Feel the Thrill while it is pulsing inside you, delivering most fantastic orgasms

Thrillg-spot rabbit vibrator

Air Flirt
  • Thrilling rhythmic thrusts for intense G-spot stimulation
  • Rabbit delivers intense vibrations in 7 playful modes
  • Body safe silicone, rechargeable

You will be thrilled every time using this fantastic multifunctional rabbit vibrator. Enjoy its rhythmic thrusting motion inside of you, while rabbit attachment works ravenously on your clit, for the body shaking and toe curling orgasms.

  • Enjoy intense thrusting motion for the fantastic G-spot stimulation;

  • Find your favorites between 7 modes of thrusting and vibrating;

  • Entirely covered in silky body safe silicone, which is hypoallergenic, latex and phthalate free;

  • Rechargeable, via USB port or USB wall adapter;

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Rabbit vibrators
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4 vrooms
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2 bees
  • Material / Texture
    Material safety
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    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Functions / Performance / Controls
    7 vibration patterns / Thrusting / Vibrating
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
    Rechargeable / USB
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Product Details

G-spot rabbit vibrator - Thrill - view #1 G-spot rabbit vibrator - Thrill - view #2
  • Material / Texture:

    The Thrill is made of hypo-allergenic, latex and phthalates-free, non-porous body safe silicone. It is smooth but collects lint.. There is no smell or touch to the material. There is a small patch of silver plastic at the back of the toy. I am unsure of the purpose of this patch. There is a slight squish to the body of the toy and the head has more give. The head has a slight curve to it and the firm but slightly squishy head makes the toy great for firm g-spot stimulation, but more on that later.

    The bunny is flexible and can bend to your body shape. The firmness of the bunny's body is comparable to the shaft of the insertable portion. The ears are completely flexible and squishy. They can be pulled apart, pushed together, pushed back, folded forward, and so much more. There is no visible seam on any part of the toy and the buttons are fairly flush with the toy.


    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The insertable portion is designed like a traditional vibrator but with the slightest curve near the end and a pronounced head. With slight pressure on the end below the rabbit, I can position the head to hit my g-spot perfectly.

    The arm is shaped like a rabbit and has flexible ears, as mentioned above. The rabbit itself can bend back a full 90 degrees without putting stress on the connection. The ears rest perfectly beside my clit and can be pushed down to rest on each side of my inner labia.

    I usually enjoy bigger toys, but considering the functions on this toy (see the section: Functions), the size is fantastic! It's easy to hold and can even be used hands-free!


    Insertable length:
    4 1/2"
    1 1/2"
    1 1/2"
    Clitoral attachment shape:
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    There are two motors in this toy. One causes the thrusting motion in the shaft and the other controls the vibrations in the rabbit. The vibrations motor is located in the body of the rabbit, making the vibrations very strong. There are 7 thrusting options and 7 vibration patterns.

    1. Slow & Steady
    2. Medium & Steady
    3. Fast & Steady
    4. Slow Escalating
    5. Medium Escalating
    6. Fast Escalating
    7. Steady with faster pulses


    1. Slow & Steady
    2. Medium & Steady
    3. Fast & Steady
    4. Slow & Steady Pulses
    5. Fast & Steady Pulses
    6. Slow & Uneven Pulses
    7. Fast & Uneven Pulses

    The buttons are pretty flush with the toy and can make it difficult to operate during use. The top button is the on and off button. When you first turn the toy on a light comes on and nothing else happens - you have to push one of the other two buttons to make the toy do anything. The middle button controls the thrusting, you cycle through the thrusts with this button, if you miss the one you wanted, you have to cycle back through. The last button is the vibrations button and does the same as the thrusting button. Once you enter a cycle if you no longer want vibrations but still want the thrusting you have to turn the toy off and back on again and find the thrusting option you want. The toy does not hold a memory of the last function(s) used.

    It isn't very noisy, cannot be heard from under a blanket across the room, and does great in the shower! The water doesn't dull the sensation at all.


    7 vibration patterns / Thrusting / Vibrating
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
    Rechargeable / USB
  • Care and Maintenance:

    I keep the toy in the package that it came in. The packaging is a sleeve covering an open top box inside, inside the open top box is a plastic case molded to fit the Thrill inside. Also, with the Thrill is a USB cable to charge it with. There are no instructions and no charging block- just the toy and cable.

    You can wash the toy with soap and water, a toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution for sterilization. You should not boil this toy as it could mess up the mechanics. And if you share this toy you should use a condom - just as a safety precaution. It is made of silicone and is waterproof so care is easy.

    As for storage, I just keep it in the box it came in, but you can keep it anywhere that you deem safe for toys. So long as that 'safe for toys' place is out of direct sunlight, not touching jelly toys, and out of reach of animals and other small scavengers.


    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water
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