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Confessions of a Stripper: The Champagne Room Unveiled - Part 3 - The rest of the story.
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Day after day and year after year, I went to work. Each night, I ran the same hustle on a different man. For years, I was their play toy and took their money; it all began to grow old. There was no big light bulb that went off in my head. However, there was one night when my thinking began to shift; when I found myself standing at a cross road. This was the night that I was slapped in the face with the reality of what my actions had caused. That night will be burned in my mind forever.


Contributor: XxXxX

Lori, you are such a strong woman. I loved reading this series about your history. Knowing exactly what made you who you are today shows how strong and brilliant you are. Thanks for publishing this series!

Contributor: travelnurse

WOW! just wow. Thanks for the stories. They are great. It is wonderful that you moved on.

Contributor: edeneve

This is so touching... You are a lady with heart!

Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I am glad you were a strong person and realized what was happening around you and decided to stop. I enjoyed reading your articles.

Contributor: Sangsara

one of the things I love best about what I do now and what I did in my "then" is that I'm still part of the sex trade or the sex industry but what I do is not self destructive like it was then. Personally I don't consider myself a different person, although I understand the concept, but rather embrace the part of me that knew2 how to survive- Ive def changed but I have lived through a hell of a lot and I want to keep me me and love myself no matter what- even the part of me that I so despised because it was the good part of me that abandoned the rest of me.
Lori- you rock you did what you needed to to survive and once you became aware of just how this -was affecting others you did something about it-something ,major and I honeslty hope that you are proud and that you enjoy every second of what you do now- your karma has probably changed a thousand fold. even just writing this article will help others which in my mind makes up for all the other shit

Contributor: Pandora'sBox

...And what about that man's responsibility in this? You didn't hold a gun to his head and tell him to go to your strip club. He chose to do that of his own volition. You didn't dig through his wallet and demand his use his business account. He did that. You didn't haul him out of his house and force him to cheat on his wife. He chose to do that.

Yet...he still blamed it on you. He still demanded to know why you did this to HIM. At any point did he ever consider why he did it to himself? Did he consider that he should take responsibility for the bad choices he made? Going into a strip club instead of trying to communicate with his wife. Using his business account to pay for it. I don't think being drunk is an excuse. That just speaks to a lack of self control and poor decision-making on his part. I don't think it was fair of him to blame it all on you like that. I don't think it was fair of him to say that it was your fault his life was ruined. He should have considered the consequences of what he was about to get into before he set foot in your club.

Yes, actions have consequences. Clearly the hustling and conning men out of money that the stripper lifestyle involves has consequences on the lives of others. And clearly for this man, it had major, major negative effects. And because of that man, you changed yourself and dedicated your new life to helping others. But that man also needed to look at himself and the responsibility he had in damaging his own life. That wasn't entirely your fault. And I really don't think you should blame yourself for his oiir choices.

Contributor: Pandora'sBox

Sorry, typo: *Don't blame yourself for his poor choices

Contributor: Loriandhubby

Thank you all so much for your comments and support. @Pandora's Box, Oh believe me I don't. This was just part of the eye opening experiences that led to me leaving the French Quarter and changing my life. I do feel guilty for my hand in it all. But, life is what it is and we do what we do. At the end of the day, each experience makes us who we are. This is just my experiences and my thoughts of it all after being out for over 19 years.

Contributor: BrittaniMaree

I love your articles babes

Contributor: Yaoi Pervette (deleted)

Great series. Pandora's Box is right. That "man" had no business shifting the blame for his job loss and divorce entirely on you. He ruined in his own life.

Contributor: Airen Wolf

Redefining yourself and pulling out of an abusive situation is a massive and monumental accomplishment. I am humbled by your courage.
I agree with Pandora, this gentleman chose to blame you for his own poor decisions...and maybe you pushed hard...maybe he was just primed for the fall but there's an unequal power structure here and I am glad you recognize that. Perhaps God simply knew what might spark you to make some massive changes in your life.

Contributor: Cinnyree


Contributor: SweetieLuv

nice story

Contributor: phoenixfire

Oh Lori, wow. It took guts to own up to yourself that you didn't like what you saw in the mirror, and even more guts to walk away from a job you can make a ridiculous amount of money in. Not everyone can do that. I applaud you so much.

Contributor: Talena

I really enjoyed reading this!

Contributor: gwenevieve

Eh this guy seems like a dick and you shouldn't have given him the time of day. THAT was your mistake. HE was the unfaithful little piece of shit. You were just doing your job.

Contributor: Mirachaya

Very well written and I assume it took a lot of courage to write. I do think the man himself was to blame though. I am sure there were other issues in that relationship that he lacked the self control to prevent.



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