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She Plays, He Plays: The Key To The G

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So why exactly did Jopen cover one awesome material with another? We weren’t sure, either. Then we read the Johnsons’ review. Read on to find out what Susan and Rydell think about Jopen’s Key Comet G!

  Results Oriented

The results don’t lie, and Susan has climaxed with relative ease each time Mr. Glasscock has been deployed. “The shape felt odd at first,” she says. “But definitely good. It’s so funny how much past experiences can mentally influence the present. Even though I saw the Comet’s shape, held it in my hand and everything, when Rydell pushed it in the first time, my immediate reaction was ‘wow, this feels really weird.’ I actually had him take it out.”

A little persistence — along with some added lubrication — paid off, though, when she realized that it only felt weird because it felt atypical. “I’ve played with plenty of dildos and you know what they all have in common?” Susan asks. “They’re all basically straight. The Comet’s curve creates an entirely different sensation and it caught me off guard.”

From the service provider’s point of view, that curve allows for easy and nearly flawless positioning. Because of my past experiences during many of those same play sessions, I started by trying to maneuver the Comet in and out. That’s not how this toy works. Anatomically, there’s really just one place for it to go: against the front, top of the vaginal wall. You know, where the g-spot is.

“I admit, I could feel the difference,” Susan says. “And it just gets straight to it!”

It really does, and with amazing efficiency. As our experimentation went on that night, occasionally I removed it completely — for a little tease — only to rest the head back against Susan’s opening a few seconds later. With little more than a subtle nudge, it would slide right back into place and the stimulation would pick right back up.

“And that’s when things got good,” Susan says.

“With the curve and big head, the Comet G puts a lot of pressure right against my front wall; at a different place than any other toy, and in a more fulfilling way than fingertips. And because it’s so hard — have I mentioned the hardness? — no matter how I squirm, that pressure remains constant, and intense. That’s a huge difference. You know, sometimes when you’re coming real hard you think ‘oh, I can’t take anymore’ so you wiggle around or flex your pussy in defense. Other toys yield to that movement and I can get a little breather. Mr. Glasscock does not yield.”

Indeed he does not, which is why he’s proved to be such an exceptional expedition partner and will remain at my side (and routinely inside Susan) for the foreseeable future.


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