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The story of my first vibrator or why I shop online
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A little funny and a little embarrassing story of the first piece of my toy collection.


Contributor: Bleu

This makes me laugh! Oh my, how weird that would have been. I'm sure Finn (the teacher) remembered you, just didn't know your name. It kinda strikes in the mind that they teach you and you're in their class, Most likely a "she looks familiar..." kinda thing.

Anyway, awesome article.

Contributor: amenti

Very humorous story Arlinnae, I totally freaked out for you on the part where they wanted to call the cops on you because they didn't believe your age. I had something like happen several times before but thankfully not this bad or something this embarrassing. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone! Last month at wallmart the woman thought I was 12-13 years old, I'm 23 and ugh... I tried to take it as a compliment if you can even take you look like a tween as one.
On the brightside this means that when we get older to where everyone wants to look much younger we wont have to worry about that cause from what I've heard this means you age very well.



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