Water-based lubricant
by Wicked

Move over Mr. Liquid Silk!

This made-in-the-US lubricant called Aqua is the closest thing to actual silicone lubricant while still being water-based! Wicked's many fabulous claims about their Aqua lubricant holds up entirely and has me excited to try each Wicked lubricant available. For those who enjoy an easy-to-use lubricant that's paraben-free and highly effective at reducing friction, Aqua is a winner!
Super effective in every way a lube should be!
Other than the possibly harmful effects of propylene glycol, none.
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Wicked Aqua is a water-based lubricant that I'd say can be basically used by any person so long as you don't have sensitivites to allergies to the ingredients, which are pretty impressive I might add. I personally think that Aqua is best used as a vaginal sex lubricant and not for anal sex. However, I've never had anal sex, so I can't say for sure. But I would think that an anal-sex specific lubricant would be a person's first choice. I do think that Aqua could be used for anal penetration, but I'm just not sure it would be a better option over the lubricants made specifically for that.

Aqua is a great lubricant for intercourse and since it does not contain parabens like my trusty old Liquid Silk, I am pretty positive that Aqua is now my daily lubricant for inserting my kegel balls!

As for toy play, Aqua is a fabulous lubricant since it is water-based and will not ruin your silicone toys, not to mention the hard-to-come-by slick, almost silicone-like glide creates a nice, slippery surface for teasing the external parts with a vibrator.

This paraben-free, latex/condom friendly and vegan lubricant is sure to be a huge hit with most health-conscious people who appreciate a safe, highly effective lubricant that can be used for almost everything you'd ever need lubricant for!


Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract, Cellulose Gum, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate.

And while some of you are not interested in knowing details about ingredients, a lot of us are. So I will include a brief bit. This is the exciting part for me because I'm so happy to announce that Aqua does not contain parabens! However, those of you that are prone to yeast infections or UTI's, I'm sorry to announce that this lovely lubricant does contain glycerin. Thankfully, I'm not sensitive to this or any of the other listed ingredients, so this is pretty perfect for me.

Propylene Glycol: Part of the alcohol family, an organic alcohol and a solvent often used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, deodorant. Unfortunately, according to Propylene Glycol's MSDS sheet, it is slightly toxic to skin and eyes. It apparently can cause damage to the central nervous system, which includes brain and spinal cord. There is also animal evidence showing that this ingredient has mutagenic properties and is a teratogen, meaning it can lead to cancer and cause birth defects. Despite these findings, the FDA deems Propylene Glycol safe. However, according to the CIR Expert Panel, this ingredient is considered safe when forumlated to be non-irritating, whatever that means. Its purpose is to attract water and act as a moisturizer, enhance appearance of skin by reducing flaking. It's also a stabilizer.

Glycerin|: A sugar alcohol. Found in everything from soaps to toothpaste and is one of the leading causes for UTI's. I personally avoid toothpaste (using natural soap instead) because of the effects glycerin has on your teeth. However, since I'm not sensitive other places to glycerin, it's not a deal-breaker for me when used as an ingredient in most products. Glycerin is used as a humectant, hair & skin conditioning agent, skin protectant and it decreases viscosity.

Tocopheryl Acetate: Vitamin E. Used in tons of cosmetics and skincare such as lipstick, foundations, lotions. Has been evaluated by CIR Expert Panel and deemed safe for use in cosmetics and personal care products. Acts as an antioxidant.

Aloe Barbadensis: My all time favorite ingredient! Aloe is amazing, has wonderful benefits for skin (and hundreds of other things). It'll hydrate the skin and soothe as well as help heal tears and minor irritations.

Olive Leaf Extract: An oil-derived ingredient that comes from the Olea europaea. Sometimes used as an adhesive and/or de-foaming agent as well as skin conditioning agent. Used in some food products such as canned tuna. CIR Expert Panel deems this safe for use in cosmetics and personal care products.

Cellulose Gum: Naturally occuring, found in cell walls of plants. Used as a binder.

Hydroxyethylcellulose: Also a natrually occuring compound found in the cell walls of plants. Acts as an adhesive, binder, emulsion stabilizer, film former.

Tetrasodium EDTA: Helps binding of metal ions -- chelator -- which in turn, inactivates them (the metals) preventing them from being deposited on skin, hair, etc. This ingredient prevents the deterioration, spoiling of personal care products. It also helps a liquid such as this lubricant to maintain its clarity.

Citric Acid: Organic acid found in citrus fruits. Chealting -- it complexes metals to preserve cosmetics and personal care. Also helps adjust acid balance.

