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  • 3 Crucial SSC Things You Need To Know Before Trying CBT & Penis Play

    Embarking on a journey of sexual exploration can be thrilling and transformative. It was for me, at least. If you're considering delving into the realm of Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) or Penis Play, it's essential to prioritize safety, consent, and communication.

  • How CBT Made Me Feel More Masculine Than Ever

    Sexual exploration was a deeply personal journey for me, one that has challenged preconceived notions and expanded my understanding of pleasure. In my quest for self-discovery, I stumbled upon a practice that many misconstrue as solely belonging to the realm of BDSM, being about humiliation and torture. Yup, it's CBT (call and ball torture), but I prefer to call it penis play.

  • Do I Like Sex Machines? As a Man, I Love ‘Em

    Hey there, fellow seekers of passion! I'm a 50-year-old retired guy. In my 27-year-long loving relationship with my amazing wife, Laura, we've discovered something extraordinary - we're not afraid to embrace our adventurous side when it comes to sex.
    Let me begin by saying that I'm in love with sex machines. The motorized dildo, the thing that thrusts on its own, the toy that had changed everything.

  • Tips for Sexually Frustrated Couples

    When the world is moving fast and technology is taking over, you may see tons of reasons behind couples experiencing sexual frustration. Why does this happen? Are we letting stress, anxiety, and frustration ruin our intimate lives?

  • Things that I have learned to help keep all types of sex fun, freaky, and interesting.

    I have many suggestions, helpful ideas, and all sorts of neat things to do to make sex (oral and otherwise) fun and even tasty.

  • Pegging Your Boyfriend Is Good and Healthy

    Pegging has been a taboo for quite a long time, mainly practiced in secret, and to the eyes of the public, by sexual freaks only. As you can see on the graph below, it got more popular in the last 15 years. Probably thanks to internet, mostly Pornhub, this amazing way of having sex has been democratised. Is pegging really only for freaks? Can a non-submissive man enjoy pegging? Can a non-dominant woman enjoy pegging? Find out our experience with pegging by reading more below.

  • Why Do Men Love A Blowjob?

    It's a question women often wonder about, or maybe that's just me!! If my hubby's ever looking for some sort of reward for being nice or doing something nice he always opts for a blowjob as his prize, not that he needs a prize for doing anything nice, but that's the way men think. They think "one good turn deserves another" and that equates to a blowjob in their minds.

  • Ms. Mhari's Hotel Theory of Poly

    A brief visualization of non-monogamous relationships, from a happily non-monogamous married woman.

  • Teens and Sex

    We all know how hard it is raising teens. This stage is where communication is so very difficult, yet so essential. Sex is certainly going to be a struggle during their teenage years, but this is the time when you are needed the most.

  • Stimulating the Prostate to Orgasm (III): Dildos and Thrusting

    This series of articles discusses how to stimulate the prostate so as to achieve prostate orgasms. In this, the final article in the series, I talk about the use of dildos and other "thrusting" toys.

  • Vibrator Envy

    Today’s article focuses on a problem that many men face with the introduction of a toy, and that is envy and feelings of inadequacy in the face of a vibrator. We will discuss how to overcome this and why you will never be replaced by a vibrator.

  • How Yoga and Exercise Affect Your Health

    It’s hard not to miss the benefits of yoga and exercise posted everywhere we look. We see ads for exercise machines that help burn fat and tone muscle. We see yoga mats and bricks used to stretch our sides, arch our backs, and reduce stress overall. But there are added benefits to both that don’t normally get enough recognition. That is what this article is about.

  • It's a Myth! The Fallacy of the Sexual Peak

    It's common knowledge that women and men have their sexual peaks at very different times, but is this idea heavy on the common and light on the knowledge?

  • Gendered Technology: Sex Toys and the Perpetuation of Feminine/Masculine Ideals

    On, a search of the word “pink” yields 48 pages of content while a similar search of the word “blue” only produces 26. Traditional gendered ideals are upheld not in the functionality of sex objects, women’s toys are insertable while men’s come in the shape of disembodied torsos and vaginas, but even in their color and design.

  • The Virginity Paradox

    The term "virgin" is thrown around with a lot of confusion and legalism. What, technically speaking, constitutes a virgin? Does it matter?

  • Stimulating the Prostate to Orgasm (I): General Advice and Manual Stimultion

    This series of articles will discuss how to stimulate the prostate so as to achieve prostate orgasms. In this article, I offer some general advice and talk about manual stimulation.

  • Date Night Ideas Part 2

    One of the hardest things to do is come up with ideas for date night. Where can you go, what can you do, and how can you do it without breaking the bank? Today we discuss some ideas.

  • From Prude To Lewd

    Our adventure from sexual repression to complete openness.

  • Sexual Myths: Debunking Them Part 4

    Today’s article focuses on some common sexual myths you might have heard and helps to explain why they are wrong.

  • Sexual Myths: Debunking Them Part 3

    Today’s article focuses on some common sexual myths you might have heard and helps to explain why they are wrong

  • Sexual Myths: Debunking Them Part 2

    Today’s article focuses on some common sexual myths you might have heard and helps to explain why they are wrong.

  • Sexual Myths: Debunking Them

    Today’s article focuses on some common sexual myths you might have heard and helps to explain why they are wrong.

  • Letting Your Guy Go Down On You

    Oftentimes I have heard women talk about how they are very self-conscious when it comes to oral sex. Today I want to reassure a lot of people that men like giving cunnilingus and help you let your man go down on you.

