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Should prostitution be legal in your country?
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Yes, I think it should be legal for a variety of reasons. Read on if you want to find out why.


Contributor: KikiChrome

I live in New Zealand. Prostitution IS legal here.

And you're quite right, since legalizing prostitution here, the sky hasn't fallen. Prostitutes are really no more visible or numerous than they ever were - if anything the are less visible. Legalized prostitution has brought sex workers off the street corners and into (usually discreet and) regulated brothels. We now have better protection against underage people being brought into the sex trade (because the government is actually inspecting brothels) and sex workers themselves have better protection under the law. Some commentators still think it's a bad thing, and there has been some friction about brothels opening up in high-profile tourist areas, but the zoning of brothels is now a matter for the local city councils to deal with - and they have the legal ability to restrict where prostitutes can operate and how they can advertise. Under the current system, for instance, prostitutes can be banned from working within 1km of a school. Previously there was no such protection, other than calling the police. Even the police here think that legalizing prostitution was the right idea - it makes it easier for them to deal with the real scumbags who assault sex workers, and it keeps the workers themselves safer and off the streets.

Seriously: it's just a job. It should be regulated like any other industry. And if you feel morally offended by prostitution, then legalizing it will at least give you some democratic control (as a voter) of how it's managed in your city.

Contributor: redeagle

I absolutely agree. Everyone deserves protection from abuse and the ability to have a fair, safe working environment.
Thank you, KikiChrome, for reporting on the impact of legalizing this profession in your own country. The US can be very puritanical and there is a lot of fear here that legalizing prostitution would turn the whole country into a sordid lair of sin (please pick up as much sarcasm as you can).

Contributor: SourAppleMartini

Have to agree with the posts above. If you asked me the same question a few years back I would have definitely say no, never. Now that I am not a teenager anymore I can get of my high moral horse and start thinking logically. Prostitution as a profession has existed for thousands of years, making it illegal would not make it disappear. A man who wants to cheat on his partner will always find a way to do so, with or without a prostitute.And who are we to judge women prostituting themselves? I personally regard prostitutes higher than gold-diggers. Unlike the latter ones, they are only selling their bodies, not their souls.
Legalization means better control over the spread of STDs, improved conditions for those involved in the business and more tax money to the government. Good, right? Too bad that general public is not as open minded as members of edenfantasy's community



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