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Tenth Circle of Hell: Bra Shopping

Midori 2011
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Owning boobs is complicated. Men have no idea how seriously high-maintenance boobs are. Yes, they’re a fun, soft source of pleasure, but they’re also uncomfortable, judgment prone and even get in the way of sports and leisure.



It's so true about the spending hours searching and then feeling like there's something wrong with your body rather than the manufacturers. I've been to bra fittings at VS and JCP, and apparently, being petite and curvy is "difficult" to measure....and it's even more difficult to find the right size in store. I literally cried when my favorite bra died; I couldn't face the task of finding a new one.

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I need to find a store like that! It sounds wonderful. I've had very similar experiences in shopping for bras at department stores and Victoria's secret. Those girls at VS have no idea what they're doing. I wasted $50 on an ill-fitting bra because I put more faith into the employees than I should have. Oh well...lesson learned! My boobs are worth it.


I also need a store like this. I hate shopping for clothes in general, but shopping for bra's has to be the worst. I can never find the right size. I have a friend that works at the local VS store, and well I love going in their to talk to her I only buy thongs or what not never any bra's. Why because the local store never carry any that are made for larger breast sad, but true. I always have to buy pretty ones online. Nice to know I am not the only one out there with this issue.

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