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Harmony reviews
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Couple's Vibrators
The Hidden Room
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Contributor: The Hidden Room
This toy is the perfect beginner discreet vibrator that can be used in public without worry. However, experienced users will still use it but will notice the missing strength and patterns.
Pros Discreet and small that doesn't give off a loud vibration sound.
Cons Could use a few more vibration patterns and a little more strength.
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Contributor: Nordlaw89
It is worth the buy if you are wanting to try new things to me it was not that exciting but don't get me wrong it feels good much not great.
Pros Multiple vibration levels Charging cord Feels good solo Comes with remote!!
Cons Bulky at the base of it where the buttons are so it makes it uncomfortable for couples
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Silicone sassy G reviews
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Silicone sassy G

G-spot vibrators
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Contributor: Customresinpaddle
I think this vibrator is worth it if you have rechargeable batteries and you don’t mind switching out the batteries. It won’t be my go to, but it’s definitely a good addition to my toy box.
Pros Curved tip Bumps on shaft Good vibration
Cons Battery operated
Contributor: JessyCybele
Great toy with 10 different vibration modes to try. Waterproof for shower fun. Made of great material. Great size for beginners.
Pros Variety of settings Waterproof Made of silicone
Cons A bit skinny
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Contributor: a78teddybear
I would highly recommend this toy for anyone who wants a great experience and be able to get the g-spot some attention as well.
Pros 10 different modes, easy control pad
Cons I haven't found a con to it.
Elektra plus G-spot reviews
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Elektra plus G-spot

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Contributor: Nordlaw89
Amazing and will definitely have you gripping into your bed sheets! If first time trying a toy that gives electricity you can definitely get this one level 1 mode with the electricity is intense and gives a different sensation. But overall, it is an amazing item.
Pros Silicone latex material that makes it soft and feeling good. Cones with a charger
Cons Not much negative to it besides vibration could be higher but still intense.
extremely useful
Contributor: karmaqueen
Even without the electrostim, this is an insanely good vibrator. It's quiet, rechargeable, strong, has multiple modes, and is designed to fit a women's curves (both inside and out). The Elektra is currently my favorite for in the bedroom.
Pros Super Quiet All the modes feel wonderful Curved design
Cons Bright pink Electrostim may be too intense
Fab G reviews
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Fab G

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Contributor: ARIEC92
If youre looking for something simple that wont break the bank, the Fab G is totally worth it. I would say its great for taking on a trip or spontaneous moments.
Pros The biggest pros were the slimness of the shaft and the soft silicone.
Cons Extremely loud and the vibrations were mostly only strong directly in the motor area.
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Big B reviews
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Big B

Rabbit Vibrators
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Contributor: abee
thick, ridged, insanely powerful. big b is a rabbit out of my wildest wet dreams. hands-free orgasms, independent controls, and the best vibrations i've ever found in a combo vibrator. big b is without a doubt my favorite rabbit vibe of all time.
Pros thick, ridged, high quality, POWERFUL vibrations, independently controlled motors
Cons may be too powerful for those who prefer light stimulation
Contributor: Kinkykitty2022
This is a great couple's toy to share and switch back and forth during foreplay. The integrity of the toy has lasted longer than other similar toys. Great beginners toy to get comfortable with the size of different toys; this is soft and not stiff for easy movement from insertion to thrusting. Be sure to fully charge during the day so it lasts your full experience for the night.
Pros Vibration levels amd settings Vibrating bunny ears Curve for G-Spot pleasure
Cons Time it takes to Charge fully Could use more vibration levels after your comfortable with it.
extremely useful
Contributor: ToyingCouple
Humankind has consolidated all its knowledge of rabbit vibrators and produced the Big B! Full of features, this toy packs a punch while stimulating the G-Spot and the clitoris in delightful combinations. It's rare that we give 5 stars to any of the dozens of toys we own, but the Big B achieves full marks and a place of honor at the top of the toy box.
Pros Dual Motors, silicone, simple controls, thick size, amazing power, variety of settings.
Cons Charging prong is difficult to insert. Splashproof but not completely waterproof.
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Sweet sensation reviews
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Sweet sensation

