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Organic, not Orgasmic

Sliquid Organic water based lube is vegan, organic, animal friendly, and paraben and glycerin free! If you have sensitivities or allergies, this could be the lube for you! If you want to live your life as close to nature as possible, there is finally a natural lube for you!

I prefer other lubes (usually silicone) over this one though. It doesn't seem to hold up that well for mine and my partner's uses.
Vegan, organic, animal friendly.
Not for backdoor use, absorbs too fast, not a stand alone lube.
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Sliquid organics natural was the first water-based lube I'd used in a fairly long while. I usually find wbl's to fit in the range of pretty sticky - karo syrup. I was very surprised to find that this didn't fit into my lube-stereotypes.

I think this product is best used for regular straight up slot A tab B sex. (I'll explain more below)

Sliquid organics would probably work out very well for people who have sensitivities to glycerin and/or parabens. It's a totally Vegan and animal friendly too. The ingredients listed on the package read like a natural food store's aisles, i.e. natural/organic. This should be safe for pretty much anyone.

I think it would best be used in combination with a non-organic silicone lube. I used this product with mantoy and jack master. I also used it with my girlfriend too. The mantoy is silicone and the jack master is TPR.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture part is pretty much the only down fall of this product. Considering it's lube though, that's a pretty big hit. I put a small drop on one finger (that quickly spread to the next) and rubbed it between my thumb until it lost its lube-ness. I only got to about 20 circles before it puttered out on me. But hey, it's organic! Sliquid O seems to hold up better for the fast and quick thrusts vs. the long slow ones. For this reason I would avoid using it with any anal play. You want to start slow in that arena, which this product does not lend itself to.

It's pretty runny, about the consistency of anti-freeze (but without the awesome colour or taste). When it's absorbed into the skin, it leaves just a slight coating. After about five minutes or so, you can barely tell it was there.

I also noticed that I'd forgotten to close the tilt cap since the last time I'd used it. There were no bad effects from that either, just a little gumming around the hole.

Taste / Aroma

I really didn't try a taste of this product, but only for my own comfort. I generally avoid tasting lube on principle (sensitive stomach). It has zero aroma, but I'm a smoker too.


Sliquid Organics really doesn't hold up that well with fast use externally, internally it holds up pretty well. After using it 2 or 3 times, we went through about 15-20% of the bottle. In other words, you have to re-apply often. You don't have to re-apply as much, but you still have to.

It's a water based lube, it washes away pretty easy with just warm water. Because it's organic and vegan and all that other happy rainbow stuff, it comes out of fabric pretty easy too (i.e. no lube stains!) I'd have to say that was the best part of using the product.


This product came in the basic lube packaging: just a seal around the top and an interior cap/seal. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Check the airline's page for what you can take on a plane when it comes to liquids though.

Special Features

Sliquid O doesn't really add to the experience you use it with; if anything, it detracts. But you may get a happy from knowing that this is a natural, vegan, and animal friendly product.

Personal comments

As with most water lubes, I'd recommend (if possible) applying silicone right after application. I think this would help "seal in" the water lube, but that could just be me too.

As stated above: Do NOT use this product alone/by itself for anal play. It does work as well when going slow and doesn't really hold up long going fast.

Sliquid O, I think, is not a stand alone lube. It should be used with another lube. If that's the case for you, just use the other lube you'd use anyway and leave this to the Vegans.


My partner and I noticed that this product had a higher tendency to froth than other lubes we've used. We think its because of the natural ingredients.
Follow-up commentary
This still isn't my cup of tea when it comes to lubes. I've gotten to know it a bit better and have come to learn that it works best when used with my girlfriend and her toys as opposed to using it with my toys.

Live and learn, I guess.
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    you mentioned it not working well for your toys, but working well for hers, what exactly went wrong with it on your toys if I may ask?
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    Very helpful to those of us who haven't used lubes before.
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