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It's Great... Except in the Single Application I Intended

I needed a good, body-safe, water-based lube to use with my silicone toys. Sliquid Organic Naturals delivered a glycerin-, parabens-, and petroleum- free lube that stayed slick for as long as I needed; even though it didn't rejuvenate with water. However it did not stay slick for long when used with pure silicone toys, much to my disappointment. Nevertheless, it is still a great lube for general use.
Organic, glycerin-free, parabens-free, petroleum-free, tasteless, scentless.
Dries out relatively quickly when used with silicone toys, does not rejuvenate with water.
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After discovering the joy that was silicone lube, I doubted I would ever go back to water based lubes. I was shy of water based lubes anyway. In the past, I had used Slip, Astroglide, and Probe, all of which contained glycerin. These led to yeast infections which I was not at all fond of. I knew there were glycerin free lubes out there, and I knew about Sliquid. With my ID Millenium in hand, I didn't really see why I needed to ever look at a water based lube again.

Then I started having trouble using my silicone toys. I hit some strange hormonal phase where, no matter how aroused I was, I just couldn't produce enough lubrication to accommodate my favorite silicone vibrators. My other toys were fine. I'd just squirt on some silicone lube and bang away. But silicone toys and silicone lube don't mix, they melt! I knew what this meant; I'd have to find a water based lube.

Sliquid is well known as a producer of lubes by women, for women. Their lubes are top notch, and are parabens- and glycerin- free. I chose to try Sliquid Organics Natural because, even though I'm not a health nut, I enjoy using organic products when it comes to body care.

The lube comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a push-top lid (Where you push one side down, the other side pops up, and you squirt it out. I have no idea what this type of cap is actually called). I unscrewed the top and found a safety seal over the mouth of the bottle. After removing this, I replaced the cap and poured a small amount of the lube into my hand.

The lube is colorless and a little thick. I rubbed it into my palms, noting how it took away nearly all friction. I had to massage it all over my hands and a part of my arms before it was completely absorbed by my skin. I was pleased to find that there was no sticky residue left behind, just soft skin. I sniffed to find that there was no smell whatsoever to this lube, and a taste test revealed that it was completely tasteless as well.

I was very pleased with the texture and feel of this lube. I could always feel the stickiness of glycerin-containing lubes, and there was a certain foreign slipperiness with silicone lubes. With Sliquid, though, I only felt me and a hint of something extra.

I tested the lube on my TPR silicone and pure silicone toys. It performed very well on my TPR toys. I was pleased to find that the lube mingled almost seamlessly with my natural lubrication. When I tried the lube on one of my pure silicone toys, however, I was a bit disappointed. I applied a generous amount of lube to both myself and the vibrator. Within a minute of play, the toy seemed to have absorbed all the lubrication and reapplication of lube was required.

My boyfriend volunteered to test the lubes effectiveness in a hand job. He discovered that, as long as he didn't tighten his grip too much, the lube performed well. If he gripped his penis very tightly in his hand to stroke it, the lube would not provide enough slip for comfort. A normal grasp, however, was fine.

Used as a lubrication aid during intercourse, Sliquid scored high marks again. We only needed a small amount (a puddle the size of a nickel) to start, and did not find it necessary to reapply in the duration of our session. The lube guaranteed our smooth sailing, and cleanup afterward, was much easier than it would have been had we used silicone lube.

A small disappointment is that this lube does not rejuvenate with water, as some other water-based lubes do. When it's gone, it's gone; you have to reapply. This does not happen often however, as we have found that for the most part, a single application of lube lasts long enough for us to finish our business.

I find it rather ironic that the lube I got for the sole purpose of using with my silicone toys, doesn't really work that well with silicone toys. I'll keep looking. In the meantime, it's a nice all-purpose lube. I definitely enjoy the price difference as water based lubes are much cheaper!
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  • Serendipity
    Some lubes irritate me also - I didn't realize glycerin might be the culprit. Thanks for this very informative review.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Cherry-- Glycerin is a type of sugar that is contained by some water-based lubes which can cause/contribute to yeast infections in some individuals. Parabens can irritate as well, and I have friends who are sensitive to warming/cooling lubes. Thanks for dropping by Smile
  • Mamastoys
    Nice review Miss Cinnamon! I have ordered some Sliquid only in the blueberry flavor. I don't usually have any problems with glycerin and yeast infections but I do hate the stickiness it leaves behind.
    Thanks for the review and the heads up that its not the best with silicone toys..
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Mamastoys-- I take it you mean Sliquid Swirl? I was able to try a little dab of the pina colada flavor at a sex toy party and was impressed by how great the flavor was. The good thing about the organic natural lube is that it technically works with silicone toys (doesn't melt them)... but silicone toys seem to require a lot more lube and application. Thanks for dropping by!
  • Sammi
    This sounds like a good lube - too bad it doesn't work as well as expected with silicone toys!

    Good review!
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Sammi--It was disappointing for me too in that regard. Thanks for the comment.
  • LANI
    It disapeared within 20 seconds of using it... wouldn't recommend
  • padmeamidala
    Great review
  • holypoison
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