  • First Time Tips

    Sex can be a wonderful experience that allows us to bond, explore, ignite and surrender to a person in ways nothing else can. It can also be the cause of heartache, regret, disappointment and life altering choices that leave us questioning why we did it in the first place.

  • Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight

    Today I want to look at how you maintain a healthy body weight. We will look at the psychology behind it and discuss fad diets.

  • Masturbation doesn't have to be alone

    For me, I find masturbating with someone else, whether it be in-person or in the virtual world, to be a much more fulfilling experience than being solo. There is a thrill and shared intimacy in sharing the build-up and climax of an orgasm with another person.

  • Enjoying The Joy Of Sex

    One of the most influential books ever published celebrated its fortieth birthday last year - and its sequel hits the same age in 2013. A personal celebration of Alex Comfort's "The Joy of Sex."

  • Studies Show Circumcision Reduces the Risk of HIV...So Now What?

    Studies in Kenya and Uganda show that circumcision reduces the risk of contracting HIV, but does that mean circumcision should be the standard?

  • Sexual Education: Who is the teacher?

    Saying who is responsible for educating the youth about sex is not as simple as it seems. There isn't one right or wrong answer, but I feel the best course of action is a united front between the home and school.

  • Define This: The Frenulum Delta

    Finding the sweet spot that is a penis' neatest secret.

  • Blowjobs Aren't Sex, and I'm a Monkey's Auntie

    A fact of life or a cheater's charter? Some thoughts on an argument that I just don't understand.

  • Don't Just Lie Back And Hope You'll Enjoy It

    You want your man to learn how to eat pussy? First, you should learn how to be eaten.

  • It's Only Premature If He Cums Before You Get There

    Taking the sting out of premature ejaculation

  • Penis Appreciation Day

    Our taxes are filed and spring is in the air. Let's make today a special day - for everyone.

  • Boy, Girl, or Both?...Part 2

    In my last article, the topic of intersexuality was broached with a brief description of the term and its various conditions. In this article, I will explore the issues intersexuals are facing today, along with the strides they have made in the past century. I will be exploring one man’s experiences growing up as intersexual, along with our medical, cultural, and religious views on the topic. Read on for more.

  • Guide To Anal Accoutrements

    Getting into different types of anal toys can cause a lot of confusion! I'll be explaining different toys for your pleasure today!

  • Erectile Dysfunction and the Infidelity Cure

    The pills don't work, nor does the therapy, or the lifestyle changes. He even gave up smoking. But, a quick kiss and cuddle with a comparative stranger.... What would you do next?

  • The Nice Girl's Guide To The One Night Stand - Part Two: The Hook-up

    We left our lovers on the dance floor, on the verge of their very first kiss. You’ve decided to go through with it... actually, you decided before the first dance even started, but now it’s time to let him know. Read on!

  • Erectile Dysfunction... Sweet!

    ED has a lot of possible causes, and you can spend a fortune on drugs and doctors trying to figure out what they are. Or, you could just stop using artificial sugar substitutes. There’s a libido-killer in your larder, and you need to get it out.

  • Prostate Massage (II): Prostate Orgasms

    A lot of men have what they call "prostate orgasms". But what are they?

  • How To Take Good Boudoir Photos of Yourself

    This is a general suggestion for ways to take quality photos of yourself or your partner without getting into too many specifics. You can always look up some of the technical terms and find tutorials online, but I thought I would write this as an introduction to those who have considered it, but thought they couldn't do it themselves.

  • Prostate Massage (I): How I Discovered Prostate Orgasms

    The first in a series of articles on prostate orgasms, this one describes my long struggle to learn how to have them.

  • SexFeed: Uncle Poodle of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" Tells the World He is HIV Positive

    Lee Thompson, famous from the hit show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” came out last month about his HIV status. Here is his tale.

  • Mind Kink: Exploring Consensual Non-Consensual

    Consensual non-consensual (C.N.C.) is sometimes thought of as 'rape-play.' When done correctly and with respect for your partner, C.N.C. can be a very passionate and enjoyable thing. We've all had fantasies of being home alone and suddenly our partner dressed as a burglar comes in and 'burgles' us. The very idea of a trusted partner taking us forcefully and making us enjoy it can be highly erotic. C.N.C is a way to safely explore these fantasies and enjoy them fully.

  • Does Size Really Matter?

    Many people are hyped up over the idea that the size of your penis affects your sexual performance. Is that really true and if not why do people think this way?

  • Rape Isn't A Consequence

    Growing up, I was warned by many folks that there are situations we put ourselves in that can get us raped. I didn't question this until I experienced several instances at work that brought out the fear. I learned how ugly the fear is, and how the warnings seemed to endorse that rape was a consequence for making bad decisions.

  • Kegel Workouts and Importance (for males!)

    Kegels aren't just for ladies! Did you know that working out your kegel muscles can lead to improved urinary continence, better prostate health and even multiple orgasms? It's time to learn your facts and start your workout!

  • A Cultivation of Sexual Myths

    We've all heard our share of sex myths. The "you can't get pregnant the first time" myth, the "douching with Coke a Cola" myth, and the classic "you won't get pregnant with the girl on top" myth. But what about myths that go further? Myths that make you wonder if you're a bad person? Or if you really had sex? Myths that have been so pervasive in our cultures that they have lasted for literally centuries?

