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How to Shave Everywhere
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For some, there is nothing sexier than rubbing against a lover’s smooth skin. Yet for some of us shaving can be a pain. Without the promise of some sexual favor to come, it can be hassle not worth undergoing. So how do we give our lover the smoothest skin possible and still make it worth our time and effort? That’s simple, combine the two. Here’s how...


On a man there are several areas you could shave, there’s the face, chest, and even scrotum. Starting with the face is a good way to set a mood for cuddling, comfort, and maybe a bit more later on. Line up your supplies and soak your razor in a glass of cold water. Usually you would use hot water for soaking your blade but when it comes to facial hair it’s good to use cold, as hot makes the blade expand and dull, this is especially true of disposable blades. In the case of a full beard start off with a set clippers or scissors to trim the longer hairs. Sit on a countertop facing your man, legs spread wide so that your knees are pressed to their hips as you trim their longer hairs. This will give you both a great vantage point for shaving and create a closeness and intimacy. Next, wash your lovers face, rub your hands over their cheeks and jawline, working the cleanser in. Use a hot washcloth to wipe all the soap away when you're done. This is the perfect opportunity for you to trace their lips with your fingertips and steal yourself a sweet kiss. Now apply shaving oil, rub it in your hands and then massage it into your partner’s facial hair. Make eye contact as you do this. Keep eye contact as you brush on the shaving cream or gel. Use swirling motions to spread it across the area you're going to shave. Pick up the razor and begin shaving. Start on one side and work with small sections, towards the other side of his face. Use short, light, downward strokes moving with the grain. Pull your lovers skin tight and position their face as you go with gentle movements and light teasing. When you've finished, rinse your loves face with a wet cloth again, taking care to make sure you got all the lather and stray hairs off. Run your hands across your lover's face and go over any places you missed until you can rub your face against your mans without pain or discomfort. Rinse your loves face with cold water and pat dry, this will close the pores and keep skin smoother for longer. Using witch hazel, rub it into your love's face to sooth any cuts and prevent razor burn. Clean all tools with care and rub your face against your love's again. With this kind of treatment, you can be sure both you and your lover will enjoy the shaving experience.

If you and your lover want to trim off some chest hair or even give it a completely bare look you'll want to use a blade with pivoting head and multi blades. Start by trimming the hairs short, place a comb flat on his skin and trim over the comb with small scissors. Wash the area with warm water and an exfoliating scrub. Next you'll want to rub on shaving oil; this will make shaving go smoother and remove much of the risk of cuts or nicks. Apply shaving cream; take this chance to tease your man’s nipples as you spread the lather. Hold their skin taut, and shave against the grain using short strokes and taking care around nipples and collar bones. The more curves you have to deal with, the greater the risk that your partner may be cut during shaving. Rinse the remaining shaving gel and stray hair with warm cloth, pat dry and apply unscented lotion, or apply witch hazel.

Working your way further down your lover’s body you may wish to shave their scrotum or ball sac. Many women, and men, enjoy this look and feel, especially while performing oral, so it’s no wonder this is a popular area to shave. There are two ways in which to do this, with an electric razor, for which you’ll need the area to be completely dry, or with a standard razor blade. If you're using the standard blade start by sitting on the edge of the tub or a low stool have your partner stand with legs spread wide and gently use a warm washcloth to wipe your loves scrotum. Using a mild soap wash and rinse them with a warm cloth. Be careful not to pinch the sensitive flesh. Soak razor in warm water for a few minutes while you wash. Put a dab of shaving cream in your palms and gently rub it in. Using a standard razor pull the sacs apart and the skin as tight as you can without hurting your man. Use small short strokes to shave each and between them carefully. You will need a lot of light for this. To use an electric razor you'll need to pat the testicles dry after washing, and then apply baby powder to them. This will help absorb any excess moisture and make them easier to shave without injury. Pull the skin tight again and use a circular motion to remove hair. Rinse your blade frequently to avoid build up. When you've finished rinse scrotum with a warm wash cloth and pat dry again. You'll definitely want to avoid using any aftershave in this area, as the alcohol may irritate the sensitive skin.


A woman’s body has just as many sexy fun areas to shave as a man’s does. There are legs, naturally, the bikini line, and even the shaving of the armpits can be sexy. To shave your ladies’ legs, crawl into a bath together, and make sure the water’s comfortably warm. You don't want to be too hot or too cold, as that will cause the skin to dry out and become more susceptible to nicks and cuts. It might be most comfortable to have her sit behind you with her legs stretched over your shoulders. Spread an exfoliating wash in your hands and then rub it down her legs, washing away any dead skin cells. Rinse the exfoliating scrub off and apply your shaving cream. You can use almost any razor for this job so long as it’s sharp. Shave against the grain, moving up the legs for a closer shave. Clean your blade often and use medium length, and give straight strokes. Rinse and repeat on the next leg, rubbing your hands down their lengths when you're done to check for missed areas, and to feel up your lover. Pat dry and apply a nice moisturizing lotion, and enjoy the feel of her smooth legs.

For many, armpits aren't highly erotic zones but most would agree that shaving your armpits is preferred. To make armpits hair-free and sexy starts with a shower or bathe to soften the skin and hair. Now ask your lady love to raise her arms and tell her to keep them behind her head, this will help to hold the skin taut. Apply a shaving gel, it doesn't need to be very thick but will add a good lubrication for shaving. Armpit hair grows in all directions so start by shaving down in vertical lines, then up the same way. Next shave side to side, but try not to go over the same area too many times as this might irritate her skin. Rinse her armpits using a warm wet cloth and take the chance to lightly tickle and tease her. Pat dry and repeat with the other armpit. She'll need to wait at least half an hour before applying a deodorant as the area is highly sensitive, but now she can put her arms down and around your neck to hold you close.

Shaving the bikini line is a very sensitive subject, and a sensitive area. To make this easier have your lover lay down on her back on a towel after a warm bath or shower, with legs slightly spread. Start by trimming the hairs short, just as with trimming off chest hair. Press a comb flat to her skin and trim the hairs with a pair of small scissors. Now use a gentle exfoliating scrub and warm wet washcloth to cleanse the area. Spread shaving oil over the remaining hair, locking eyes with her as you do. Repeat as you apply shaving cream. For this you'll want to use a good razor with multiple blades and a pivoting head. Using a disposable razor is unadvisable as they won't be as sharp and may cause more irritation and cuts than necessary. While shaving, make sure to go with the hair growth and then against, cleaning the blade often. Rinse her with a clean warm wash cloth, cleaning away all the excess hair and shaving cream. Pat dry and moisturize with a light unscented lotion.

Doing these things for your lover will make them feel pampered, special, and help to set the mood. Now you can rub your bare (in more ways than one, right?) skin against one another.


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