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  • She Plays, He Plays: The Je Joue Mio, One Ring To Rule Them All

    If we’re being totally honest, I think it’s fair to say that from a guy’s perspective, a good number of sex toys – vibrators, dildos, and the like – can be a bit intimidating. No matter how many innings of baseball I imagine, I can’t stay hard all night long, and no matter how much Coca-Cola I ingest, I can’t vibrate my cock, tongue, or finger at a frequency of one gazillion megahertz.

  • Buyers Guide for a Sexy YOU!

    What makes you feel sexy? What’s more important: feeling sexy or looking sexy? How do you define “sexy”? Still looking for your “sexy”? Let us help you along with this Buyers Guide for a Sexy YOU.

  • Middle-Aged Man vs. Sex Toys

    Still unanswered: Why they don’t come in gray, or sag a bit? Or louder! Louder would be good … so we know they’re working.

  • Fab Might be Groupon for Gays

    New site launches in New York as “the fun way to discover the gay world.”

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Erectile Dysfunction and Cock Rings

    When a man has trouble getting it up and keeping it up, there can be any number of reasons. Nina takes a look at some of the causes—physical and mental—for men who can't achieve or maintain an erection.

  • The (Sex) Toy Story

    Ruminations from a middle-aged man who thought the sexual revolution was over, somebody lost, and things were pretty much the same.

  • With This Ring…A Buyer’s Guide to Cock Rings

    So you say you’re ready to get your Frodo on and try your very first cock ring? First, you’ll want to know the ins and outs of getting it in and out, from safety to texture, and ultimately to decking out your member in style.

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