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Mouth-Breathers Need Kink Too!

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I love gags! Especially ball gags! The only problem is I can't breathe through my nose, and I know I'm not the only person with that problem. So what do you do when you want to be gagged, but you also want to breathe? I'll tell you!

  How do I make sure to use my gag safely?

Well, when you first get your gag, put it in your mouth without buckling it closed. Try breathing with it in your mouth. If you can breathe easily you're probably good to buckle the gag up and use it. If you're having difficulty breathing then you should take the gag out and try something smaller, or a different kind of gag. It's also a good idea to take the gag out when your jaw starts to hurt and let your mouth relax.

A lot of the appeal of an open mouth gag is the idea that you can't talk, but you can still have things put in your mouth, like a dildo or a penis. Before using one, make sure your partner understands you want to use it so you can breathe through your mouth. It'll be difficult to talk once you're gagged up. You should set up a safeword before any kink session, but if you're gagged you won't be able to shout words, so it's also a good idea to have a safe signal like a hand motion of some kind.

So you see, even if you have breathing problems, and even if your nose doesn't always want you to use it, you can still get your kink on with gags. You can make them yourself, or order them, but however you do it, just remember to stay safe, and just as importantly, have fun!


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