Best Rabbit Vibrator Types And Their Orgasmic Functions

Rabbit vibrators are the most POP! of sex toys - deservedly so. Praised in media and by the loyal users, rabbit vibrators deliver versatile but unmistakably orgasmic sensations 10 times out of 10. Check out the best rabbit vibrators we’ve gathered in this list and pick a revved-up bunny to bring home.



Remember how amazing it feels when your lover fingers your G-spot while going down on you? The best rabbit vibrator to do the job is Eden Dual Caress. The remarkably realistic "come-hither" motion in the shaft replicates that sensual experience while also dancing around the clit with a revved-up attachment, inducing the mind-shattering climaxes you deserve.

Don't be afraid of all the bells and whistles these vibrators have - they're all designed for your 100% pleasure.

Bunny With


Rotating beads of this bunny are nothing short of miraculous. They create an exquisite internal circular motion, deeply massaging your G-spot and sending addictive waves of erotic pleasure throughout your body.

Rabbit Vibe


Looking for the best rabbit vibrator for hands-free play? Thrill is your pick. With your eyes closed, the immensely satisfying rhythmic pulsating thrusts feel as if the toy is being guided by the hand of the most skillful lover.


Rabbit With
Rotating Shaft


It's no secret that the shortest way to a G-orgeous climax is persistent pressure. The power rod inside this rabbit vibrator digs into your G-spot so thoroughly that it is destined to find the treasure - the most stellar of orgasms you've ever experienced.

The Thrusting
Rabbit Vibe


Some vibrators are designed to polish real life - this one was designed to make it fade. The best of thrusting vibrators, this wild bunny vigorously thrusts inside of you, stimulating every iota of your erotic being, sending you through the roof.


Rabbit With
Two Motors


Double motors - double power. Many vibrators features only one motor, powering both the shaft and the attachment, but not this one, oh no. Both ends targeted at your sweet spots are powered by robust motors, packing some serious punch. This bunny offers you such an array of sensational experiences that you'll be shooting orgasms.

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sex toys EdenFantasys sells is a rabbit vibrator.

Rabbit Vibrator
With Three


If you thought it ends with two motors, think again. This beautiful rabbit vibrator packs two separate perky bunny ears, and each of those are powered by an independent strong buzz. It means however you angle it, whichever your anatomy is, all three motors of the poised Alya will be working for your pleasure.


The Sucking
Rabbit Vibrator


The magic sucking feature of Air Flirt makes it an absolute best rabbit to accentuate the clit. Ride the waves of pleasure with the fantastically realistic air-pressured clit sucking action that can only be surpassed by a lover's mouth.


The Oral-like
Rabbit Vibe


Flicking the clit with a tongue - that sensation send shivers down your spine. This rabbit can do it restlessly, with whichever rhythm you want, stimulating the G-spot at the same time. You know this means the biggest O’s, right?




Want to heat it up? Your G-spot responds magically to warming sensations, engorging and becoming ultra sensitive. That's why Aurora is the best rabbit vibrator for you. While working it's buzzy magic, it also heats up lightly, starting a fire of orgasm inside of you, bringing you to 7th heaven.

Rabbit Vibe
With Inflatable Shaft


If you are one of those ladies who like being "filled", this is the best rabbit vibrator for you. No matter how thick you want it to be - it can become even thicker. With the inflatable shaft inserted, start pumping on and push the horizons of your pleasure as far as you can.



Feeling insatiable? Then you know the Poise was made for you. Deliciously girthy main shaft, a revved-up attachment and a seductive strand of anal beads for each of your hottest buttons, to keep you stuffed and bring supermassive pleasure.


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