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This lube is great and it really doesn't have an aftertaste. The flavor I ordered (Strawberry) is wonderful and has a nice aroma and taste! Buy this product to add a twist of flavor to your sex life, you wont be disappointed. It's kind of sticky though so be warned about that, but please don't let that hold you back I'm sure almost anyone can enjoy this lubricant! It's water based so you can't go wrong with this product :).
Lasts long, tastes and smells great, no aftertaste, water-based.
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This lubricant shines best in the light of oral sex. I was amazed of how long the taste actually lasted in the act, as well as the lubrication. If you want to give oral sex a new twist (and a safe twist I might add, because it will not cause harm to you or your partner down there, it has no sugar or things that might harm the vagina), buy this product. It performs very well in sex too, we had no need to reapply and the added great smell was a plus. It is water-based, so no worries concerning toys or allergies; It also washes off very nicely and quickly, but leaves a faint smell behind, I enjoy the smell though :).

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This is a thin lubricant, not one meant to be so thick. I usually prefer thick lubricants, for the versatility they have; I regularly use Maximus. We bought this lubricant to try out the flavored aspect more than anything, so I really didn't mind the thickness. It is has a very smooth texture, which is quite enjoyable and drops from the bottle with ease.

We did not have to reapply during oral nor sex. The flavor, smell and lubrication stayed constant for the whole time, I was amazed, I expected it to go away quickly. We thought this lubricant was good only for when we wanted to add flavor to our sexual experience, but it performed so well that we use it all the time now; We vary in between Maximus and this lubricant for a change of pace.

Now here comes the bad part: It is sticky. It does come off easy with water and scrubbing, but it is very sticky. If you hate that sticky sensation, I would not recommend this lubricant for something other than oral sex (because you would add 1 drop, maybe 2).

Taste / Aroma

This smells GREAT! When it arrived I opened the tap and smelled the sweet strawberry aroma, yum! The smell lasts all through out anything you are doing too! The taste is just like the smell, pretty sweet flavor, you can really tell the flavor is strawberry (that's the one i ordered). Now here comes the best part that this lubricant has (or doesn't have really): NO aftertaste at all! I really didn't believe it when I read that this had no aftertaste, and I just decided to try it out for myself. It really has no noticeable aftertaste, I would be enjoying the flavor of this lubricant all day :P.


Like I stated before in my review, this product lasted the whole time; We did not have to reapply. It had a good smooth lubrication throughout sex and constant flavor during oral. The smell stayed with us even after we washed it off: I smelled my hands about 20 minutes later and noticed a faint strawberry flavor, nothing that strong though, I don't think it would bother anyone. When used with toys it performed great too, we used it both with a Fleshlight and vibrator; It worked magically with both, making the use of the toys we are so accustomed to, a brand new experience thanks to the smell! It washed off the Fleshlight with ease, as well as any other lubricant I have used, only now my Fleshlight smells a bit like strawberry :P! It also was easily washed away off the vibrator. The only thing I don't like about this lubricant is the stickiness, but it doesn't stop me from using it. When I'm out of this lubricant I will definitely buy more of it!


It doesn't come packaged in anything, just comes with a seal on top. The bottle is pretty nice though, you push a button and the cap clips out!

Personal comments

I will definitely buy more of this product when we run out of it, it's a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone who would want to add a twist of strawberry to their sex life.
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