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She Plays, He Plays: What A Thrill

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If you couldn’t tell by the picture alone, the packaging for We-Vibe’s Thrill makes the toy’s intended use perfectly clear. “Solo: for her” it says right across the top of the box sleeve.

  Team Thrills

So, I can’t tell you exactly how Susan’s morning research session progressed, but I can let you in on how it (she) climaxed: steady vibrations, level three. “How’d you know?” Susan asks. If you press and hold the on/off button to power it down, the Thrill remembers which mode you were using and then resumes that same function when it’s switched back on. Elementary, my dear Susan.

“The different tempos are fun,” she says. “But I always end up preferring the straightforward buzz.” There are, in fact, four levels of that straightforward buzz. Plus, four more pulsating arrangements: the tease, wave, pulse, and cha-cha.

“I definitely enjoyed the wave, too,” Susan adds. “It starts very light and gradually picks things up until it’s pretty intense and then slows down again. But I love that the vibrations never actually stop. They just keep pushing you closer and closer to the ultimate goal.”

My goal was to work the Thrill into our couples’ playtime, and I can already confirm that it’s fantastic during foreplay for all the reasons Susan detailed above. With most vibrators, one of us has to dedicate at least 75 percent or so of our attention to the toy and its operation and making sure it’s hitting all the right spots. But the Thrill, because it’s so easy to use and its horseshoe shape, acts as an intuitive extension of my own hand.

“Rydell almost always has at least one hand on my pussy when we’re warming up anyway,” Susan says. “Now he just uses that hand to guide the Thrill a bit, maybe push it a little harder against my clit or move it from side to side. And he’s still free to use his other hand and mouth elsewhere on my body. It’s really nice.”

Our next plan is to work the Thrill into actual intercourse. “I’m thinking it could be a perfect complement to Rydell during a double penetration adventure,” Susan says. “It’s not too big to make things uncomfortable, and with Rydell inside me and the Thrill hitting my g-spot and clit … well, I might need some handles somewhere besides just the shower.”


Contributor: Jessica Kay

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