  • Getting the Snip, Part Three: Another Option

    After deciding as a couple to get a vasectomy (part 1) and discovering that complications would prevent this from happening quickly (part 2), we had to look again at our birth control options.

  • Men: Don't Feel Worried About Your Woman's New Sex Toy

    Many men feel anxious and uncomfortable when their woman gets a toy. I am here to tell them why they shouldn't feel that way.

  • The Forbidden Fruit

    Anal sex is one of those things that are considered a "taboo", but that is what makes it so interesting.

  • Shame & Masturbation

    Most of you would agree that masturbation is A-Okay! But did you have to overcome a self-imposed reluctance? Or worse, an idea of societal shame? This article looks at how two people, a male (Kenneth) and female (Michele), dealt with their insecurities (and those of others) and eventually became (mostly) comfortable with their self-lovin’.

  • Control Yourself During Sex

    Many guys suffer from premature ejaculation. Here are a few tips and tricks I've picked up from my personal experiences with my boyfriend.

  • My Story: Recognizing and Preventing Rape

    This a bit heavy for a first article, but as someone who has been a victim, rape is a serious issue that men and women need to stay informed about. I admire the magazine Cosmopolitan for making a monthly article about the issue of campus rape and actually doing something to raise awareness of the problem. In this article you will learn about my experience and ways to be aware and safe.

  • Stuck in the Friend Zone

    The idea of the "friend zone", at least the way many men use it, is one of the most subtly misogynistic relationship concepts we have. Here's why.

  • A Gentlemen Always Lets The Lady Cum First.

    Call it common courtesy. Call it being a gentlemen. Call it whatever you like. If you're allowing your lady to cum first, you, my friend, are a prime example of the refined, exquisite gentlemen of sex etiquette. Alas, many men out there refuse their lady this fine privilege. Hell, some don't even know if their partner has cum. This, my readers, can not go on any longer. Not in the year 2013!!! We outlived the Mayans for Christ sakes! Surely this too shall pass. I hope...

  • You don't have to be gay to enjoy anal play.

    This article is less of a "how-to" and more of a demonstration that the enjoyment of anal penetration or stimulation has no bearing on one's sexuality. It is a common misconception by many hetero females and males alike that any man who likes his ass penetrated is "gay" or at a minimum, bisexual. That is simply untrue.

  • Masturbation: It is Perfectly Fine!

    Flicking your bean, flogging the dolphin, jerking the gherkin...Whatever you call it, it is perfectly safe. It's also healthy!

  • Losing Your Libido At 35

    I hear people complaining about becoming 40 all the time. Hell, they made a movie about it for God's sake. I'm not 40 yet, but I still feel the strain of my libido slipping away. I feel the urge for sex slowly fading. My energy is not there. I'm here to tell you turning 35 kind of sucks! However, it doesn't have to.

  • SexIs Subjective: Equal Rights?

    Normally when you see the words "equal rights" you think of race and sexual equality; but there is another topic on my mind at the moment, one that's hard to address without offending at least a few people - Do men have the right to decide whether or not the person they impregnated gets an abortion?

  • Cock-Stuffing

    In this article, you will learn about cock-stuffing, or urethral play, and the risks associated with it. While urethral play can be a gratifying sexual experience, it can also harvest unseen dangers.

  • Porn Desensitization

    While porn is a fun and exciting experience in aiding sexual intercourse or masturbation, there are some harmful elements to watching an excess of it. In essence, our brain's reward center is the culprit. Unfortunately, many people suffer from porn addiction. Recognizing what causes porn addiction is the second step in recovery. The first is realizing there is a problem.

  • Can't Stand to Attention?

    Having trouble getting your friend up? No worries! Many men may experience this problem once in a while and I'll give you some tips on how to get your friend standing up at attention!

  • The Prostate and You

    The prostate is a big deal. Learn more about it!

  • Clearing the hurdles: Our struggle to conceive a child (Part Four)

    The worst part of our struggle was about to unfold. It would change us forever and leave us wondering if this foolish wish was truly outside our grasp.

  • Clearing the hurdles: Our struggle to conceive a child (Part Three)

    Our battle to become pregnant had a lot of downs and one very special up.

  • Sexy piercings part 1: Nipples!

    Usually when the phrase "pierced nipples" comes up, it inspires cringing and thoughts of intense pain, and then loss of sensation. Well, I'm here to say that's not necessarily true. Nipple barbells can be aesthetically pleasing when placed correctly by a skilled piercer and will heal nicely with proper after care. Getting my own nipples pierced was one of the best piercing decisions I've ever made, for both looks and my sex life.

  • How to have safe (and yes enjoyable) anal sex.

    This isn't your average "Go after it!!!" mission my friend. If you're going to explore places unknown, then both of you need to be informed. Otherwise it could be messy. No pun intended.

  • It's hard out there for a sex toy lover, especially if you're straight.

    Why on God's green earth is it hard for people to grasp that straight men can love sex toys too? Or why do they think you must be gay?

  • To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise?

    My wife and I have just had our first child. With his arrival, the biggest question besides "is he ok?" was, "are you getting him circumcised?" Yes, but was it medical relevance or just our preference behind the choice?

  • How to influence the taste of your semen

    Ever wondered what it would be like if your partner swallowed your cum? Maybe even tried it? And did you ever wonder what it would be like for your partner to swallow it?

  • I pondered, do most women know if they like cunnilingus?

    Thoughts from myself and other men and women on the joys or lack thereof of women receiving oral sex.

