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Tentacle Love

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What’s with all the alien or monster tentacles in Japanese porn and anime?


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Contributor: 131231e43

I was just browsing the site, so this is my first time reading an article by you on Sexis (though I do follow you on Twitter and I have peeked at your website before). As a tentacle lover myself I enjoyed reading the article. I was well aware of how tentacle hentai came into fruition, but I didn't know that the reasons for it could be tied back to Western concepts of morality. Very well written and I'm definitely going to browses the rest of your articles. =)

Contributor: Voir

Fun article! hehe when working at a college archive for the library I ran across a book of collections of ukiyo-e art and other such styles which had representations of the 'Floating World' (Red Light District) and there were some rather... interesting content. Demon dogs also seem(ed) to be popular ._. and demons...