Thrill Me, Chill Me, Fulfill Me

The Thrill is quite appropriately named--it's not the 'Lover,' or 'Rabbit Caress.' This toy is a leave-you-gasping joy ride, as long as you're ready to plunge into the deep-end head-first. Despite being fairly petite, it is not a gentle toy, which is part of what I love about it...but even gluttons-for-punishment like me might be surprised at the sheer ferocity of this toy. The Thrill doesn't ease you into anything; it drags you kicking-and-screaming by the hair. Works for me.
Extremely powerful, emulates 'rough sex' more than most toys, silicone, quiet, on/off button
It may be too powerful/rough for some, typically awkward rabbit controls, dedicated on/off button
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It took me a little while to warm up to the Thrill because it took a little while for the Thrill to warm ME up. I need powerful stimulation to reach orgasm, and the Thrill definitely delivers intense stimulation inside and out.

The 'problem' with the Thrill is it is REALLY INTENSE right from the start, and when I first tried it, there was actually too much going on for me to relax into it. The clitoral stimulator, in particular, was just rubbing me the wrong way (pun intended), and even the soft and flexible rabbit ears were poking around my clit kind of painfully. My first experience with the Thrill was a little anti-climactic (pun intended again).

I generally try to use ONLY the toy I'm reviewing to get off because it focuses my attention on the abilities of the toy in question. Toys that can bring me to orgasm when I'm starting cold are ideal, but the Thrill isn't one of those toys. I never thought I'd complain about a toy being TOO powerful--but the Thrill is wicked aggressive, even on its lowest settings, and the first time I tried it I thought it was trying to eat my pussy (in a bad way). It was just too much, too soon.

A few weeks later I was heated up a bit, and decided to give the Thrill another go--good call on my part! The toy still came on aggressively, and the clit stimulator felt like it was poking me again, so I decided to focus on the internal position...and everything changed! I shifted the angle, and within seconds the thruster was pounding my g-spot, and those previously pesky, pokey rabbit ears were suddenly enveloping my clit, working it like a mini cock getting a hand-job! When I had it where I liked it, I gripped the Thrill between my thighs and just sat back to enjoy the ride! The thrusting is not quite like the real thing, but with some imagination, it comes close enough. Needless to say, my second test run was quite successful in bringing me to a body-wringing climax!

Now the technical stuff. The Thrill is remarkably quiet for a thrusting rabbit; it makes a clacking sound that's audible in close quarters, but it doesn't soundlike a vibrator, and the rabbit is almost totally silent. Once inserted and clamped between my thighs, I could barely hear the thrusting at all. I've got several roommates, and I have no compunction about using this when everyone is home and passing by my door.

The Thrill is made primarily of Eden's silky-smooth Fuschia silicone, which makes it non-porous, hypo-allergenic, Phthalates-free, and able to be sterilized (10% bleach solution, boiling for 3 minutes or top rack of your dishwasher). I'm generally not a fan of plunging quality toys into liquid, so the bleach solution is my go-to (just make sure to rinse thoroughly!) The charging port is well-sealed, though, so I'd be comfortable using the Thrill in the shower.

The controls are also on the base, underneath the rabbit, which is a problem shared by most rabbits, in my experience. If you're playing with a partner who can man the controls, they're great. If you find a setting that does it for you and can just grip the toy with your thighs once it's set, they're fine. But if you're flying solo and want to mix it up a bit, or need some experimentation to find the combination of settings you want, they can be frustrating. Be prepared to tone your abs adjusting this thing while it's inserted. The Thrill is controlled by three vertical buttons on the front of the base, starting with the bunny on the bottom and the shaft in the middle. Bunny and shaft each have seven levels of function, with three levels of steady power in each, and then various patterns--pretty much the usual suspects, nothing particularly unique. The top button is generally one of those love-it or hate-it features--the separate Power Button! Personally, I love them...most of the time. I like being able to specifically and immediately turn a toy off or on. I like the option of killing the power if things get too intense (or roommates knock on my door), and I like being able to know the damn thing is actually ON during insertion, before I start getting frustrated by fiddling with controls I can't see. Of course, there's always the danger inherent with a dedicated power button--hitting it accidentally and killing the toy at the worst possible time. This is a plight I've experienced many times, but since I think the best use of thrusters is holding them with your thighs and just letting them have at it, this one didn't give me any problems.
Ok...experience...probably the most over-sharing part of my review, but what the heck? If you're still reading, you can probably handle it. ;) As I previously mentioned, starting out cold with the Thrill didn't yield any desirable results. However, warming up with some sexy videos got my second session off the ground in about a minute. I should, however, mention that what I consider 'sexy videos' aren't what most people would think of as 'porn.' In this case, I've been binge-watching 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' and was totally undone by the lines, "Listen, if this is gonna happen, you need to know something. This isn't gonna be like a roll in the hay, and you go home. This is gonna be like three days of you and me just ruining each other...and not emotionally." So I grabbed the aggressive Thrill and thought about such ruination. Thank you, Santino Fontana!
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