  • The gender equality in sex

    Merely a hundred years ago, women were suppressed and they weren’t supposed to know about sex or enjoy it much. The world since then has come a long way. The age of sexual freedom changed a lot of things, and feminists today are fighting for our equal treatment. Should they? Should they not? What about male rights?

  • Male Anal Stimulation Is Not Gay: An Inspection of the Stereotype

    Learn why all male anal stimulation isn't gay and why it can be amazing!

  • The power in your hands - part II

    So you already know the basics of a handjob, and maybe even have a few techniques you can vary, but you're looking for more options? Read on to learn how to make your guy smoking hot for you.

  • Want to see my D?

    Nowadays it seems like showing your D is easier than saying hi.

  • The power in your hands - What makes a good handjob good?

    A hand job can be just a quick jerking off and release - but it can be a sexy, hot experience if done well. With blowjobs becoming more common and less the exclusive treat, hand jobs have lost some of the appeal. But with a little concentration your hands can gain power again!

  • Getting the Snip, Part Two: Complications

    Sometimes you do everything right and things still go wrong. In Getting the Snip, Part One, I told the story of how my boyfriend and I made the decision that vasectomy was right for us. This is what happened when he went for his vasectomy appointment.

  • Sharing is Caring

    You talk to your friends about a lot of things, is sex one of the topics? And how much of your sex life do you discuss with them? I'm still trying to figure out how much to talk about with my friends, but I want to figure it out.

  • Nice Guys Finish Last: A Young Man's Perspective

    Here I will take a humorous outlook on this myth, what I've seen it do, and why it sucks.

  • "Muffing" Your Man (or Woman!)

    The term muffing has two common meanings: one is oral sex on a female; the other is something you probably haven't even thought of before! Do you know where your man's inguinal canals are? You're about to find out!

  • Our Young Teen Girls. How Young Is Too Young?

    Girls today are going through puberty so early. When do you start talking to them about grooming? What grooming is okay at that age?

  • You were jealous!

    My boyfriend thought I was obsessed with a sex site until he saw the benefits that EdenFantasys brought into our bedroom. I had to reel him in with lingerie before I introduced a sex toy. The toy of my dreams became his nightmare. At first, he liked it, but then he decided that I was addicted to it! It was a shock to me that not all men enjoy the idea of having an extra tool in the bedroom.

  • Talking About The First Time

    I think we all remember the first blowjob we ever gave. But do we remember why we gave it?

  • Getting the Snip, Part One

    This series of articles will detail the experience of getting a vasectomy. In this part, I discuss how my boyfriend and I decided that vasectomy was the right form of contraception for us. The next part will cover his experience of the procedure itself, and then I will write about how the procedure is affecting our relationship and our sex life.

  • Size does matter!

    How big is yours? 6 inches? Maybe 10? What about how deep is mine? Have you ever thought of how much dick a girl can really take? No, of course not, so let's discuss.

  • Sex After Having Kids

    Well if you’re anything like me you start to forget what sex is. I have two kids under 5 and I use these steps to make it easier for me to get to have sex.

  • Benefits and Downfalls of Different Communication Methods

    Communicating with other humans is vital, and the more ways to do so, the better. I feel there are some relationships best kept more intimate than text-only. The truth is, it's so easy to fall into text or social media only lifestyle, but we need real human interaction sometimes, right? That's why I want to share the benefits and my personal preferences for each type of communication.

  • The Social Lover: Your Guide To Having More Communicative Sex

    Your partner spanked you for the first time the other night and you loved it, but now they ask you how far you want to take things— You struggle with your response.

  • Fibrocystic Breast Disease

    Fibrocystic breast disease. It really isn’t a disease at all. It is not related to breast cancer in any way. Feeling a lump can be very scary and concerning. You need to seek the advice of a physician. It may not be breast cancer; it could be a Fibrocystic Breast Condition.

  • Cum, Jizz, Semen, Whatever

    A plea on behalf of those of us who ejaculate semen to all those who don't: Please don't make us feel as if there's something wrong about the way our bodies orgasm.

  • Three Is Company

    Polysexuality is an alternative to polyamory. Instead of having emotional and romantic feelings for many partners (polyamory), you have just a sexual relationship with more than one partner.

  • Isn't That You On The Screen?

    You can find anything on the Internet. Including, apparently, footage of your friends having sex.

  • The Girl Behind The Glory Hole

    It’s been said that sex workers are among the most misunderstood professionals in the world. But they are also among the most dedicated.

    In the first of several interviews with different "specialists," conducted over a period of six months, a woman filling what some people might describe as the most demeaning of all her trade’s many roles talks about the demands of her job, her motivations and the rewards.

  • Sex On The Brain

    Being a teen-aged male, sex is constantly on my mind. Being a teenage male virgin, however, does not go well with this, and has turned me into a masturbation expert.

  • Being Yourself, From Behind a Mask

    We all have masks that we wear in our life. They may not be physical masks, but they are there nonetheless. But these masks allow us to be who we really are, just presented differently.

  • Men Get Breast Cancer Too

    Even though male breast cancer rates are low, they are continually rising. Public awareness needs to be increased.

  • Swallow

    A word to make guys go weak at the knees... and some girls to go weak in the stomach. A look at the cultural and societal background to the power of seven little letters.

  • Women = Vaginas. Men = Pigs.

    What limited sexual education communicates to our children.

  • The Great Foreskin Debate

    These are just my opinions, most of which are backed up by science. If anyone disagrees with me, please don't hesitate to comment. I would just like to share my ideas and help inspire others to do some research for themselves.

