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Sex workers speak out ~ Interview with a Pimp.

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There are many different sectors of the sex industry. In those sectors there are many different faces. And each of those faces belong to a real person, with a real story. Here is one of them.

  Pimpin' Ain't Easy

"My mother was a prostitute. If I had been her pimp, she would still be alive." Now he is what so many women need. He has 7 ladies right now, down significantly from a couple of years ago. He has never slept with any of his ladies, nor ever laid a finger on them. That is not what they need him for. He is their protector. He is there to make sure that when they are done, they are able to walk away. He does not charge his ladies for his services. This is how he explains his job description. "Basically I am a glorified secretary. I make my money on top of what the clients pay for their ladies company. Instead of following the stereotypes, spending my day smackin' my hoes when they don’t make enough money, I am simply there for them. Instead of being out on the streets, not knowing if the next time will be their last, I bring in the business and they take care of it. We turned my sister’s house into somewhat of a brothel. There are two rooms dedicated to business. The girls make more than they did on the streets, and I get a decent cut as well. I am there when business is in progress. And I make sure my ladies have everything they need from the basics to protection from their world. With me, they make two to three times as much as they did on the street. I wouldn't have it any other way."

I think we can all agree that pimps hold a pretty bad name, from the ones we see on T.V. to the ones we read about in the news. But I personally would love to shake the hand of this man. He has stepped up and taken their lives in his own hands. Not only to protect them, but to show them that they have someone that will be there for them, not just to make a quick buck to support his addiction to gold chains and fur coats, but to make sure that when the job ends, they are still around to talk about it.

He is a pimp because he takes a cut, but of course he does. How could he dedicate himself to protecting these women and support his family at the same time? Family...that is something I had to ask him about. What does he tell his wife when he leaves for work in the morning? This one will surprise you. He tells her everything. She was actually the one that was in total agreement when he decided his sister needed protection. She knows where the scheduling book is. She even helped his sister decorate the rooms they use for the "business." He says, "She knows that I would never do anything with these ladies, or to hurt them. We love each other and would never hide anything. Though I don't let her come around during business, I don't try to exclude her either." Wow. I say that is one strong marriage!

  Joey Speaks Out

As with everyone else in the world, Joey has something to say to the people who look down on him for his work. "I am not forcing these women into a world of sex and misuse. This is their decision. They ultimately decide their own fate. I am just here to make sure that they are here long enough to make that decision. I was just like the rest of you. I hated prostitution and everything involved. I hated everyone who did it. But ultimately I chose to be there for my family. Now I see this is a job, it’s a means to an end. It took me a long time to realize that. But I know now that this doesn't define someone. My mother was a whore, but ultimately, she was broken inside and out. I am just here to make sure that these ladies don't end up the same way. Instead of being whores, my ladies are being working girls. They work like everyone else, regardless of whether you agree or not. They will always be here because there is someone to care for them. Until they decide to leave the business. I will be here for them whether that makes me a pimp or even a monster in your eyes."

Joey also wants to say something to other prostitutes. "Do what you need to do, just make sure you are smart about it. If you don't have someone around to protect you, find someone that will at least talk to you. There are services out there that will do safe calls. I even provide them for people who do not work with us. You might have to search around the internet for a bit, but take the time to do it. It will be worth it in the end. And if you can, try to be open with people in your life, or at least one. It will make your life much easier."

Thank you Joey for taking the time to answer my questions. I salute you for all the time and energy you put into protecting the people in your life. You are a good man, and your wife is a great woman. I wish you all the best of luck. I also want to thank my twitter fans for getting me in contact with Joey; it's not every day that we get to meet a real live pimp!

Look for more articles for the Sex Workers Speak Out series coming soon from sex workers in all sectors. Ranging from Cam Girls, to Escorts, and more!


Contributor: Sangsara

wow this was a really different story- i felt my nose burn and my eyes water several times- you rock Joey and I'm sure that your sister actually helped you make peace with your mothers memory. Be proud of giving pimps a new name. I do not have one but I do have a couple of males watching out for me and I don't go on any calls without "find my phone" turned on. years ago
I was violently raped by 5 men during my first month in prostitution but since then I have had horseshoes up my ass, so to speak and have changed what I do drastically- first off by excluding drugs and now I love what I do, not sure how long I'll do it for though

Contributor: molli316


Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast

Wow glad to know that not all pimps are what they depict them to be. I am also glad that his wife is by his side. This was a awesome story, can't wait to read more.

Contributor: rmiles124

Love this, a subject not discussed enough with openness

Contributor: MaeGal

I actually really enjoyed reading this story. It's nice to know there are people out there willing to make sure that women who choose this type of work are being protected. Joey's sister is very lucky, as are the other girls.



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