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  • A Weaponized Pink Dildo? Police Had to Ask ...

    Here's what not to do next time you're drunk in a parking lot.

  • Still Life with Jim O.

    Contemplating a controversial artist’s new “toy” – and the all-important question of whether it should be placed in your bum.

  • Phil Varone's Penis, On Sale Soon

    Sex Rehab/Skid Row drummer's manhood is model for new sex toy.

  • Etsy Tells the World About Your Dildos ...

    ... and then backs off after furor over privacy.

  • Top Ten Strangest Things: Farewell, 2010

  • Plugged In: Dildo Tech

    It’s easy to make healthy choices about dildos today. Whether you’re concerned about the phthalates in rubber, have a latex allergy, or want a toy you can throw in the dishwasher between partners, there’s something on the market for you. It wasn’t always so, though; the technology behind safe and healthy dildos has come a long way.

  • The (Sex) Toy Story

    Ruminations from a middle-aged man who thought the sexual revolution was over, somebody lost, and things were pretty much the same.

  • Toys for Boys: A Trans Men’s Buyer’s Guide

    Hard packies, soft packies, packing straps, and the mindset that one size does not indeed fit all – if you’re looking for a new cock, we’ve got you covered.

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