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She Plays, He Plays: Operation Pussy Power

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Since the 50 Shades craze, there has been a lot of talk about kegel exercisers. Sales for these little lady helpers have skyrocketed across the board. But which set is best for your body? Rydell Johnson gives you the scoop on four sets carried on

  The Workouts

In the spirit of preparation, we decided the best way to provide some details about Operation Pussy Power was to share some of the highlights from Susan’s workout logbook. Overall, she liked each of the products, but did learn that there are definitely some differences – namely size, weight, and shape – to consider when choosing a personal exerciser. Here are some of her notes to help you get started on your own power move.

Exerciser: Smartballs Teneo Uno (As seen in Cosmo)
Location Used: Grocery store, Target, Home Depot, etc.
Duration: Four hours
Notes: It’s round and just smaller than a golf ball. That, coupled with the fact that it’s also very light, makes it easy to keep in place. I’ve yet to totally forget about an exerciser, but this one could definitely slip my mind. It’s a great beginner ball.

Exerciser: SinFive Emigi
Location Used: Restaurant, concert, bar
Duration: Seven hours
Notes: This one was definitely a challenge. It’s heavy and has an easy-in, comfortable hourglass shape. Easy-in, though, also means easy-out, and there were a few moments, especially while dancing, when I thought I might lose it. The retrieval cord is flexible and doesn’t bunch up, and I really like how the weight rattles around inside the toy – that adds a lot to the whole experience.

Exerciser: Smartballs Teneo Duo (As seen in Cosmo)
Location Used: Home, doing laundry, cleaning, etc.
Duration: Two hours
Notes: This is for advanced users. Based on the size – essentially two of the Teneo uno – I figured it would be easy, but I was way wrong. The connected balls move independently, and constantly felt like they were trying to escape. In terms of a workout, this was the toughest, which is why I only lasted a couple hours the first time. The degree of difficulty, however, really made me feel as though I was accomplishing something, and I have to admit I liked the full sensation the duo provided … if you know what I mean!

Exerciser: Je Joue Ami
Location Used: Restaurant, movie, baseball game, work
Duration: Various, including an all-day stretch – about eight hours – when I inserted the Ami 3 before work
Notes: The Ami is actually a set of three exercisers that range from easy to difficult. Ami 1 is very similar to the Teneo uno, perfect for beginners. The 2 has a little more weight and a bulbous hourglass shape that makes it relatively easy to “grip,” and feels really good, like my body molded itself around it. Noticeably smaller in size, but much heavier, the Ami 3 is a great final exam for Operation Pussy Power.

Smartballs Teneo Uno and Duo


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Contributor: travelnurse

thanks I just received the uno and the duo yesterday. so I just started by workout regime

Contributor: Librarian

Awesome article! I'll be referencing this, no doubt, as I try my own regimen!

Contributor: Pudyqat

Thanks, good info!