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The power in your feet - A guide to giving a fantastic foot job
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Did you know that the most common fetish in the western world is the foot fetish? Odds are good that your significant other likes your feet too. Or maybe you already know he does and you want to knock his socks off with a hot surprise. Or he asked if you would do it. If so, here are some tips for you to make your man moan and groan!

  Before we start

To make a foot job good, there are some things to consider. Like, is your partner into feet? If he is a boob-man, he might prefer something else. If the answer is yes, then you will definitely knock his socks off!

Foot maintenance
Before you start to rub your feet over his cock, make sure they are in good condition. You should remove all callous skin parts, as when they start to peel away they can form hard edges. You do not want to scratch him on his penis! Also you might want to shave/wax your feet – yes, hairy toes aren’t as attractive as smooth ones! Clip your nails. Long nails might look hot on your hands, but they aren’t very attractive on the feet. Also, if they are longer than your toes, they could get caught in his skin and scratch him. We do not want that!

Use a lot of lube!
It is true even for a hand job, but for a foot job, it is double and triple true! Feet are simply not as agile as hands are, therefore you have less control over them. To avoid hurting him by rubbing his skin dry, apply a lot of lube. Silicone-based lubes have the longest effect, but you might want to consider if you want penetration later or if you want to combine the play with prostate toys (maybe silicone toys!). If you aren’t certain that you will/can make him cum with your feet, you should probably stick to water based lubes.

And the rest of your body...
Some foot job positions require you to hold your feet together with your hands, but that still leaves you free to kiss, lick or talk to him. Turn him on more by letting him know you are having fun by licking your lips, suggesting more is to come, or kissing. If your hands are free, use them to stroke and tease him the way he likes.

Start slow and tease
You do not have to go right for the penis! Place your feet on his thighs and rub his legs. Drive him mad with anticipation, edging your feet closer and closer to what he really wants! Also do not forget that you do not have to make him orgasm with only a foot job. This can be an appetizer, the main dish or even just a desert. It depends on your taste.

All men with a foot fetish have different tastes – some like the feet to be all natural, others go wild for painted toenails. Learn what your partner likes best for the maximum effect! You can try painting your toes, putting on different kinds of stockings, silky, nylon, fishnet, etc. Adding toe rings might spice things up (Although if he has piercings down there you might want to skip rings and maybe fishnet too. You do not want to risk tearing the piercing out). You can try adding simple, removable tattoos or henna paintings, or secret lace socks for added texture. If he likes, you can leave your heels on, but be very careful not to hurt him.

Choosing the position
It is important to choose a position you are both comfortable in. Getting foot cramps right before he is about to cum will dampen his mood. Here you can read some tips of positions to try.


On your back
Lie on your back on the bed and pull your knees to your chest. Have him kneel not far from your butt at a comfortable distance. Now place your feet on his thighs and rub them up and down. In this position, you can rub his penis in different ways:

From front: Place both soles on the underside of his penis and stroke upwards, pushing his erection against his stomach, then lower your feet again, letting his penis sag back a little.

On the sides: Place your feet on the two sides of his penis and move them up and down. You can do it while pushing his penis against his stomach or without.

Advantages: It leaves you hands free to pleasure yourself, and it leaves his hands free, so he can help you by grabbing your feet and holding them together/in place. Both of you can see what is happening.

Disadvantages: You cannot reach your partner to kiss and stroke.

During cunnilingus
Lie on your back and part and lift your legs so he can go down on you. He should be in a kneeling position between your thighs. Rest your ankles on the bed, holding his penis between your feet. You can stroke him by moving your ankles back and forth.

Advantages: Both of you can get pleasure. You are within reach so you can stroke each other

Disadvantages: It might be an uncomfortable position for you to keep your feet working for him to keep himself up. Neither of you can see what is happening.

One-foot job
Lie on the edge of the bed, pulling up one foot and letting the other dangle. He should be kneeling at the foot of the bed, going down on you. Your dangling foot can reach his penis easily.

Advantages: Quite comfortable. You get pleasured too. Both of your hands are free to stroke.

Disadvantages: You can only use one foot, and while it might get him worked up, it will probably not get him off, but it is a good starter position. You cannot see what’s happening.

The lazy foot job
Lie on the bed on your stomach, your knees on the edge of the bed. Lift your feet into the air and have him standing at the foot of the bed. You do not need to do anything, just position your legs comfortably, keeping your soles together. Have him grab your feet and fuck the hole between them at his own pace.

Advantages: Very comfortable for both. He can control speed, angle and pressure. It is bound to give him an intense orgasm. He can move both his hips and your feet comfortably without hurting you. He can see it all. This position is very good for finishing if you have teased him before but can’t feel what he needs quite right, or if you already had your orgasm. Probably this is the position where he can thrust the fastest.

Disadvantages: You can’t see it. Neither of you can stroke the other.

Doggie style
Let him lie back or sit back on the bed, his legs spread. Kneel between his legs, in doggie style, your butt facing him. Put your feet on the two sides of his penis, (your heels facing up, obviously). You should choose the place and position for your knees so you can do it comfortably. Stroke his penis by bending your knees and lifting your feet and shins up and letting them down. You can add a bit of variation if he is sitting on the floor, and you rest your upper body on the bed, your knees on the floor. That way your balance is more secure and it leaves your hands free to massage your clitoris.

Advantages: He can get a good visual. His hands are free to stroke you or guide your feet.

Disadvantages: You can’t see what is going on and you cant reach him.

On the edge
Sit on a chair or the edge of the bed, your feet dangling down. He should be lying right under your feet. This position allows you to stroke the underside and the upper side of his penis with your feet. As your legs are positioned comfortably and you do not need to worry about holding them up, this position allows for a lot of playfulness.