  • The Cock Ring

    Put a ring on it and make it go longer! Benefits and some of the types of rings.

  • Sex and Fitness

    There are many benefits to fitness: a healthier body, longer life, lower stress, and a more toned looking body. But what about your sex life? Does fitness provide any benefits to that?

  • First Time Tips

    While many feel society falsely portrays ‘the first time’ as magical and are consequently disappointed, I was led to believe the opposite and was happily surprised. I am here to tell you that giving away your virginity can be a positive experience if it is with the right person and if you prepare properly.

  • Do Men Fake It Too?

    When I think of faking orgasms I think of Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally," not a man faking it.

  • Confessions of a Stripper: Why Men Are Drawn to Strip Clubs

    After work, Joe and his friends decided to hit a local Gentlemen’s Club for a beer before heading home. Joe and Ernie call their wives to say they will be late. They don’t dare reveal the truth, with a white lie they hang up and its high fives all around.

  • Shrinking The Gender Gap One Taboo At A Time

    You’ve probably all seen it by now, the remarkable study that reveals how the more sexually aroused a woman becomes, the more willing she is to swallow her scruples. Well, in case no one had noticed, men are no different.

  • Candy Cum!

    Ever wonder why your partner never wants to give you oral? It might be your diet! Here's a bit of information on how to make your cum taste delicious and which foods to avoid.

  • Light and Sex

    Does turning off the lights actually contribute to us being turned on? This article is all about how light affects our bodies, our mood and by extension, our sexual experience.

  • Sensual Massage!

    You don't know what passionate lovemaking is without the most intimate kind of foreplay. Massages are stress relieving, they enhance immunity, improve circulation and joint flexibility, and can even lessen depression and anxiety.

  • Touch your dang wiener, or how am I writing this if I'm blind?

    I certainly hope that any male browsing through SexIs knows the joys of masturbation, if not you should be masturbating. Male masturbation has many physical, emotional, and even sexual benefits. You can trust me on this, I've been doing it since I was twelve. I've practically got a PhD in waxing the dolphin. (Warning this article will contain several euphemisms for spanking the monkey.)

  • Mysteries of the Male Ejaculate: A Matter of Taste

    There is so much that goes unasked and unspoken between a man and woman. Since orgasms really begin and end in the mind and so much of sex is psychological, understanding each other's sexual needs, wants, fantasies and expectations can be a wonderful turn-on, and create a deeply passionate connection.

  • To Make a (NSFW) Music Video

    I have made various music videos, and all from porn clips.

  • Advocating Circumcision

    In recent years, the American tide has turned against circumcision. "Inactivists" speak out against what they call an unpunished form of genital mutilation and more and more states health coverage is refusing to cover the procedure. Yet, inn all the discussions of the negative side effects, these inactivists often gloss over the pro's of circumcision.

  • Real Men Eat Pussy—and Kiss Ass

    I don't believe that all things must be equal in a sexual relationship—few things in life in general, much less in any kind of human relationship, are truly equal. We all have ways in which we intentionally or unintentionally get over on someone else or receive more than another person in the course of human dynamics.

  • Sex Is Like a Drug

    Sex is fantastic, we all know that. But sex has helped me deal with mental issues that have haunted me since I was a teenager. For me, sex is really like a drug, but a nice prescription one, not one you buy on the corner from some shady guy.

  • When "Doing Your Wifely Duties" Becomes a Chore

    When I first discovered EdenFantasys, I hadn’t read or even heard of the 50 Shades of Gray series. Now seven months after placing my first order, who would ever imagine I would be living my own series; that my whole sexual being would be change.

  • Sexy to the Undead

    As odd as this concept might be. I have actually seen some sexy looking zombies. One was in Return Of The Living Dead. This one girl with a punk hair coloring job got turned into a zombie and in one scene is walking fast through some fog and then attacks a homeless guy.

    Did I mention she is pretty much naked?

  • Thank You, EdenFantasys

    How has EdenFantasys changed my life? I would love to say that I have always been sex positive, open, free and knowledgeable but the truth is the person I am today is a direct result of the community at EdenFantasys.

  • My Favorite Outdoor Location

    I’ve recently rediscovered the fun from having sex outdoors can be. When I was a teenager, this was an ordinary occurrence, but as I grew older and became married sneaking around like a couple teenagers wasn’t a necessity anymore.

  • Understanding Desire and Love in the Brain

    In Egyptian mythology, ib or heart portion of the soul was placed on a scale balanced against the Feather of Ma'at. The feather a symbolizing truth, in the judgment of the dead. All of our deeds, sins and contributes laid in the weight of the heart and if heavier then the feather the heart was gobbled by Ammit.

  • Fantasy Land

    As the parent of a toddler, the greatest place on Earth right now for him seems to be the Magic Kingdom. While researching a trip to the so called “Happiest place on Earth” I started thinking about the name for one part within the theme park, Fantasy Land.

  • Female or Male ? That is the question.

    Haven't you ever wondered how it would be if you was in your spouse’s shoes, and you changed sex? Well I'm Jaylin and I was born a female but ever since I was younger, I always wondered how it would be if I was a male instead of a female. Don't get me wrong I love being a female but I just think men got it easier than females.

  • The Poly Male, or Rational Polyamory

    How do two men share a woman without killing each other? It's much more about respect, and love, and less about animalistic furry and marking of territory. I want to explain how my friend and I share a woman without murdering each other.

