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Flogging 101: Choosing the Right Leather

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Not all leather is created equal. Shopping for a flogger requires knowing the differences between the wide variety of leathers available. Whether you like a sting, thud, or all of the above, this guide will teach you some of the important essentials about different leathers, and is an important first step in finding the flogger that's right for you!


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Contributor: SoSexxxay

I don't mean to cause offense, but stuff like this just makes me think of serial killers O_o
It skeeves me out to think about using someone's skin during sex.

Contributor: Gdom

No offense taken! If leather weirds you out, that's totally fine. Just to explain my stance, I don't tend to consider cattle, moose, and deer "persons," so I take it there's a substantial difference between using, say, a leather flogger (which seems fine to me) and a human skin flogger (which would be absolutely horrifying and 100% serial killer-y). Of course, I have quite a few vegan friends that might disagree with me on that distinction, but there it is.

I'm actually not a leather fetishist myself. That is to say, I don't derive any specific sexual pleasure from using leather in and of itself; instead, I tend to prefer leather because it often holds up and functions well for my purposes.

I'm considering writing another article on alternative flogger materials, so if you're interested in the BDSM, but not in the "using something's skin" aspect, keep a look out for that!

Contributor: SoSexxxay

Awesome, I can't wait!



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