Rabbit Vibrators
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Contributor: Violetta
Great versatility in this toy. It has a lot to offer and definitely comes in handy when you want some solo time.
Pros Multiple functions Quiet
Cons Bump not very easy to feel
Alya reviews
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Contributor: mentalhealthmatters
While this wasn't a home run, it definitely could be -- it comes close to greatness - - so I hope the developers fix the above listed issues and release a 2.0 version
Pros Texture
Cons Ears won't stay where you want
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Contributor: 성자
The ears are short, it has inconsistent patterns, but I still do reach for this as my start up and my cool down. I don't really recommend it on its own (unless you're lucky and it fits you beautifully) but if you do have a wand or just a vibrator to pair this with, it is quite the enjoyable experience.
Pros Thick, perfect length.
Cons No consistent vibration patterns, the ears don't reach that well.
extremely useful
Contributor: bodyxblunts
If you ever have trouble gripping a toy and working buttons this vibe is for you. I have mobility issues with my hands and it was so comfortable to hold and handle. The silicone is so soft I had to double check to make sure it wasn't actually fabric. If no other reason, it's wireless and waterproof and easy to hide in luggage.
Pros - soft texture - wireless & waterproof - consistent vibrations
Cons - On the smaller side - brand specific charger
extremely useful
Contributor: timelady
Alya is a beautiful new offering from EdenFantasys with plenty of intriguing differences that make it stand out from the crowd. The two vibrators in the clit attachment are a treat, and the vibration modes are creative. I would have liked more control over the vibrations and a vibrate-only mode, but this may be a benefit for those looking to mix it up. It was just slightly too short and too weak for me, but this toy could be perfect for you!
Pros Lovely design Unique functions Strong enough for most
Cons Internal/clit vibrations not controlled separately Only patterns/modes Will not fit all anatomies
Sweet indulgence reviews
Price: $119.93
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Sweet indulgence

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Contributor: TonyM
This toy is definitely worth every penny. Our best sexual experiences involve this powerful, fun rabbit vibrator. Using it has brought intense orgasms that leave the sheets wet and he legs shaking!
Pros Powerful, silky smooth, long-lasting battery
Cons None!
No votes for this review
Contributor: Lucidity
I had high hopes for this toy, but it was pretty disappointing. Once inserted, the massaging action stops altogether. The design of the toy didn't match up with my anatomy and I found the vibrations to be weak. Overall, for single or double penetration, this toy fell flat for me.
Pros Soft silicone, easy to use, good size for all levels of experience.
Cons Massaging balls stop working with little pressure, buzzy.
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Contributor: eghowell
For someone looking to see what all the rave is about rabbit vibrators or vibrators in general, I would definitely recommend this one. It isn't an intense vibrator by any means but is very luxurious-feeling with the silicone. It isn't very pricey at all, and it will do a satisfying job for you.
Pros -Soft material -Gentle vibration -Dual-point vibration
Cons -Not very strong vibrations
extremely useful
Contributor: Kipperanne
The Sweet indulgence is a strong, silky smooth rabbit vibrator that hits all the right spots perfectly. An extra sensation from the massaging ball may or may not give added power, but the overall purpose delivers! No literature comes with this toy and packaging was very poor, but don't judge a toy by its lack of presentation! Looking past that the Sweet indulgence holds a strong orgasm impact for beginners or advanced users!
Pros Quiet. Strong Vibes. So Silky Smooth! Hits all the right places!
Cons Packaging is very poor. Batteries. Massage ball may/ may not matter.
Petite treats luxury silicone dual massager reviews
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Petite treats luxury silicone dual massager

