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Life as a cam girl

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If any one ever had asked me if I thought I would ever be doing anything in life having to do with the sex industry I would have thought they were absurd. I was actually once a fairly shy person, however the lure of easy money can certainly help someone to overcome that. When I started talking and caming with people for money it was just a hobby. When I received my first bank deposit and realized how much I had received in spoils from my 'hobby,' that is when the game changed.


I would love any comments!


How did you get started as a web girl? I'm thinking about doing this. I am a very sexual woman and feel that this is something that i would love...


I would love to tell you about it. Can you message me? I will try to message you.


I tried to message you but it states that:
This contributor didn't activate the messaging service.
Please fix so I can message you and I can give you the information you seek!



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