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The Toy War

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Regan and I were up late, when he asked the question. I never though that my answer would begin this...


Contributor: SailorJulyxo

Oh, I love this! Hilarious. Plus, you're getting free, sexy gifts.

Contributor: edeneve

Love your experience!!! Geez, I'd like Regan & I to be friends. Best friends. He sounds like a way cool best friend. And I'm not referring to the toys. It's the spirit of it plus a couple other things you said about him. You've got to be having so much fun. You never said what you did with the toys. I gotta know the "rest" of the story! Outstanding article.

Contributor: KiaMarie

I am ving fun with this. Since it's Christmas. I'm expecting him to do something crazy. I've already bought the next few toys for him. lol

Contributor: tovehunter

That sounds like a seriously amazing friendship!

Contributor: KiaMarie

Regan and I have an amazing friendship. He's helped me through a lot, and I'm glad things didn't work out between us. Otherwise, I wouldn't have stories like this.

Contributor: Sylvan

That is such a cute story, but I admit I am envious you have such a cool, unique friendship like that. Also: free toys, yay!



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