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Contributor: Zoe200017
This item is just an iffy on what you like, and you're preferences. It's good for beginners. It will definitely get the job done for sure.
Pros Good for beginners. Size is just right.
Cons Vibrations could be a bit more stronger.
No votes for this review
Contributor: Amorai878
Unfortunately, I don't use this toy much anymore because it only vibrates in the rabbit portion due to flimsy wiring that didn't stand up to my average use. However, I would still encourage readers to give this toy a try, particularly if you're a beginner looking for your first rabbit vibrator. The look, feel, and functions are truly fantastic and will surely make this a beloved item on a nightstand!
Pros Multiple vibration modes, great tactile feeling, beginner-friendly
Cons Wiring may not be durable, possible cosmetic flaws
Annabel Lee
extremely useful
Contributor: Annabel Lee
This is an amazing first-time rabbit vibrator. It's sure to please people who love intense vibrations, interesting and different patterns of vibration, and people looking for a rechargable vibrator at an incredible price.
Pros Graceful, ergonomic design. Very powerful.
Cons No higher or lower intensity functions.
extremely useful
Contributor: Lvstoplay
I love the shape, design, and texture of the Petite Treats Luxury Silicone Rabbit Vibrator! It has 30 amazing patterns, which can easily be changed with the push of a button. It is completely waterproof, has a separate on/off button, and is rechargeable. With its stronger patterns it is one of my go to toys.
Pros Several vibrational patterns
Cons Non-changeable intensity
Butterfly G reviews
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Butterfly G

extremely useful
Contributor: Helen31
Overall a great toy for beginners or couples wanting to experiment. For me, I need more intense speed and strong vibration. That said not a bad toy to enjoy with a partner.
Pros rechargeable, waterproof, Curved angel, dual-action, great beginner toy
Cons not enough speed or intensity
No votes for this review
Contributor: mica123
The Butterfly G is worth every penny it costs. From vibrations to the places it touches, it will make your loins quiver.
Pros Multiple vibration settings, smooth texture
Cons No cons in my opinion
Dream kisser reviews
Price: $79.99
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Dream kisser

extremely useful
Contributor: iovys
3.5 Stars. Dream Kisser is a good toy to use after adequate warm-up with another toy. Suction is extremely powerful, vibration is dull in comparison. Make sure to use a lot of lube for the suction portion, and prepare to get your soul sucked out of your body along with your clit.
Pros - Gorgeous - Waterproof - Good battery life
Cons - Suction way too strong (& loud) for me - Vibration quite weak in comparison
No votes for this review
Contributor: SpookyB
It's like you get a rabbit and a clit pump in one. While it's not the strongest, it'll get the job done.
Pros Great shape, pretty design
Cons Intensity not adjustable, slightly difficult to clean
Levina butterfly reviews
Price: $88.99 $38.99
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Levina butterfly