Sodium Benzoate: An organic alcohol found in some teas and fruits. It's been evaluated by CIR Expert Panel and deemed safe for use in cosmetics. Sodium Benzoate is used in cosmetics/personal care products for its corrosion inhibiting properties. It's also a preservative.

Interesting note about Sodium Benzoate: it's used in OTC drugs as an anesthetic in products such as oral, anorectal and topical analgesics.

Potassium Sorbate: Potassium Sorbate is the salt of Sorbic Acid. Effective ingredient for controlling mold occuring in products such as cheese, fruits, baked goods, etc. Deemed safe by the CIR Expert Panel for use in cosmetics and personal care products. The CIR Expert Panel re-evaluated this ingredient in 2006 and came to the same conclusion -- that it's safe for use in cosmetics/personal care.
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Wicked Aqua is a clear, slick liquid that's slightly runny. It feels slightly like a silicone lubricant in that it is super slick and has that smooth, soft feeling. It's a tad runny, but will stay where you put it provided you place the lubricant on its destination in a fairly quickly manner. For instance, I use Aqua almost daily for ease of use when inserting my Mini Luna Beads, and when I squirt the Lubricant onto my fingers, I have just enough time to quickly apply it to myself/the beads in order to keep it from sliding off my fingers. It isn't as runny as water or the Pink lubricants. It just barely starts to drip from my fingers while I'm getting ready to apply it.

When I rub Aqua onto my hand, I can see a slightly shiny, almost greasy look to it, only the feeling isn't greasy or oily like an actual oil, but has the feeling of a silicone lubricant. I only notice this on my hands, not my crotch. In fact, I'm thinking it might be something I could even use to preserve my fresh Panama city tan since it's so moisturizing.

Since this comes in a handy, convenient pump-style bottle, it's super easy to dispense out the perfect amount.

This part right here, it was love at first...touch for me. After applying the lubricant, I have not a single bit of greasyness, stickyness or left over residue! Not even on my crotch after applying it, then inserting the kegel balls and leaving it for hours throughout the day. This is one of the most important things for me in a lubricant. I am unable to detect any lubricant after it's been used. After intercourse, there's never a need to clean up. I simply wipe off any excess fluids and go on. No need for an immediate shower. Everything feels pretty natural. I love that it doesn't leave me with a sticky cooter.

I'll explain my feelings on skincare products or lubricants that leave any residue on my skin: hatred. I cannot handle the feeling of the slightest residue on my fingers/hands and crotch after using any kind of lotion or lubricant. I will run late just to wash any residues off of my crotch or hands. It really bugs me, so I avoid many, many lotions and lubricants due to this. I can almost always notice a left-over feeling on my skin after using lubricants. Aqua, Liquid Silk and Maximus are the only ones that don't do this.

As I said, this is a very slick lubricant, which is good, but with other slick (often even silicone-based) lubricants such as Pink, I find that they're slick enough, but not exactly lubricating enough. It's almost as if there's little thickness to it and that makes lubricants like Pink useless for me. When I first opened the bottle of Aqua and could see how water-y it looked through the bottle, I was sure it would not be thick/lubricating enough to really work for me. I was pleased to have been wrong, and actually I'm highly impressed with it.

It's a pretty thin lubricant, but holds up so very well. It's not near as thick and gloopy as my previous favorite Liquid Silk, but it's one of the most effective lubricants I've used.

And praise Jesus, even with vigorous rubbing with fingers or a vibrator, Aqua never becomes tacky.

I would definitely say the thickness, viscosity and consistency is in closest resemblance to Maximus lubricant. In fact, they feel similar, but Maximus stays in place way better. Maximus, compared to Aqua is more gel-like. Aqua is also close in resemblance to Lelo's sample lubricant packets, but Lelo's is a tad runnier than Aqua, and less effective. Aqua makes penetration far easier for me than Lelo's sample packet, it lasts longer and isn't as watery.
    • Slick

Taste / Aroma

I would call Aqua *virtually* odorless. It's labeled as "fragrance-free," which it basically is. However, if your nose is directly to it and you're really trying to smell it, you'll notice the faintest scent. It's not unpleasant in the least to me, and I guess slightly plant-y. If you've ever smelled freshly blended aloe vera leave, you could compare the scent of that to this lubricant, only it's far less noticeable in Aqua. I've smelled other lubricants with this same little scent, Intimate Organics Hydra. I say this could very well be due to them both containing Aloe.

Also like the lubricant Hydra, Aqua has the same taste only a tad stronger. It's not pleasant and not designed for ingestion, so I advise against using this for an edible lubricant. However, the ingredients are safe enough for me & my lovie personally, so if we've used it previously and happen to get a taste while nibbling or little licks, it's not horrible. The taste is sweet and bitter at the same time. A lot like the bitter Alloin found in the aloe plant, and sweet like the artificial sweeteners you may have recognized in the edible lubricants.

