10 Best Sex Toys For Women's Pleasure

10 Toys For Women’s Afterglow

Have you ever experienced a warm, fuzzy feeling after sex — a contentment and satisfaction you feel long after the physical act has ended? The erotic afterglow not only makes your skin radiant, it also has tremendous emotional benefits. Every woman deserves to have one when she wishes to. Treat yourself or the special lady in your life to a hot gift for explosive pleasure.

1. A total must-have

A not-your-usual rabbit vibe! A specifically designed bead, moving in circles right on the G-spot, feels like a caressing finger that won’t stop until the finish line is crossed. Brace for a blended orgasmic tide rushing through the body.

You may squirt, you may not, but with this toy you are far more likely to have a hip rocking, muscle gyrating, G-spot orgasm than you are with most other G-spot vibes!

Reviewer: Heartthrob

2. Wavy pleasure

Wavy and beautifully shaped, just like a female body, Elysium gives the perfect pressure to every bit of the vajayjay. Before it dives in, the vibrations can be used as a warm-up by stimulating any other erogenous zone for an eventual engrossing and powerful release. Be careful; this orgasmic toy can be addictive!

If you're looking for a strong, rumbly, toy that's going to give you that "When Harry Met Sally" moment the Elysium G-spot needs to be in your cart.

Reviewer: Vnessa

3. The “butterfly” effect

"Yes, I can have an orgasm when I want" - every girl dreams of having that power! And that’s exactly what this remote controlled butterfly is designed for. Fun to play with in or outside the bedroom, it brings on-demand orgasms, making everyone jealous of the good mood and a healthy afterglow.

The Eden Silicone Butterfly Egg is the perfect size to carry with you wherever you might need a quick masturbation session. Powerful, yet silent - the perfect combination.

Reviewer: DancerKittyKat

4. Overwhelming lover

Dolphin-shaped clitoral tickler, bendable shaft, and anal stimulator all in one toy? Pinch yourself because it's true. Triple delight is an amazing treat to your lovely self or a gift for a demanding someone.

Seeing this up close and personal, you are immediately ready to sneak off, turn off the lights and give yourself that moment of ultimate pleasure and release.

Reviewer: Edens' Secret Garden

5. Universal companion

Every woman has her own recipe for body-shaking pleasure. Perfect for any level of sexperience, these two bullets are versatile pleasers - for pinpoint stimulation, a gentle one, or any other that you wish.

Regardless if you are using it on your partner or using it together it is a great addition to anybody's toy chest.

Reviewer: SexyNCurious69

6. Gentle tease

Never underestimate the orgasmic power of precise clitoral stimulation. Oral caresses of the C-spot are a go-to ticket for amazing sensations, and no toy performs this task better than the luxurious Womanizer with its fantastic life-like sucking feature.

I'm not sure what it does or how it works; it just works. The orgasms are fast and powerful.

Reviewer: Mallorys

7. Intimate trainer

These gorgeous blue color kegel eggs are a great way to exercise the love muscles. Squeezing and feeling them inside develops the legendary “Super Strong Grip” girls power that can affect not just man's you-know-what, but will also make couple's orgasms more intense.

I felt contractions almost immediately, and the pleasurable stimulation from them being in was wonderful.

Reviewer: Aine D.

8. Power blast

A new take on the traditional wand, Magic Force is just as orgasm inducing. Its pervasive vibrations can be used to relax or to arouse; it’s up to the owner to decide. Either way, Magic Force is a sure way to multiple orgasms or an unforgettable foreplay.

Sure, it's great for sore muscles after a long day, but you know what else it's good for? SEX! Oh my god!”

Reviewer: eghowell

9. Sparkling bliss

Jewelry is meant to emphasize the beauty, to add some sparkle, to attract the eye. Adding a note of elegant flair to anal play, the Jeweled anal plug is not just a sight for sore eyes. It also increases the stimulation during sex or spanking and can be worn long term or as a part of the foreplay.

Flash this bling to a partner and you're sure to get their attention when you're in the mood with the plug's eye-catching rhinestone base.

Reviewer: B8trDude

10. Passion in red

Extraordinary things happen in the bedroom once you add a touch of kinky spice to your play. Discovering your boundaries and pushing them, exploring hidden desires - that's what BDSM is all about.

This is a great beginners kit...I was skeptical of this set, but once it arrived in my home I easily fell in love with it.

Reviewer: Mistress M.