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She Plays, He Plays: The LELO Smart Wand

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What, exactly, is a Smart Wand, and how does it compare to better known “wand” style massagers? Rydell and his lady have got the inside scoop.

  Magic Wand

After Susan’s initial experimentation you might be surprised to learn that we’ve actually never given any of the popular wand-style vibrators much consideration. “They just don’t seem all that sensual,” Susan says. “I don’t need – or really want – an ultra realistic vibe, with veins and a big cockhead or anything like that. But I want it to have a certain degree of sensuality.”

I think what she’s getting at is that wand massagers are typically so utilitarian looking – like if you want to buy one, you should probably head to the small appliances section at your local Target – that it kills the mood. LELO’s version is different. It’s subtle and understated. It doesn’t necessarily scream sex, but it has very nice, feminine lines.

“And it doesn’t plug into the wall,” Susan adds. “That’s something else about the other wands that I have a real hard time getting past mentally. I want my sex toys untethered.”

Untethered, but with enough power to make an impact, which is apparently what happened after I charged the Smart Wand that first time and handed it over to my wife. “I wasn’t expecting it to be as powerful as it was,” Susan says. “It’s not industrial strength like some of the other products, but it might surprise you.”

  Just A Massage

What surprised me is the Smart Wand’s capability to multitask. One evening after a particularly intense cross-training workout the day before, I was describing the extent of my soreness to Susan (she might call it complaining, but that’s all semantics). She listened patiently and then suggested I give the LELO a go.

“Really?” I asked. “It’s my lower back and the muscles along my spine. Will you run it?”

I laid facedown and Susan got on top of me. One of the coolest features of the Smart Wand is what’s called SenseTouch technology, a setting that allows the device to “idle” at a very low rumble until the bulbous end makes contact with the intended massage point. Susan turned on SenseTouch and then proceeded to run the wand up and down my spine. Each stroke started gently and then revved up to full throttle. When she lifted it off my skin, the pulsations waned – until she set it down again.

You know the joke about people reading Playboy for the articles? Sure, it still gets a few hearty laughs, but the fact remains that the pages are typically home to at least as many talented writers as clothing-adverse young ladies. In other words, there might not be anybody who buys the magazine just for the articles, but there are plenty of us who do actually enjoy them. I came to a similar awareness about the LELO massager after about five minutes of the SenseTouch working out my lower back.

“When I suggested it, I thought he was going to laugh,” Susan says.

I almost did – I mean, it’s a vibrator, meant for vibrating one’s clitoris – but as knot after knot of deep tissue eased, I realized that it really is a bona fide massager, too. Yes, an innocent massager, and similar to Playboy, while the fundamental purpose might be a certain amount of sexual satisfaction, the auxiliary features have the potential to be equally gratifying.

And, once my back relaxed, Susan turned the Smart Wand on herself, positioning it for its primary function … and this time I didn’t even have to leave the room.

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I love the smart wands!


I kinda want one




Fantastic article. I have been eyeing this since it hit EF and I just love the size of it. It may look scary, but I bet it feels amazing!


I wand one!



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