As I said, I wouldn't intentionally use this as an edible product, but we haven't had issues with a too-strong taste or any negative effects when this product has been applied and absorbed before oral activites. People more sensitive or easily bothered by other lubricant tastes will be bothered all the same by this one.
    • Light smell
    • Smells good


I use lubricant to aid in easier, less painful penetration as well as to reduce friction during clitoral play and for inserting my kegel balls, which is something I do almost daily. So I tend to be strict about my lubricants. Personally, I need something a little thicker than the average lubricant. Heavy foreplay is always a regular thing in our relationship, but no matter how naturally lubricated things get, there are still times when penetration is just uncomfortable or painful for the tissue surrounding my vagina entrance. I suppose my natural lubricant just isn't thick enough. Intercourse with my partner has resulted in tiny tears and just pulling of my labia in general. This leaves my entire cooter sore usually for the next 24 hours following intercourse. The day after intercourse, I find insertion of things like my kegel beads is difficult due to soreness. I've never liked a lubricant enough to buy an entire bottle or more except for Maximus, Intimate Organics and Liquid Silk. I have been using Liquid Silk religiously for usually all activities (sexual, foreplay, kegel balls) because I liked the thickness, it felt natural and leaves no residue at all. I hated that I have been using parabens on my crotch daily though. I honestly did not think another lubricant would ever measure up to my trusty ol' Liquid Silk, but I was telling my partner today that I believe ol' Liquid Silk has met his match.

Below are photos of Aqua compared to Liquid Silk. Aqua is clear and way runnier.

Below is Aqua compared to Maximus. Aqua is the one that's running quicker, while Maximus tends to hold in place better.

I am very impressed with Aqua. It's met my high expectations well.

For penis-in-vagina intercourse Aqua would more than likely will suffice or if you're like me, beyond satisfy you. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be able to appreciate the effectiveness, reduction in friction with little product and no residue besides those with sensitivities to glycerin or the other ingredients.

As someone who clearly needs a good quality, thick-ish lubricant, I am more than pleased with Aqua's ability to give me that in one pump. After the small dab, we are able to be rough, hard, and a little wild without causing me pain or discomfort. Another great thing is I've yet to need more than one pump of Aqua.

Due to the ingredient aloe barbadensis, after intercourse, I have a super soft cooter.

For clitoral play I'm able to use one pump of Aqua and go to town with a vibrator without the use of more lubricant. As for massaging for a long time using fingers, I have used more two-three pumps to keep things extremely slick all over, but otherwise, it's not something I have to apply over and over. I've been able to massage away using fingers with Aqua for a good 15 minutes before things ever start to absorb.

During intercourse, it's hard to tell exactly when Aqua absorbs into my skin or begins to dry, but last night I noticed a little excess even after my partner and I had done our business. It lasts plenty long enough, and when it does dry, it absorbs well without leaving a slimy feeling on my crotch.

When applying a tiny droplet to the back of my hand, which was actually 30 minutes ago, it is still there! I did not rub it in though. I wanted to see just how long that tiny drop would last before drying up. So far, only the very edges of the lubricant droplet are beginning to dry.

After rubbing the droplet in on my hand, it leaves no visible residue and feels soft.

As for clean-up, it's simple, quick and can be done with a wet wash cloth. After I've used Aqua and gone to shower later on, I don't notice it and it doesn't leave a white clumpy residue like Liquid Silk has often done. If you do prefer to wash off as soon as you're done, soap isn't necessary. As I said, it'll come completely off with a wet washcloth.

Besides the really slick, almost-silione feeling, it does feel decently natural. Liquid Silk is the closest thing to natural lubrication that I've found, but this is pretty close as well. It has the same stringy-ish consistency that my own natural lubrication does. You know, when you have lubricant on your fingers and you press your thumb & forefinger together, and when you pull them apart it strings from the two? This does that just as natural lubricant does.

And to put the icing on the cake, Aqua is compatible with all toy materials.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Long lasting


Aqua comes packaged in a plastic baggy, just like other lubricants, bath and shave products from Eden come in. It's sealed really well with what I'm pretty sure is called shrink wrap. There is no seal over the hole, which isn't a problem, but something that someone may find useful. The pump-top wasn't locked in place like some body washes are, but the plastic wrap was also over it (as pictured above), so I suppose this would help. It didn't leak and doesn't seem likely to ever leak at all. I had it laid on its side on my bed for hours while I was out tonight and when I came back, no leakage! I also had the bottle in my purse for a little while the day it arrived (after I'd opened it) and there's not even a tiny sign of leakage. I think that's great. I hate having to worry about lubricants leaking out everywhere. This means, the lovely Aqua here can be my side kick without the worry of it leaking into my purse. I think a travel bottle would be handy, but I honestly don't care to carry the full size around. It's not as large as Liquid Silk's bottle, and fits into my semi-small purse just fine.

