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WHHHHHYYYYY!!! The reason your vibrator gave up the ghost.
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We've all experienced that moment when our vibrators and bullets ceased to work. Sometimes if we're lucky, giving them a gentle shake or a fresh set of batteries will get them going again. Sadly this doesn't always work and we're left with one resounding question: Why?


Though this article had parts in it where the writer repeated themselves often, I found it very informative, and very interesting to read. I thought it was well written, which for me is a very nice plus. Thanks for the tips! I always did wonder why my toys where breaking. I'm glad to know it wasn't -just- my fault.


I work at a toy shop and our manufacturers tell us that coppertop batteries and brands like Duracell are too much power for the little motors and will burn out in your toy. Cheap batteries are best.



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