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Sex workers speak out ~ The Beginning of Becki LeBeau

Becki LeBeau
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There are many different sectors of the sex industry. In those sectors there are many different faces. And each of those faces belong to a real person, with a real story. Here is one of them.

  Becki Speaks Out

Becki has a thing or two to say to the people who think her work is shameful or immoral. This is what she said: "If you had any idea the amount of marriages I’ve saved simply by doing what I do, you may think twice about criticizing – there have been so many men in marriages where they love their wife and/or kids, yet the physical relationship had long since died; outsourcing their needs for companionship and intimacy to me allows them to more fully engage with their wife without pressuring them for aspects that are no longer present.". That is actually a great point. Some of these men have their lives strongly put together. They have the wives that they truly love and can't live without. They have children, jobs, hobbies...everything. But one of their basic needs is simply unmet. They have no sex life, or maybe sex is just not a possibility. Who knows the reasoning behind it. Being with Becki, with or without their wives knowledge, keeps them satisfied and able to commit themselves to the person they belong with. And referring back to the beginning of the article, to the men who just need the experience or confidence, what better way to get it and feel comfortable?

I asked Becki to tell me a funny story from her working girl diary. She couldn't do it. The only memorable stories she could come up with were heartfelt and touching. Men who treat her like gold and comfort her when she is sick or has had a stressful day. Honestly it seemed to me like she was in a relationship with multiple loving men. They cater to her, they really want her to be happy. And she wants the same for them. She even mentioned about a time when she had a really stressful organic chemistry exam coming up and she was continuously cancelling and rescheduling appointments in order to gain more study time. Her "fellows" were very supportive and understanding about the whole ordeal. But one thing that amazed her, that she totally didn't expect, was that on the day of the exam starting at about 8am, she had a steady stream of E-mails and text messages coming in reassuring her that she would do just fine on the exam and asking her to let them know when she was done. They were just being there for her. It was on that day that she truly realized that the bonds they share go much deeper than the simple transactions that define this line of work.

She does recall a bad experience though: "One of my worst appointments to date was with a big ex-football player who was intensely boring during dinner, manhandled me more than I’m comfortable with and had the music in his hotel room up loud enough that my safe-call - a friend who rings my phone to alert me that time is up and make sure I’m safe - wasn’t able to get in touch with me. We wound up going 30 minutes over our scheduled time due to the surroundings being too loud, but the clincher was when I was trying to get dressed and he kept getting between me and the door to pull me toward the bed and tell me “Oh, you should just stay with me all night." By the time I managed to get dressed and get away from him we’d gone almost a full hour over. My safe call was terrified for me and I was shaking so hard I had to sit in the parking lot to calm down enough to drive home. Needless to say, I did not see him again in the future. Now that is very scary, especially when we hear about so many terrible things happening to people in our line of work, or to anyone for that matter.

In a matter of statistics, one study of violence against women engaged in street prostitution found that 82% reported being physically assaulted during prostitution, and 68% reported having been raped. Realistically, fewer than 50% of sexual assaults are reported overall. If we just focused on sex workers, it would be less than 30%. In fact, I found a headline from back in 2008 which pretty much sums up the reasons why sex workers more often than not refuse to report crimes against themselves. A law student at the University of Michigan who was doing sex work to put herself through school was hired by a professor there. She agreed to let him spank her, but then without her consent, he whacked her in the head twice, hard enough to give her temporary vision problems. Not only did the police decline to go forward with charges, but they actually charged the victim with a misdemeanor for the sex work! Now that is just fucked up! That is exactly why it's time for sex workers to speak out. It is time to get the point across. Sex work IS work and sex workers ARE people!

I would like to thank Becki for another bold insight into the sex industry. It is always refreshing to read a new perspective. Thank you for taking your time to speak out.

Look for more articles for the Sex Workers Speak Out series coming soon from sex workers in all sectors. Ranging from Cam Girls, to Escorts, and more!


great article. i just love your series.. thank you, both of you, for sharing..



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