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Tantra feather teaser

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Whether solo and in your hands or in the hands of your partner, the Tantra Feather Teaser aims to please and does just that with ease! It is beautiful and amazingly constructed. The metal weight gives this teaser a unique feel and the two different types of feathers tease wonderfully.


Beautiful, weighted, well constructed, contour and down feathers.


Box is too short, Care needed.

Best use:

LELO is a staple of luxury and aesthetics. The Tantra Feather Teaser is no ordinary arrangement of feathers. With a mixture of super fine down and slightly more structured contour feathers, the unique blend feels amazing on the surface of the skin. Teasing can quickly becomes increasing pleasure. The finely crafted handle is easy to hold and because of a break in the metal, can be held hands free, between the teeth. Feel light but incredibly arousing sensation as you explore your own body or share with a partner.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Size / Material / Features:

    Available in three different colors, blood red, majestic purple, or stoic black, the down feathers atop the metal contrast strikingly. The entire length of handle plus the feathers is around 7 1/2 inches. The feather length will of course vary, but the handle is a nicely weighted mix of metal and acrylic that measures at 2 1/4". It is easy hold and because of its weight, there is an added luxury to the feel. The end has a metal ball and attached to this is a matching colored acrylic section with the LELO logo in it. The feathers are tightly secured into the top of the handle.

    The feathers them selves are arranged to spiral out every which way. Both contour and down feathers are used. Down are the super soft, while contour are the ones with the more rigid quill stem. The two textured together create a nice contrast of feeling. All feathers are delicate of course, but the Tantra Feather Tickler can withstand slow or quick flicks and doesn't often shed.

    7 1/2"
    0.3 lb
  • Performance:

    The canvas for the Tantra Feather Teaser isn't set in stone. It can be used to survey any part of the body. be careful of the wetter spots though! The lighter the touch the more the sensations will be heightened. The feathers feel especially great on the nipples, under side of the penis, nape of the neck, or the lower abdomen. But the choice is all yours! Whether solo and in your hands or in the hands of your partner, the Tantra Feather Teaser aims to please and does just that with ease! The sensations are great to add to the beginning of a massage, or be used as tantalizing foreplay.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    A few things must be taken into consideration when caring for your delicate LELO feathers. It also helps to be educated on feather care if you want to prolong the life of your Tantra Feather Teaser.

    1. Feathers can attract bugs who like to eat them, so keep them in the packaging when not in use.
    2. Dust is harmful. Keeping them in the package also helps prevent dust damage and loss of luster.
    3. Keep them out of direct sunlight and harsh lighting. The light can reduce the vibrant colors and make the feathers structure brittle.
    4. Deterioration of feathers is sped up if they are kept in areas that are hot or humid. Avoid this whenever possible.

    To clean feathers, a soft bristle brush can be used to dust the feathers. Make sure the quills are supported so that they don't break. Avoid using water and make sure hands are free of oils during handling. Storage in the box is preferred.

  • Packaging:

    The box this wonderful teaser comes in is a sturdy, simple, and elegant black box. By itself it is extremely discreet because there is only one word printed on the lid-LELO. The lid comes off to reveal fiber paper that can be folded around the teaser. The box is shorter than the length of the entire teaser, so the top of the feathers need to be carefully placed inside. This can sometimes be a bit more time consuming than desired. There is also a cardboard box that the storage box slides into. This box has gorgeous pictures of the teaser and would make an excellent gift. It does not come with care instructions however.

  • Personal comments:

    The Tantra Feather Teaser caused me to want to toss my previous feather teasers. It works extremely well, is very pleasurable, and not to mention beautiful. The feathers are high quality, but do take some care. I want to keep this for a long time, so I have no complaints about having to put some effort in to keep my things nice. My only complaint really is that the box is too short.

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