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She Plays, He Plays: Indulge Me

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We sent LELO's Indulge Me Pleasure Set to Rydell and Susan thinking there's no way we could top their experience with Tiani and Tiani 2. Apparently, Susan was more than ready to prove us wrong. Read on to find out what they thought of this month's featured toy!

  Three-Piece Pleasure Set

Sometimes I just can’t. Especially when Susan goes into full-on temptress mode with an arsenal of arousing tantalizers and toys at her disposal.

“This was a great kit for us, for sure,” she says.

The kit in question is LELO’s Indulge Me Pleasure Set. Yes, it’s sort of a longish name, but the three-piece collection lives up to both indulging and pleasuring me so I’m okay with the elongated moniker. It includes an Intima Silk Blindfold, Tantra Feather Teaser, and a Noa couples massager.

“All stuff we really like,” Susan says.

True, but looking back over the course of 16 years, I bet it wouldn’t take two hands to count how many times we’ve actually played any blindfold games. I’d also be willing to bet that our lack of participation stems from the fact that so many blindfolds seem so cheap and flimsy. The last one we tried had a permanent upward fold in the material that left one eye almost completely uncovered. It was more like wearing a pirate’s eye patch. Sort of defeats the purpose, right?

That’s not the case with LELO’s Intima. It’s silk and it’s sturdy, and the elastic is industrial grade. In other words, once you put it on, you’re not seeing anything. To be perfectly honest, it’s right on the precipice of being uncomfortably tight. But we dig that. It’s a no-fuckin’-around blindfold, and after so many rinky-dink versions, the Intima was an exhilarating upgrade.

The same can be said for the Tantra Feather Teaser. “I love feather toys,” Susan says. “I’d lay there all night and let anybody who wanted a turn run one up and down my body. That’s why I kept getting distracted while I was using it on Rydell.

“This one is easily the best we’ve ever had. The feathers are basically what you’d expect, but the handle actually has some substance, some weight. It’s a robust feather teaser, and trust me. It makes a difference.”

The final item in the Indulge Me kit makes a difference by not being too different. Perhaps you’ve read our reviews of LELO’s Tiani and Tiani 2. The Noa essentially is a Tiani 2 without the SenseMotion remote control (though, it does work with that remote if you have one) or the extra non-vibrating arm. Instead, the Noa works by simply pushing the on button and then pushing it again (and again) to cycle through the six modes, and comes standard with what is known as the “full-feeling attachment” that slides inside the vagina, presses on the g-spot, and helps keep the business end of the horseshoe-shaped toy directly on the clitoris during sex.

“The very first time we used a Tiani, I was anxious about the toy and Rydell being in my pussy at the same time,” Susan says. “I thought it might slip out with his thrusts or something. Since then, we’ve discovered that it works best for us when I’m on top because that makes it totally hands free, and the vibrations stay right on my clit. I can lean forward or back to increase or decrease the pressure. So that’s what I did that night with the Noa. Well, I only got to increase and decrease the pressure a couple times because … you know.”

Okay, I’ll say it, because LELO’s Pleasure Set had already indulged me.



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