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Confessions of a Stripper – The Champagne Room Unveiled: Part 2
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With an open credit card at the bar, the game begins. If she can skirt around his obvious desires while stringing him along, she can make a lot of money tonight. This game is not a one man show. It takes a team to pull off a successful champagne party. From the waitress, to the bartender, and even including another dancer, each is vital for a party to continue all night long.



Bold, honest and wondefully written. I am loving this series. Can't wait to read the final article!


Great article!!!


Damn that is crazy. I am looking forward to the next article already. Yea lap dances are different these days. Actually some clubs too. When it comes down to women touching on the dancers. I got a lap dance and a dance from a girl on stage and was able to touch them. But when it came to my guy friends who wanted to touch they were told no.


Great article!!!


i am so glad that you all enjoyed my articles. This series is part of the November SexIs writing contest. You can show your support for my series by voting on for part 3.


i love your stories



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