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To shave or not to shave—that is the question. I've always sported hair in my southern hemisphere, so when I saw porn where the models are bare except for a landing strip, I wondered what it would be like to be clean-shaven. I trim during the summer to keep my little curls from saying "boo!" when I wear a swimsuit, so when my husband begged me to let him shave me, I figured it might be fun...

  The Razor’s Edge: Shaving the Old-Growth Forest

When my husband turned the razor on, my skin began to tingle with anticipation. I eagerly awaited the moment that razor would touch my skin. My husband pulled my skin taut with his fingers, and when the blades touched down, I jumped; and he chided me for not standing still. We didn't want any accidents, after all. The vibrations from the electric razor felt very good against my skin, and then he slowly ran the razor down the left side of my pussy. Shaving tickled a little, and I almost squirmed, but I remembered to keep as still as possible, and not moving made the experience even more sensational.

Feeling the razor against my skin was very stimulating, making my skin tingle. As the hair fell away, my pussy lips felt more sensitive, and they reacted to the slighted touch. At the first run, he moved the razor with the grain of my hair, easily removing it. To make my skin smoother and extra soft, he moved the razor against the grain of my hair after his first run of shaving. That razor shaved along my lower belly, pussy lips, and even towards my taint, removing the hair that protected my skin that hadn't seen the light of day in years.

The first thing I noticed was that my entire pubic area felt very sensitive to the touch. Part of that was due to the exfoliation from the shaving itself, but a good part of it was because, without hair protecting my skin, I felt the slightest touch whether it was my husband's fingers or fabric. Once I was bald, my husband couldn't keep his fingers off of me. I felt so smooth! He put lotion in his hand and rubbed it into my skin, and I immediately felt the chill from the lotion, which heated me up even more. My husband grabbed a mirror and shone it against my pussy, and I looked down to get a view of my newly smooth, pink skin. No landing strip for me. I was completely bare!

I ran my fingers over my freshly shaved skin, and it felt very smooth and soft. There was no stubble at all, since the razor did such a great job. I had no idea that my skin could feel so soft. It felt almost like suede. My husband couldn't keep his fingers off of me. Feeling my soft and supple skin really turned him on. Of course, he tickled my clit while rubbing his fingers against me, and I wasn't about to turn him away.

  Every Little Touch I Feel is Magic

My pussy felt completely different now that it was not covered in a thicket of hair. The slightest touch got a reaction out of me. Even cool air blowing on it made me jump. The water felt different when I slipped back into the bath after my husband finished shaving me. The water had cooled by the time I returned to the bath, but it felt especially sensitive and a little chilled on my pussy lips. I added hot water and was soon lying in a pool of bubbles, playing with my favorite waterproof vibrator. The vibrations felt much more intense and sensitive since my shaving. I know that my skin was especially sensitive since it had just been shaved, and the vibrations felt so intense that I had to pull away a few times.

Clothing felt completely different, too. I felt every move I made when I slipped on underwear. While I didn't chafe, I could feel satin and especially cotton as I moved around. I wear stretch pants most of the time, and the fabric rubbed against my pussy as I walked, which really turned me on. When there is no hair down there, every movement is an exercise in heightened sensitivity and eroticism

Since my pussy was bare, there was no hair to collect sweat and pee. So, the usual smells of musk, sweat, and pee aren't as strong. While I'm very clean whether shaven or sporting a bush, I do tend to have a very strong smell that was not as strong after my husband shaved me.

Best of all was masturbating after shaving. I have a slew of sex toys that I love to use, and with my new, bald quim the vibrations felt even more intense than usual. Blood rushed faster to my pussy, making it feel much more sensitive than it has felt fully furred. Clit vibrators felt the best, since I use them on my pussy lips and clit rather than insert them. I loved the way the vibrators felt along the sensitive skin between my thighs and pussy and on the pussy itself. My shaved taint even reacted strongly to the vibrations. My orgasms were more intense than usual, all thanks to that heightened sensitivity.

  Regrowing the Forest

When the hair began to grow back in I wasn't uncomfortable, unlike many women who don't like the feel of stubble on their nether region. I didn't itch because I rubbed moisturizer on my pussy every day after I showered. As the hair grew in I continued to feel as sensitive and aroused as ever, but once the growth had really taken off, my pussy was once again protected by a mountain of fur. At this moment I have a fro down there, but I'm seriously thinking of inviting my husband to shave me once again. The experience was very enjoyable and exhilarating.


Love it! I love pubic hair, but I love trying new things as well. I usually shave it all off every season or so. Or rather, my partner shaves it off, we incorporate it into our lovemaking ritual. That sex immediately after I'm shaved clean is pretty amazing. No friction....Angel


never even thought to have my husband shave me but yea i shave down south sometimes


This is great!



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