The 120 mL (4.0 Fl Oz) bottle is black somewhat transparent, flimsy plastic. The plastic is PETE 1, which is recyclable. I'm able to see the watery looking liquid through the bottle. There's a black pump-style top with a silver line around it for pretty looks. I'd say the only possible downside to the bottle would be how flimsy the plastic is. It's not likely to collapse or break/bust, but I can depress it easily by squeezing with my fingers. Since it has a pump dispenser though, it's unlikely you'll really ever be squeezing it. I just wouldn't go packing it in a box full of extremely heavy things.

The label also has the "green dot," which is actually an arrow-like symbol that, from what I gather has something to do with companies using less materials to package and something about recycling. I apologize, I just don't know exactly what that symbol is, but that's close.

Aqua doesn't expire for 24 months, which is great since I hardly need more than a small amount of this to work. It'll definitely last a great long while, I think.

As for travel though, it really depends on your personal preferences. Do you care to travel with a 4.0 Fl Oz bottle? I personally don't mind at all. It doesn't even take much space from my purse and it's not likely to leak. It takes up less space than a bottle of shampoo. As for being worried with others who may be travelling with you seeing the lubricant and being able to identify it, you can always peel off the labels or dump some of the lubricant into a smaller, travel-size container that seals well. This eliminates both the worry of others seeing the label and the worry of it taking up any room.

On the front of the bottle, it says "Wicked" in silver lettering and underneath that is "Aqua" in metallic blue. This is all on a sticker label and the back has a sticker label with tiny white text, so both can be peeled off if you want to be super inconspicuous.

At the very bottom, in white text is "Fragrance free, water based, intimate lubricant."

And on the back label, which is hard-to-read white text says "Ultra luxurious and silky smooth, this unique blend of spa quality ingredients, enriched with aloe & Vitamin E, is so rich you will be surprised it is not silicone! Absorbs completely with no residue, Aqua is designed to heighten sensation and ecstasy. Wicked has never felt so good!"

Then it says "never sticky. Long lasting. Paraben free. Latex friendly. Long lasting. Vegan. No animal products or by-testing."

"To use: Apply to areas where lubrication is desired. Cleans away easily with water."

"CAUTION: If irritation or or discomfort occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician. This product is not intended for use as contraceptive. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children.

For my personal life, Aqua is plenty discreet enough. It fits amongst my other toiletries just perfectly. The sleek black bottle doesn't draw the eye to it. There's no large sexual or extreme text on the label such as "anal" or "vaginal". The design of the bottle looks like a hair product or serum of some kind. Only if one reads the small white text at the bottom of the bottle or the back label will they know what it is. I have to hold the bottle close just to read it.

Being able to press the pump top to dispense and catch the lubricant in the same hand makes this easy to use, even in the midst of all kinds of fun.

Besides the bottle itself, there were no other packaging or informative papers/booklets. The minimal label on the back is plenty though.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Easy to use / dispense

Special Features

Latex/condom friendly.
Vegan -- no animal by products or testing!

Personal comments

-Material Safety Data Sheet; Propylene Glycol; Rev October, 2005
-CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics; David Lide; 1974


As I said earlier, I remember seeing Aqua for the first time and noticing the watery look through the bottle. I thought it was going to be such a major fail of a lubricant for me, especially since I've tried at least 30 different lubricants and only liked Intimate Organics, Liquid Silk and Maximus. Others didn't cut it or only felt like they made things wet, but did not actually reduce friction or ease penetration. And the millions of tacky, sticky or greasy lubricants I've tried are enough to make me want to pull my hair out one by one. I'm still giddy about how awesome Aqua is! I've so far used Aqua during intercourse, foreplay, with a vibrator, to reduce friction when massaging my clitoris and to make insertion of my kegel beads easier every day. I can't say I truly hate or strongly dislike anything about Aqua. It's a fantastic lubricant that I think will live up to many people's expectations/standards.

It's everything I need in a lubricant. My partner is satisfied with it, although it really makes no difference to him during intercourse, but he says there's no residue left behind on him and that it isn't bothersome when not immediately washed away. You can't even tell it's been on him, I guess because the majority of it is inside me!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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