Rechargeable thrusting rabbit vibrator

Excellent Thrusting

The Thrill is a fantastic thrusting toy. It's waterproof, easy to clean and easy to store, and would be travel-friendly. This toy is relatively quiet and is super fun.
Shaft only thrusts (doesn't vibrate)
Collets pet hair easily
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First impression

This arrived in the mail in a discreet brown box. Inside it was in a long black box that was wrapped in clear plastic. Once I got that off, the cover slid off, and I opened the box. The Thrill was in there with the USB cord and a see-through black storage bag. There was also a paper with a little bit of information about the toy. So I picked Thrill up and instantly loved the way it felt. It had the super smooth, velvety feel. The Thrill was slightly bigger than I expected, which honestly, I'm glad it was a little bigger than I imagined, as it seemed to be a great size. The clit arm was very flexible, along with the bunny ear ticklers. The head of The Thrill was a little squishy, and the shaft was a bit hard feeling, I'm guessing due to the thrusting mechanism. All in all, I couldn't wait to try it out.


First Use

So before using The Thrill, I put it on the charger. The instructions suggest charging for 2 hours before use. Also, the charging light flashes, and once it's fully charged, the light turns off. Once this was finished charging, I quickly pushed the power button. This just turns on the toy, and the light will come on. I then hit the middle button, which controls the shaft, I was instantly intrigued by the way this was thrusting. I went through all 7 thrusting patterns, and then I had to click the power button to turn it back off. Then I clicked it again to check out the clit arm vibrations. There were also 7 vibrations for it. The first couple were different continuous vibrations with different intensity levels, so I was super excited to give those a try.

Charging port

Top is the power button, middle is thrusting, and bottom is for the clit arm

So before my first use, I washed this with soap and water. I then went and got comfortable in bed and put a little bit of water-based lubricant on it. I then turned on the power button and inserted this. I lined up the clit arm with my clit and turned that on first. I personally thought the clit arm didn't feel as strong as others I've used. It still felt good, though; after teasing my clit for a bit, I then turned on the thrusting shaft. It felt absolutely amazing! It's different than some of the other thrusting toys I have as the mechanism seems to be set up differently. I went through a few of the thrusting modes and stopped on one that was fast. It did take me a little bit to get off, but I did have an orgasm in my first use. I do wish that the shaft would vibrate also, but the thrusting by itself is still great.

Further Experience

My next time I used this was with my husband. He put some lubricant on it and inserted it, then turned it on. The way he was moving it with the thrusting motion was amazing. It felt so good to me, and he definitely knew I was enjoying it. I had gotten off within minutes when he was using it.

I've mainly used this alone, and I really enjoy the way it thrusts. I've experienced this in many positions and can't really say I have a favorite. The clit arm doesn't always align with my clit right, but I can always make it work. I've only used it with my husband once, and I'm really hoping he wants to use this one again as I really enjoyed him using it on me. He seems to be able to angle it differently than I do, and it just feels great. Now when I use it alone, it still feels great, and I can get the toy to hit my g-spot when it thrusts. So I'm still completely satisfied using it solo.

The Thrill is made of silicone. Silicone is a 10/10 on the safety scale. It's hypoallergenic and non-porous, so it doesn't harbor any bacteria. It's latex and phthalates-free also. Since this is silicone, only use a water-based lubricant on it. To clean, I just use soap and water, you can use a toy cleaner if you prefer. This is also waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the shower if you'd like. The Thrill is actually pretty quiet, you can barely hear the vibrations, but you can hear the thrusting. A fan or TV on would definitely cover up the sound. The total length of the Thrill is 8" with an insertable length of 4 1/2". The circumference of this is 4 1/2" with a diameter of 1 1/2".

Size comparison

Vibration Map

So the shaft to this doesn't vibrate. The thrusting is definitely nice and can be fast or slow. As for vibrations, the clit arm has a very nice intensity. The most vibration is felt in the ear ticklers. You can't feel any vibration in the handle, but when you have the shaft on, you can feel the toy jerking. I'll be labeling the shaft as 2 since this is based on vibrations.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I have had some excellent orgasms with the Thrill. The thrusting is an amazing feature, and it hits my g-spot perfectly. So far, my best one with the Thrill was when my husband used it on me.
Follow-up commentary
I still love Thrill! I feel like this rabbit is unique and definitely gets the job done. I love the smaller size as well. I always find myself using this one and cycling it between my favorites.
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