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Cuffs, Chains, and Rope; OH MY!
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Some of us get all tingly at the thought of our partner tying us up. There is something intoxicating about one half of the equation being at a complete disadvantage. There are more options on how to go about doing this than one who think at first glance.

  Don’t forget the rope!

Moving on to rope, I have to get out my soapbox. I can’t stress this enough, but no one seems to believe me. Rope is dangerous. Rope gets tighter as there is movement. That means that the longer you have someone tied up, the tighter their bonds are. People who use shibari, Japanese rope bondage, use this to their advantage, but only in ways that aren’t constricting blood flow or putting too much weight on any joints.

That being said, rope is far cheaper than a nice set of cuffs and can do all the same thing, but please pick up a book or find someone who knows how to do it safely and learn the knots and wraps. Nerve damage, passing out, and joint damage aren’t sexy.

  Everything else…

Stocks and shackles are a little on the scary end for most folks, but they do bear mentioning. They are heavy and very hard to move around in. They are not one size fits all, so make sure that they fit if you are going to be buying them.

I also wanted to mention silk ties and scarves. The same holds true of these as doe’s rope. Knots tighten. They always do. Be careful and learn the right ones to use.



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