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Battle of the 'Bators: Fleshlight vs. Tenga!

Dan Meinke
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When discussing male masturbators, two names consistently rise to the top: Tenga and Fleshlight. As both products can be expensive, one really needs to understand the pros and cons of each to make an educated purchase. This battle royale will hopefully help you in deciding which of these two fine products will make it to the top of your "Desert Island Masturbator" list!

  Round Two: Variety and Price... FIGHT!

Fleshlight has been around the block a time or two and has really come to understand her customer base. She understands all too well, that variety is the spice of life! Currently there are 54 different texured sleeves, at my last count, each with it's own variations of stimulation and levels of practicality and use. There really is something for everyone with Fleshlight, accommodating all from the homosexual market, with the Fleshjack series, to any variance of undead and alien fetishist with the Fleshlight Freaks series. There are smaller, more compact versions of favorite sleeves, like the "Sex in a Can" line or the travel friendly Flight. There are also a host of both male and female porn stars who have offered up their much desired orifices to the salivating masses in order to produce the Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys series, each with their own individual Fleshlight sleeve texture. Whether you want to simulate oral, vaginal or anal sex, Fleshlight has you covered. Whether you want to go balls deep into Tera Patrick's sweet honey pot, face fuck Jesse Jane or dive into Lisa Ann's luscious ass, Fleshlight has got your back. If you've always wanted to fuck a zombie, a vampire or even Frankenstein's Bride, Fleshlight makes it happen! Product prices vary greatly; anywhere from $50-100, depending on make and model, truly providing Fleshlights to fit anyone's pocketbook! Final Verdict: 10/10.

Tenga has quite an impressive stock line of varying toys and an even greater price range to answer with, providing quality masturbators for even the most frugal of toy shoppers. Their heavy hitter and top priced item is the Tenga Flip Hole line and it comes in four different colors: black, red, white and silver. Each of these has its own individual interior texture, pressure and intensity. Next are the Tenga Flip Air with a more sleek design and tighter interior, equipped with a simplified, single button pressure and suction control and single-track cap, making preparation and use easier than the Flip Hole series. These come in black and white, also with uniquely textured interiors to one another. Smaller still and even more travel friendly, are the Flip Lite, coming in Solid Black and white variations, very similar to their bigger sister's Flip Air textures. Once we delve into the bargain bin, we find an entire host of limited use, disposable cups and eggs, all with unique textures and applications! Currently there are 14 variations of their Tenga Cup line; a single-use masturbator with lube already applied! All you have to do is pop the top and enjoy yourself! A great deal of thought went into the textures, as each one really is a completely different experience from cup to cup and although some might not be your cup of tea, you're sure to find one you really enjoy and at $14.99 a piece, you can afford to shop around a bit. These are not, however, intended for multiple-use though; if you were meticulous about cleaning, you might get a couple more uses from them. Last, but certainly not least, are the super cheap, super versatile Tenga Eggs, which are in their fourth season of updated textures. There are even limited-edition textures like the Zebra, Spicy and Blaster! These pint-sized ona-pits, while limited in times you can use them, are very imaginative and bargain basement priced at anywhere from $6-10. Their unique textures and pliability also make them ideal covers for your lady's favorite wand and at a fraction of the cost of most covers. Also worth mentioning is Tenga's varying line of water based lube that comes in Wild, Real and Mild, that come free with Flip Holes, Airs and Lites, but also sold individually at $14.99. Tenga's all encompassing price range varies from $6-100, truly an impressive feat, never forsaking quality at any price. Final Verdict: 9/10!

Round Two Winner: Fleshlight!

  Final Battle: Cleaning/Care and Durability... Fight!

Fleshlight's open-ended models, air/water-tight carrying and use containers make cleaning and care a very simple process indeed! Some warm water and occasionally rubbing alcohol are all you need to clean the wonderfully soft and pliable Superskin. Superskin ranks at a 5/10 on the safety scale, which is not 'super' by any means and can not be sterilized, so if you're going to share your toy, as always, practice safe-play and use a condom. After rinsing thoroughly with warm water and air-drying your Fleshlight, all you need to maintain the pristine softness and supple nature of the Fleshlight is to roll it in some cornstarch, dust-off the excess and put it back in it's case to store for next use. When properly cared for, Fleshlights will last you a very, very long time, with next to no wear and tear. Final Verdict: 9/10.

Tenga made drying their higher-end products a snap with an included drying rack. Because the product opens up completely, dry time is substantially shorter than their Fleshlight adversary. Another bonus is the TPR Silicone that the Tenga Flipholes interiors are designed with have a slightly higher safety rating of 6/10! Milder anti-bacterial soaps can be used to provide you with a greater peace of mind than Superskin, but even so, TPR can not be sterilized either, so safe-play is still advised. Unfortunately, Tenga also advises that their product is only good for roughly fifty uses, so this begins to cut into the pocket book a little more sharply, if you're looking for a more long-term use toy. The numerous nubs, valleys, nooks and crannies that the Tengas come equipped with, can also be an ordeal to clean as lube and bodily fluids often-times find their way deep inside. A good deal of scrubbing can follow play with these toys. Final Verdict: 8/10.

Final Round Winner: Fleshlight!

Only by the narrowest of margins does the O.G Titan of American masturbators squeak by Tenga and as both producers continue to upgrade previous models and flood the market with new, innovative happy-time aids, the verdicts seem somewhat nebulous. Both Fleshlight and Tenga have remarkable masturbatory aids and you should be a proud owner of either. Also, keep in mind that these are the opinions of one man, simply trying to share his views on the best possible time one can have with a male masturbator. These results aren't universal, rather quite local in the mind of a male toy enthusiast. I just hope I've shared with you, accurately, the pros and cons of each product and helped you to make the most informed decisions possible when investing in your very own.



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