  • In Praise of Uncut Cocks

    One girl, one fetish, and her quest for enlightenment. Am I alone in my love of uncircumcised penises?

  • Strip Club Etiquette

    A visit to the strip club can be a thrilling, exciting, eye opening experience. As both a sometimes stripper and strip club client, I would like to share with readers how to make the best of your trip to the nudie bar...and how not to make a fool of yourself!

  • 10 Steps to Making Your Own Summer Romance

    When people think of a ‘summer romance,’ a very distinct image comes to mind. You know the one. Two people on a sexual adventure free of hassles, commitment, or drama. Everyone dreams of this at one point or another, but before you start fantasizing about what could be, humor me for a minute.

  • Anal For Beginners

    Feel like experimenting with anal, but not exactly sure where to start? It's not as complicated as it may seem, check it out!

  • No Porn for Minors

    A point of view of one who remembers "breaking the rules" to look up pornography, and the negative side this presents.

  • How To Have Amazing Sex

    I was fortunate enough to attend a course that was in part taught by leading sex therapist and sex researcher, Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz. One of the things she discussed was a study her and her fellow colleagues conducted to learn about what components tend to be involved in reaching “optimal” sexuality.

  • SexIs Subjective: Fit is the New...

    How someone looks is a big deal in society. Different phrases and trends in body perception can play a large role in someone's life. Why one phrase is finally getting it right.

  • EdenFantasys, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

    Everything that has been positive in my sex life within the last ten months has been because I found a wonderful place called EdenFantasys. EdenFantasys has been the center of my growing sexual confidence, and I am so thankful for stumbling upon them.

  • Guys, Gays, and Dildos (Not as gay as it sounds)

    For about as long as sex toys have existed, there's always been the assumption (by the ignorant majority) that straight guys can't own a toy, specifically a dildo. If you're in the mood to read a rant, read on!

  • A Paranoid Geek's Guide to Sneaky Sex Toy Ordering

    Do you secretly lust after sex toys, but fear ordering any lest your parents discover your secret and kick you out of their basement to fend for yourself in the cruel, cruel world? Fear not, for there are plenty of clever ways to sneak sex toys into your geek cave and hide them once they've arrived. Read on.

  • Suck It!

    Who really likes giving head anyway? I do, I do! Let me help you like it too.

  • How to properly care for a Fleshlight!

    As a Frequent FLyer, I currently own 22 different fleshlights, and after a little trial and error, I've found a simple and safe way to care for your fleshlight(s)! With a few simple materials you can keep your fleshlights as good as new for a very long time.

  • SexIs Subjective: It's YOUR Body.

    Controversial movements like ‘fat acceptance’ or ‘pro-ana’ leave me feeling confused. How can they ask for acceptance of their bodies while at the same time bringing others down because of theirs?

  • How to Help Cure DGS (Death-Grip Syndrome)

    Do you sometimes not finish in bed? Do you find yourself grabbing yourself quite roughly? Chances are you have DGS, more commonly known as Death-Grip Syndrome. Don't worry, it's curable! If you want to figure out how to help cure this, read this article!

  • Respect for the Small Soldier

    I am asking you today to give a respectful salute to a soldier who has gone on many a mission, sometimes grueling and even dangerous ones, to bring pleasure to couples, threesomes and moresomes in whatever rooms we may choose to rut and copulate. He’s lean and helmeted, often with a functional but flimsy hood over his helmet, but he has a tough job sometimes. Also, he makes mistakes. But let us treat him with dignity, and allow me to help you understand him a bit better.

  • Pinks and Blues. Colors are Colors.

    Makeup, Videogames, Nail Polish, Cookbook, Cologne. I bet you know which sex each of these items belong with.

  • Exploring Vibrator Use

    According to studies, just over half of women and about 1/3 of men have at least some experience using vibrators during sexual play. Up to 35% of women usually don’t reach orgasm during masturbation, and up to 70% of women cannot orgasm from penetrative intercourse alone. However, we know that clitoral stimulation is the key for most women being able to achieve orgasm.

  • Just What the Marriage Counselor Ordered

    This month, our parent company EdenFantasys is celebrating 10 sexy years of business! To honor the anniversary, we asked the EdenFantasys Community to tell us what being a member of our community has done for them. This is what SexyStuff had to say.

  • Toys Aren't a Determination of Social Acceptability

    In celebration of ten years of business, we asked community members to tell us what, if anything, EdenFantasys has done for them. This author attributes his complete change in outlook to our members.

  • Dressed for Sex-less

    Culture dictates that women dress all sexy-like to tantalize and entice their men when they’re headed to bed. The fellas? Not so much.

  • Smokedawg’s Adventures in Wanking Part 3: Time to Play With the Toys

    Men and toys. Sometimes, they fear them.

  • I’m batting my eyelashes at you, didn’t you know?

    Lacking in the flirting department? Nanamondoute has advice for the ladies on how to grab his attention!

  • Fat: Mind Over Matter?

    A recent study on body image shows overweight people who lose weight find themselves still lingering in the “fat” mindset. Another reports people view those who lose a lot of weight in a more negative light than even overweight people who maintain a stable weight. What, then, is the point of losing weight?

  • Summer Skin: How do you keep it safe?

    I’m not a girly girl by any means and I don’t have a normal regimen that I use on a daily basis all year long to protect my skin. However, in the summer I do pay special attention to my skin and try to prevent it from becoming sun burned and becoming dry. Dry skin is very common in the summer so I am going to offer some suggestions on what I do to keep my skin soft in the summer.

