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To Shave or Not to Shave? That is the question.
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Bare? Bushy? Trimmed? Brazilian? Heart shaped? What is one to do with their pubic hair and what is all the fuss about?


My boyfriend loves the variety. I start mostly bare, then let it grow out long and busy as it would naturally, then bare it all again. That way he gets the full spectrum over the course of a few months.


Personally it isn't the look that I prefer short for, it's the activities. I love really getting in there, but hate having rogue hairs gag me or go up my nose. Nothing like a gagging/choaking husband to ruin the mood. It's the same reason I keep trimmed up for my wife.

As for the look, I embrace it all. Long, short, bare, design... maybe not cornrows, but almost everything.

My 2 cents.


This has always been my thought Nobody at all should be made to feel gross or bad for however they choose to groom (or not groom) their pubic hair! It's a very personal choice and it's too individual to judge. Let's all get along, damnit!
Great article


nice post


I prefer short on my partner, but my last serious partner was freaked out about it. But that was his chose. I stated shaving at a young age because even puberty started body hair freaked me out and I didn't like it. So I've been taken care of my business since before anyway was all up in my business, if you know what I mean. But you are correct, to each their own.


Enjoyed this. Ive never asked my partner what he likes Ive always assumed he likes me bare there just because I do. interesting.


Nice article! Always a topic of options!



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