No votes for this review
Contributor: WildwomanVa
I am extremely happy to say that my first vibrator is still, to this day, my favorite vibrator and the only one that has never broken on me just needs new batteries
Pros Easy to clean, great vibrations, silky smooth texture.
Cons I don't use all the settings, only the first 4-5, usually only the first two.
No votes for this review
Contributor: MornaStar
The strong vibrations and flexibility of this toy have made my top 10 list. Partner that with it being waterproof, and it is a Grade-A toy in my book. The texture is softer than silk and perfect for that real feel.
Pros Strong vibes, an array of patterns, flexible and waterproof. Perfect for anyone and fun shower play.
Cons The wings of the butterfly could be a bit smaller.
No votes for this review
Contributor: Elysia
Loved the number of vibrations, especially considering it was fairly quiet and discreet. Definitely recommend for regular, less intense use and could be a good start for beginners considering the size and the ability to build up or lower the vibrations.
Pros Loved the texture and size with good vibrations
Cons Did eventually fall apart and frequently got hairs stuck to it even when clean and dry
China Doll
extremely useful
Contributor: China Doll
Definite Do! What have you got to lose..... other than bodily fluids??? I would recommend this for anybody interested in a little foreplay. As far as everyday use goes... this butterfly effect falls short of the competition. I still highly recommend.... just don't abuse and it will be good you.
Pros No batteries / wired charging/ moderately lightweight/ pretty to look at/ reasonably priced.
Cons The wire is not universal & the clit stimulator bent excessively, will cause the butterfly to short.
extremely useful
Contributor: Lvstoplay
I really enjoyed the size and shape of the Levina Butterfly. It feels amazing to thrust or rock this vibrator. The 30 vibrational patterns are always a nice treat as well. It is waterproof, has 2 motors, and runs on 2 AAA batteries.
Pros 30 Settings Waterproof Nice feel
Cons Non-adjustable intensity
G-bud reviews
Price: $39.99
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G-spot vibrators
No votes for this review
Contributor: P.A.C.
I don't have too many cons. I just really enjoyed this toy. What I will say is that it could be too intense for highly sensitive or new users. Overall I really enjoyed this toy, and I would gladly replace it with one of the same when it breaks. I really like it overall. It proved to me that g spot toys could be used for anal play for sure.
Pros Great vibration. Nice angle.
Cons Big flared head, and strong vibrations may be too intense for beginners
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Love bunny reviews
Price: $43.99 $18.99
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Love bunny

Rabbit Vibrators
No votes for this review
Contributor: pls
This item is worth it. For the time I had it, its performance was completely satisfactory. It was good for when I wanted to take my time when masturbating. The cons are vibrations aren't too strong, which can be a pro if you're extremely sensitive.
Pros It wasn't too big, the texture was nice; vibrations were good for teasing
Cons Doesn't last a year; the vibrations weren't very strong.
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Dual glow reviews
Price: $59.99 $49.99
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Dual glow

Rabbit Vibrators
No votes for this review
Contributor: SpookyB
I would say this is a trifecta of everything you need, but it could be so much more. You won't have to worry about if this toy is loud because you'll be drowning out all the noise anyway.
Pros Multi-use for the different functions, strong vibrations
Cons Lots of ridges make it difficult to clean.
Mac Attack
No votes for this review
Contributor: Mac Attack
The Dual Glow does everything it promises to do. It’s breathtaking, intriguing, and erotic. It plays with every enjoyable spot you have. It’s irresistibly sexy. I would definitely buy it again. It’s worth the money for the pleasure it gives you!
Pros 3 Motors Rechargeable Waterproof
Cons Thrusting Motion Sound Needs To Be Quieter.
extremely useful
Contributor: Paradocs
Other than the loud thrusting motor, this toy has great potential for earning a spot in the nightstand rather than being discarded to the closet storage box. I'm going to keep working with this one to find its niche. It's certainly nice enough to deserve that!
Pros Well-made and perfect size. Very strong motors and great stimulation.
Cons Oh, that noise... why couldn't the thrusting motor be quieter!?!
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Dream lover reviews
Price: $59.99 $49.99
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Dream lover

Rabbit Vibrators
Contributor: aphroditelady
This is a luxury silicone vibrator that gets the job done quickly with its powerful swinging clit attachment and deep internal vibrations.
Pros swinging clit attachment, deep vibrations, 10 settings
Cons loud, weird charging connector
No votes for this review
Contributor: Trysexual
Dream lover is indeed a fitting name for this toy. She loves it. There's nothing to complain about. It's strong, rechargeable, has an endless variety of stimulations that can be controlled independently. This is a great rabbit vibe for a beginner to an expert. Don't hesitate to try this one. It's as good as more expensive models, for an affordable price. It has all the perks you could want.
Pros Silicone, Dual motor,nice texture, strong vibes, movable arm, rechargeable, waterproof, magtic USB
Cons None
Dual pleaser reviews
Price: $29.99
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Dual pleaser

