Read All About Women's Hot Spots

Explore your sweet spots and enjoy best sensations ever!

1. G-spot

With a lot of attention from the media, G-spot is a star of pleasure zones. It's located 2-3 inches deep and the best way to stimulate it is with firm pressure and a "come hither" motion. Firm, curved toys will help you discover and enjoy your G-spot.

2. A-spot

The A-spot is a sensitive area that plays a big part in female lubrication. It is located deep inside (between cervix and bladder) and requires deep penetration. Use thrusting vibes with insertable length 5" and bigger.

3. U-spot

Located above and on both sides of the urethra, U-spot is rich in nerve endings and, when stimulated, gives amazing sensations. We recommend rabbit-shaped massagers or toys with wide vibrating areas that deliver stimulation to both sides of the U-spot.

4. Nipplegasm

Nipple stimulation is a powerful pleasure trigger. Some women can cross the finish line just through nipple play, which is also known as nipplegasm.

5. PS-spot

Because the perineal sponge (or PS-spot) is made of erectile tissue, it becomes engorged when you are aroused, just like the clitoris. This little spot can extend climax, make it more intense, and even create one all on its own. Back end play will stimulate this spot most effectively.

6. C-spot

Designed solely for pleasure, the clit is the most important of all woman's erogenous zones. This small sensitive glans is located at the top of vulva and can be stimulated with clitoral massagers. These vibes are ergonomically shaped to fit your body and the pinpoint tip delivers precise stimulation.