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Married...With Sex Toys: He Plays, She Plays

Married...With Sex Toys: He Plays, She Plays
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Ever hear that phrase: “Can’t find your arse with both hands and a flashlight?” That may be true for some folks, but if they’re looking for the clitoris, the Extase Liberte has both a light and a user-friendly design that will help even the uneducated find their way.


Slippery like a minnow.... lol. Thanks Alan.
I sooo have this on my ever-expanding wishlist!

Kinky John  

I have been playing with my wife's toys for years now. At first it was kind of awkward but now we have fully got used to it. Many couples are discovering that using sex toys in bed is an amazing way to enhance your experience and the shame should be left outside your bedroom's door.
The thing is, that women are starting to realize that they can pleasure their men with various sexual tools as well. Long gone are the days when visiting your local sex shop and asking for options for males were embarrassing as hell. Tons of quality options have been built by the sex toy industry and honestly, some of them can fly your man to the moon!

May 4, 3:21 pm

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