No votes for this review
Contributor: Kalifornia
Although it could be difficult to keep in position, I’d say this item is worth it for the impressive dual stimulation it offers.
Pros Great size and texture, flexible and adjustable, good vibration settings
Cons Can easily slip off of the clit
Aurora warming massager reviews
Price: $59.98
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Aurora warming massager

No votes for this review
Contributor: MissMichella420
Even though the heated feature and vibration were not as much as I was hoping for, I can at least say that the toy is still of high value for its price point. If a beginner or an easily stimulated customer were to ask for my recommendations, I would definitely point them in the direction of the Aurora.
Pros * Flexible clitoral stimulator * Silicone texture allowed for less lubricant * Rechargeable
Cons * Not a high enough vibration * Battery dies quickly
extremely useful
Contributor: Dumplingz69
At first, the size did seem disappointing. However, that was only before I used it. When inside and I find the perfect angle to thrust at, it reminds me of how amazingly lucky I am to have a G-spot. It gives me euphoric sensations that drive me wild.
Pros Warming Unique G-spot sensations 7 Vibration modes Rechargeable
Cons Might be too small for others No storage pouch
No votes for this review
Contributor: tkrose
This toy is most definitely worth the purchase. It has enhanced my sex life tenfold, especially with the heating quality and intense vibrations for the G-spot. Even though this toy doesn't get me climax, it does indeed leave me shaking and satisfied.
Pros Strong g-spot stimulation (shape and vibration), amazing texture, heating is fantastic
Cons Weaker clit vibrations, hard to position clit stimulator just right
Mistress M.
Contributor: Mistress M.
The Aurora is a rechargeable dual stimulator made by Eden. It has a variety of functions, and it is very easy to clean. However, the toy may or may not warm, though it is advertised that it should. The vibrations are not as powerful as they are in other toys.
Pros Rechargeable, easy to clean, multiple settings,
Cons may or may not warm, weak in power
somewhat useful
Contributor: ReverieReviews
If you're looking for a toy that can offer you a new sensation, I'd highly suggest the Aurora Warming Massager. There aren't many toys that I know of that heat up along the shaft, making the Aurora a truly unique toy. If you like a larger, firmer toy, such as myself, it might not be everything you'd want it to be, but for what it is it works great and can really bring some heat to your night in more ways than one.
Pros Pretty Color Separate Shaft and Clit Vibrations Unique Heating Function
Cons Confusing Warming Controls Too Flexible Too Small
Honey bunny reviews
Price: $59.98
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Honey bunny

No votes for this review
Contributor: karmaqueen
Overall, I am insanely glad that I chose to try this rabbit. If I lose it or it breaks, I am definitely going to be more than willing to buy a new one. This is definitely worth giving it a try if you can afford it and the measurements are something you can handle. This could be a bit large for anyone who prefers more petite dildos.
Pros Super quiet Very strong Customizable settings
Cons Clit attachment is not super flexible
no teezing here
No votes for this review
Contributor: no teezing here
This is one of the few rabbits I have found that hits all the right spots. I like the size, girth, and long charge.
Pros quiet, powerful, rechargeable
Cons rabbit ears are a little stiff.
No votes for this review
Contributor: konicaguy
If you are looking for high-end quality in a rabbit for the best price, the Luxury Honey Bunny is what you want. It's highly customizable for each person's experience due to the two independent motors and promises to give you the power you want without all of the noise that others give you.
Pros -Soft silicone body -Quiet -Perfect fit for any level of experience
Cons -Would love it in other colors
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Illa reviews
Price: $54.99 $49.99
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Rabbit Vibrators
Mac Attack
No votes for this review
Contributor: Mac Attack
The Illa is a must-have. It’s exciting and guaranteed to give you the explosive orgasm you’ve been waiting for. I would recommend this pleasurable girthy bad boy to anyone. It’s well worth the money you’ll put out.
Pros The handle, big G-spot head and 2 motors
Cons It may be too intense for beginners