Wicked-ly Good Lube

This lube is the closest to natural lubrication I've tried yet. Aqua is thin, it's true, but it works well and leaves your skin feeling great afterwards. For all applications other than anal and oral sex, this lube a great choice!
-Mimics Natural Lubrication
-No Smell
-Lasts a Long Time
-Not Great for Anal
-Bad Taste
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I'm not usually one to rave about lubes. I use them when certain applications call for them, but I'm usually not picky. When the new Wicked lubes came out, I bought an assortment to see what the fuss was about. Now I get it.

Aqua is a great water based lube. It is best suited for solo masturbation applications, male or female, or for vaginal play. It works very well for those times when you want to insert a toy vaginally but haven't produced enough of your own lube to make the toy glide comfortably. It feels very much like my own natural lubrication, and doesn't disrupt or distract from the experience. It's a great lube to use with your silicone toys, when you can't use silicone lubes.

I wouldn't recommend this lube for anal use, as it is fairly thin and would be hard to insert anally or coat a toy heavily enough for smooth anal play. In a pinch you could certainly use it for anal, but you might end up reapplying quite a lot. Also, as a water based lube it doesn't work well in the bathtub or shower, as it just washes away.

Aqua is paraben and fragrance free, and they have gone a bit above and beyond by adding aloe and vitamin E as bonus skin conditioners. If you need your lubes to be free of glycerin, you will need to look elsewhere, as Aqua contains it. Aqua is safe to use with latex, so you can use this lube around condoms safely.

A Quick Rundown of the Ingredients:

Water- this one is obvious, it's water (H20)

Propylene Glycol- is a synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water, it acts as a penetration enhancer and keeps products from melting in heat and/or freezing when it is cold

Glycerin- used as a means of improving smoothness, providing lubrication and as a humectant

Tocopheryl Acetate- also known as vitamin E acetate, is a common vitamin supplement used in skin creams

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice- juice from an aloe plant, which is believed to have various soothing and healing properties

Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract- a concentration of the liquid of the leaves from an olive plant, this has been marketed as having various anti-aging, immunostimulator, and antibiotic properties

Cellulose Gum- commonly used as a thickening agent in health and beauty products

Hydroxyethylcellulose- another thickening/gelling agent used in various household products, cleaners and cosmetics

Tetrasodium EDTA- in shampoos, cleaners and other personal care products EDTA salts are added as a sequestering agent to improve their stability in air

Citric Acid- used as a PH adjusting agent in personal care products

Sodium Benzoate- a preservative

Potassium Sorbate- inhibits the growth of mold and microbes and increases shelf life
    • Foreplay
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture of Aqua is very much like the name, it's fairly watery. It is thin and runny, but not quite as thin and runny as actual water would be. It feels nice in your hand, and coats surfaces evenly.

When you place a small amount on your hand, you will need to be careful it doesn't run out of your hand before you get it to its destination. The pump works very well at pinpoint applications, so you can just apply it directly where you need it.

Aqua does stay where you put it, and creates an even surface with a smooth glide. There is no greasy or sticky feeling, even after a bit of use. It absorbs into your skin eventually, as water based lubes tend to do, but there is no residual film to worry about afterwards.

    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

Aqua claims to be fragrance free, and certainly lives up to that claim. There is no smell whatsoever to this lube. There is also no color or tint to this lube, it is perfectly clear.

I did taste a bit to be able to write this review, and I certainly never will again. It has a very strong chemical taste which was extremely unpleasant. This is not a flavored lube, and they make no claims that it will taste good. It doesn't. So, don't purchase this lube to use during oral sex and expect a taste treat. Try to avoid tasting it accidentally, or you will ruin the mood.
    • Bad taste
    • No smell


I wasn't expecting such a thin lube to last long during use, but this one really sticks around. Most of the time, reapplication isn't necessary at all. If I use Aqua at the start of a session for inserting a toy vaginally, usually my natural lubrication will take over, pair with it nicely, and no further application of lube is needed. For clitoral stimulation, once in a while I will need to reapply a second time, but only a small amount.

After play, it can be washed off or left to be absorbed by the skin. There is no gunky or sticky feeling after use, and no greasy or slimy residue. If you choose to wash it off, it washes off cleanly and easily. Unlike other lubes I've tried, this one actually leaves my skin feeling better than I started. It really does moisturize, and leaves your skin feeling softer and more hydrated.

It washes off toys very easily as well. I have had no issues with residue or staining on any toys I've used with this lube.

This lube mimics natural lubrication very well, which allows it to be a helping hand in your play instead of a distraction. I cannot stand lubes that are thick and gloppy and add a gross sound to your play. When I use Aqua, I can forget I've even applied lube and just focus on what I'd like to be focused on.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural


Aqua comes in a modern, classy black bottle with a pump top. The pump dispenses a nice amount without being too much. It can be pressed and locked so that you can pack it away in your toy box or purse without it squirting lube all over. I have locked it many times and thrown it in my bag of toy accessories and have not had an issue with leaking.

The bottle does say intimate lubricant, so anyone seeing it out on your vanity or dresser will know it's a lube, but at a glance it doesn't scream "sex". I'd say it's fairly discreet and I'd have no problem leaving it in a medicine cabinet or nightstand drawer.

The package provides enough information to allow you to make an informed decision about using it based on your allergy restrictions or personal preferences. They are open about the features they are excited about (lack of parabens, latex friendly, aloe and vitamin E, etc), but also provide a full ingredient list in which is easy to spot things if you are hoping to avoid something (in this case, I'm guessing glycerin is the one people are going to take issue with).
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak
    • Very informative packaging

Personal comments

I did a bit of a comparison with several lubes so you can see how this one stacks up. The lube on the far left is Wicked Aqua, the center is the Wonderland Natural Personal Lubricant, and the one on the far left is Maximus. I tried to use roughly the same amount of each, and the last photo is after about a minute of tilting the surface.

So, as you can see, Aqua ran the most within the minute. It is certainly the thinnest of the bunch. That being said, it performs on par with the other two. I would use the other two for anal play, and I don't use Aqua for that. But, when I reach for a lube for clitoral or vaginal use, it's Aqua most of the time. The fact that it's thin but still works so well means that it feels more natural, which is a huge plus for me.

Is it runny? Yes. Does it work well? Yes. It's all a matter of knowing what you want a lube to do for you. If you are looking for a great anal lube, this isn't it. But if you need a lube for solo play, or vaginal use, this one feels natural, isn't distracting with sound or texture and has the staying power to last.
Follow-up commentary
This one is still a winner. No complaints or issues, absolutely no reactions or drama. This is just a solid water based lube that feels natural and gets the job done. I recommend this to anyone.
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