  • Why So Uptight?

    I was recently on a business trip and had an afternoon to kill and went to a museum for a change of pace. As I was walking around all of the great pieces of art, I noticed something. Back in the Renaissance people were not afraid to have everything hanging out and on view to the world.

  • Smokedawg’s Adventures in Wanking Part 2: Viscosity’s Better Than Friction

    I’m sure someone will cringe at my headline and think, “This man has no idea what the hell viscosity is; it describes the level of friction in a fluid, so it can’t be better than friction. It’s a kind of friction!”

  • Oral Sex: How are you at receiving?

    Many men and women report oral as being their favourite sexual act, if not at least enjoying it quite a bit. Oral sex is one of the most common ways of being able to make a woman orgasm, as it gives her partner much more control over the type of stimulation and the exact spots to hit to pleasure her.

  • Touch Me There

    Having a partner that will experiment with you is one of the greatest things in a relationship. Having someone that you trust implicitly is essential for any truly great relationship. And letting that person do things with you that you wouldn’t let anyone else do can be incredibly sexy.

  • Money Talks, or Does It?

    Recently, I read an article discussing whether or not gender equality had changed the rules on who should pay on a date. Like the author, I also grew up thinking that when I was older and dating, the man would automatically pay for the first date, and probably any future dates. It was his responsibility assigned to him by gender, right?

  • Unselfish Hands

    I looked into coming back to write some new articles for EdenFantasys and saw that Touch is the theme for this month. More specifically, how hands relate to touch. I couldn’t wait to write this article.

  • Money Talks: Should he pay?

    Should men still be held responsible and expected to shoulder the financial burdens? Even in such small things as paying for the first meal?

  • Smokedawg’s Adventures in Wanking Part 1: A Hand’s Best Friend

    I’ve never lived or worked on a farm, but I’ve choked many a chicken. Never played one of those Indian flutes while wearing a turban, but I’ve charmed a snake thousands of times. Never worked at a BDSM-friendly water park, but I’ve been known to frequently flog the dolphin.

  • 50 Shades of Setting the Mood

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the new book “50 Shades of Grey” by E.L. James. In case you haven’t, it’s a story about a woman becoming submissive to a man. And that in no way fully describes the book, I know.

  • Men with Unwanted Breasts: There's Hope

    Increasingly, gynecomastia can be treated.

  • 'Sexomnia' Apparently a Legal Defense Against Rape Charge, In Wales

    We weren't there, but we're not sure about the “Not Guilty.” You?

  • Pejazzling — Gilding the Willie?

  • Bromance: Our favorite on-screen male/male couples.

    The Bromance: the most versatile relationship two (or more) characters can enjoy. It's uniquely suited to the varying desires of a full-spectrum public: to some, it's a depiction of buddies. To others, it's an exploration of how strong the bonds of friendship can become. And for still more viewers, it's the fun of watching guys constantly engage in behavior that can be read as strongly homoerotic.

  • The Circumcision Ban: Is Circumcision an Assault on Human Rights or Religious Rites?

    Circumcision is increasingly considered a human rights issue. San Franciscans will be voting on banning the controversial procedure this November. While the AMA does not recommend it, circumcision is still considered an essential sign of the covenant in reformed Judaism. Like France’s ban on the hijab, the question is: Are we denying freedom of religion or are we protecting human rights?

  • Taking Dirty Pictures

    In preparation for a new collection of short stories to be published, Johnny Murdoc embarks on a new experience, shooting a nude pictorial, which will be included in the upcoming book.

  • If Dad Isn't Having Sex with Mom: Beat Him Up?

    And go for a walk on the Interstate, first. That'll teach him.

  • The Bijou Theater | The Last Gay Adult Theater in America

    In the middle of a ritzy Chicago neighborhood, among old brownstones and French bistros stands the Bijou — the oldest gay XXX theater in America. The Bijou celebrates it's 40th anniversary this year. Founded before the boutiques or the elementary school next door, it's cultivated a rich history and some unbelievable stories: prison sentences, a patron death, a tragic connection to a serial killer.

  • Middle-Aged Man vs. Sex Toys

    Still unanswered: Why they don’t come in gray, or sag a bit? Or louder! Louder would be good … so we know they’re working.

  • Queer Union and NYBC Protest Blood Donor Ban

    New York group says it's safe for gays to give blood.

  • Some Guys Allergic to Their Own Semen

    Men suffer from “post orgasmic illness syndrome” (We're not making this up.)

  • Weird Sex Science Awards: And the Nominees Are ...

    For normal people, sex is an enormously pleasurable act; and then there are the scientists, for whom sex seems to be just another human behavior to scrutinize and analyze.

  • Oh, You Sexy Lizard!

    Contemplating a world without men ...

  • Cock Teases

    Novelty condoms put the funny back in fucking. Just be mentally prepared for that initial burst of laughter when you climb into bed with your blueberry-scented schlong.

  • Remembering the Victims

    Community comes together to end violence against sex workers.

  • God, Sex and Ecstasy

  • Living La Vida Secreta: Growing up Gay in a Traditional Mexican Family

  • A Brief History of Aphrodisiac Cookbooks

  • The Score (Part One)

    For once, I’m not writing about getting laid. Kinda.