- You can add a bit of circular motion to the wanking.
- You can keep one foot resting (either under his penis or over it) and stroke only one side. You can change which side you stroke and which not as often as you want. Try this: rest your feet on the top of his legs and on his stomach, over and under his penis. Lift right leg, stroking the underside, put it down. Lift left leg, stroking the upper side, put leg down.
- Cross your feet at the ankle and you can stroke him with the back of your feet, which could be a good teasing.
- Tease him by rubbing only one side of his penis (the one that is facing towards you) and pushing his penis gently to the side.
- Depending on how well you can move your toes, try to take his penis between your big toe and the rest. Be careful not to hurt him though. Not everyone can control the toes well enough to do it.
- Give him a gentle cock-head massage! Put one foot under his penis, stroke upwards, pushing his penis down against his stomach. Rest your heel on his stomach and keep your foot on his penis. The task of this foot is to keep it in place. Put the other foot on his stomach too, resting your heel on him. This will allow you to control your foot better and more precisely. Position this foot so you can reach the head of his penis with your toe. Tickle him, tease him, and stroke the head gently. It is very important that you use a lot of lube for this, and do not touch the head with a dry toe. Also be very careful with the nails and do not apply too much pressure. But if you do it right, you will make him moan and groan in no time. Guys love to have the head of the penis stimulated!

Advantages of this position: A huge variety of things to do. You can both see what is happening. He has his hands free to grab and guide your feet if necessary, or keep them in place while he thrusts between them. You have your hands free to pleasure yourself.

Disadvantages: You cannot stroke or kiss each other.

The rider
Have him lie on his back with his legs closed. Straddle his thighs (your back to him) and lie down. Part your knees wide and place your soles on the two sides of his penis with your toes facing him, your heels towards his balls. Allow his penis to lie against his stomach and stroke him by stretching your legs slightly and bending them back. You might needs his help to keep your feet in place with his hands and set a nice rhythm.

Advantages: It allows him a good visual. The feet are in contact with his penis on a big surface. He can help with the speed easily and it is quite comfortable.

Disadvantages: You cannot see what you are doing. You can’t stroke him or he you.

The frog
This is the most commonly used position. It is so called because of the bent position of your legs. Have him lie back or sit back on the bed, his legs parted. Sit between his legs, your legs bent, your soles on the two sides of his penis. Grab your ankles to keep your feet together and move them up and down. He can help by holding your feet or moving them in the rhythm he wishes. If you are agile enough, you can bend close enough to add oral to the foot job or massage him with your hands too.

Advantages: You can both see what’s happening. He can help you with your feet. One of you will have free hands to stroke and caress the other or themselves.

Disadvantages: Can be come tiring for you easily.

The royal treatment
Let him sit on the couch, his legs apart. Lay on the floor on your back, your butt right at the foot of the couch. Your knees should rest right on the edge of the couch, your shins between his legs. Place your feet on the two sides of his penis and rub him up and down, or rub just the underside of it, pushing it back against his stomach.

Advantages: It leaves your hands free to pleasure yourself, gives him a good visual, and his hands are free to hold your feet too if he thinks you need some help, or caress your legs.

Disadvantages: You can’t see very well what you are doing. You cannot stroke or kiss him.

The butt job:
Have him lie on his back, his legs closed. Straddle his thighs (your back to him) and place your soles on the two sides of his penis, then sit back onto your heels. Grab his shins for extra support. You can rub his penis by moving your feet and your butt. It is best used with guys who love feet and butts.

Advantages: It allows him a good visual. The feet are in contact with his penis on a big surface. He can help with the speed easily and it is quite comfortable.

Disadvantages: You cannot see what you are doing. You can’t stroke him or he you.

Out with it!
Sit on the couch sideways, your legs stretched in front of you. Pull your knees up, resting your feet on your heels mostly. Have him kneel on the floor and place his penis on the couch right under your feet. Move your feet by moving your ankle. Stroke his penis by moving them from side to side.

Advantages: Both of you have free hands to play with and he can hold your feet if needed.

Disadvantages: You cannot see very well what you’re doing. You can only stroke one side of his penis.

The hugger
Sit on the edge of the bed, part your legs wide, and have him sit on the floor between your legs. You should sit close enough that his back and his head should be right against your stomach (and chest if he is tall enough). Place your feet in his lap, your shins passing under his arms. Put your feet around his penis and stroke him. You will most likely need his help to keep your feet around his penis. Another variation is if you place your knees over his shoulders.

Advantages: You are close and intimate. If you lean forward, you can kiss him. Your hands are free so you can run your fingers in his hair, stroke his chest, play with his nipples or pleasure yourself. Both of you can see what is going on.

Disadvantages: You need help to keep your feet in position.

  Adding variety

You can add some variety or postpone his orgasm by adding some teasing sessions. Your toes are most likely nowhere near as agile as your fingers, but there are some tricks you can try.

Place your feet on his penis, but instead of moving them, drum your toes against his skin. It's most effective against the head of the penis.

Try to pinch his skin between your toes and the padding of your feet, and pull gently. Most likely you will not be able to pull it far, but it will add a unique sensation to the foot job. Try it on his balls too if you can reach it. Be prepared that some guys absolutely love it, and some find it too painful.

Toe job
Try to take his penis between your big toe and the rest if you can, and wank him like that.

Instead of using your foot, use just one toe to stroke and tickle him. A great technique for teasing and foreplay. If your position allows it, you can try it both on his balls and the head of his penis. He will love it!

Off with your socks. Have fun!


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