contains glycerin which can cause yeast Infections in some women.

This is a "wicked" good lube that's silky smooth and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft. It washes off easy and lasts for quite a while. Shy of some silicone ones, this is one of the best lubes I've ever tried.

I thought Aqua looked awesome the first time I saw it on Eden, and it didn't disappoint! It feels completely natural and never gets sticky or greasy!

This lube is the closest to natural lubrication I've tried yet. Aqua is thin, it's true, but it works well and leaves your skin feeling great afterwards. For all applications other than anal and oral sex, this lube a great choice!

I wasn't too impressed with Aqua to start with, but it has grown on me. Now that I've learned how much is enough (and how much is too much), it really is an effective and allergy-friendly lubricant. It comes a lot closer to what I want out of a lubricant than other lubricants do. I love the pump-top dispenser and discreet bottle. I'll keep trying other lubricants out of curiosity, but at least now I know that I can fall back on Aqua.

Light, versatile and slippery, Aqua works well with all toy materials. It also has a good glide to reduce friction and irritation during foreplay and penetration. Easy to clean and a slow to absorb, makes this a good lube for those that can use Glycerin products.

Wicked’s Aqua feels slick and silky smooth, is long lasting and multipurpose. This lube is also water based, paraben free, and the addition of aloe vera and vitamin e leaves skin feeling super soft. Who could ask for more?

We use this as our everyday lube! It is velvety, smooth and leaves no residue or stickiness. If you are looking for something that isn't too expensive, is water based and easy to access quickly I would recommend this product.

This is my favorite lube with many uses and no mess. No stickiness, no constant reapplication, and no clean up. The pump can lock, is easy to use, and is difficult to come off accidentally. It is travel friendly and the 2 oz. option allows for plane travel. Wicked Aqua is safe for all toys and rinses off easily with water. The black bottle is elegant and if held to light, it is easy to see how much is left. It is vegan friendly and creates a luxurious spa quality feel.

This made-in-the-US lubricant called Aqua is the closest thing to actual silicone lubricant while still being water-based! Wicked's many fabulous claims about their Aqua lubricant holds up entirely and has me excited to try each Wicked lubricant available. For those who enjoy an easy-to-use lubricant that's paraben-free and highly effective at reducing friction, Aqua is a winner!

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