  • Gay For Pay

    Six years ago, a young couple in San Francisco decided to offer up their sex as commodity for voyeurs. They managed to attract quite a few customers, including many gay men who, as Chris describes it, “Were only interested in watching me fuck a girl.”

  • Dear White Guys: An Open Letter

  • The Man Project: Zak Smith

  • Online Dateless

    The sea of online love is vast, and there are a lot of fish in the ocean. If you don't want to wind up looking like a bottom feeder, you have to have to dangle the right bait. So, put away those night crawlers and read on.

  • The Sexpert Series: Dr. Patti Britton

    When it comes to sex therapy, pretty much anyone with an opinion can hang out a shingle and call themselves an “expert,” but how do you separate the spin doctors from the real deal? In the days ahead, SexIs will be speaking to some of the most respected “sexperts” in the field to separate pros from the poseurs—and get the skinny on how to have great sex.

  • Man Toys in the Promised Land

  • Scent of Arousal: The Science Behind the Sexy of the Great Pheromone Debate

    Whether it’s the first flicker of sexual attraction, or deep in the throws of passion, it’s a good bet that when you’re in the moment, you’re not worrying about the chemistry of desire.

  • Manscape Architecture

    In the spirit of “less is more,” many men have found a new use for their old beard trimmers.

  • Chastity for Dudes

  • The Man Project: Grant Stoddard

  • Making Love: The Story of a Sweet, Dirty Movie

  • The Man Project: David Steinberg

  • The (Sex) Toy Story

    Ruminations from a middle-aged man who thought the sexual revolution was over, somebody lost, and things were pretty much the same.

  • The Man Project: Michael Alvear

    Sexis debuts The Man Project with an opening salvo from relationship expert, Michael Alvear, and learns that the true test of a man is about much more than the level of his testosterone.

  • The Naked Reader Book Club Twitterotica Contest!

    One week, 140 characters...and your imagination. Presenting our weekly winner, runner-up and the outstanding entries for last week’s topic: "I want you, but I can't tell you."

  • The Whore Journals: Part 7: Further Reflections on Whoring Around...

    Pussy worship and the eyes of a wolf. Growl!

  • Motorcycles and Sex: The Rapture of the Road

    There may be nothing you can legally do with your body more exciting and sensual than grabbing your partner and jumping on a motorcycle, at least in public. No other human experience heightens the senses and ignites instincts like climbing atop a great chuffing beast and heading out on the highway.

  • The All-Important Second Date

    First date: coffee or dinner and a movie. Second date: things begin to warm up. While traditionally the third date is "the one we do it," sometimes second dates are all it takes...

  • SexFeed:Pills to Prevent Pregnancy and Premature Ejaculation Also Lower Sex Drive

  • The Whore Journals, Part 5: A Donation For My Shoe Fund

    The lawyer, the peach eater and a date for coffee…

  • Just How Tough IS It, Being a Straight Guy?

    Oh, the plight of the poor, straight male! “Pity me,” he cries, “for the weight of my entitlement is mighty, and I am weary from too much testosterone.” Wait … What’s that sound we hear? Why it’s the world’s tiniest violin… playing just for you.

  • Em & Lo's Sex Ed for Grown Ups: Advanced Anatomy

  • From Hung to Humiliated: The Dark Side of Cuckoldry

  • The Penis Festival

  • Dr. Dick on Demand—Remedial Jerkology: A Better Way To Handle Yourself

    In the last installment of my series on male masturbation, we discussed problematic masturbation styles—how they can get in the way of satisfying partnered sex, and offered a surefire way to resolve these problems. This time around, I’d like to offer suggestions on how men can use different styles of masturbation to overcome certain dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: Masturbation and Men—The Double-Edged Sword

    For some men, this freelance sexual investigation can, and often does, produce some very interesting, unique and even downright strange styles of self-pleasuring, that sadly, often do not lend themselves to partnered sex. But according to Dr. Dick, with proper motivation and some focused redirection, men can learn to climax with a lover as well as on their own.

  • Diary of a Sex Surrogate: The Devirginizer

    Not every woman in their late 30s can say they devirginized four men in one year. I can. Over the course of several months, I spent intimate time with four adult male virgins, from 24 to 38 years of age. Two had overwhelmingly positive outcomes, and two did not.

  • The Kink Corner with Kal Cobalt: CBT

    CBT: It all makes sense until that last letter. Cock and ball...torture? Really? If you were raised on “guy gets smacked in the junk” clips on America's Funniest Home Videos, or if you possess junk that prefers a little tenderness to the crotch equivalent of Fight Club, this one might take a little explaining.

  • Diary of a Sex Surrogate: Come One, Come All...But Not So Fast, Gentlemen!

    Did you know that the average woman takes about 20 minutes to achieve orgasm? The majority of men, on the other hand, don’t have a problem coming in 5 minutes. If a woman can orgasm during intercourse (though not all do), she’s going to require more time than most men need. Basically, a woman’s orgasm is like a symphony, whereas, a man’s is more like a rock song.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: The Well-Pierced Penis

    Nowadays, body piercings are all the rage. And, as we all know, some fellas can’t stop with just a few—which can lead to some humorous predicaments when being wanded by airport security. While I firmly believe in the right of every man to augment, embellish, or in any other way customize his equipment, it’s a personal decision. If it makes you happy, go for it. If it ain’t for you, just say NO.

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying (About Masturbation) and Love the Porn

    When I moved in with my partner, I did something unthinkable: I stopped masturbating. Though we’d been sexually active before we moved in together, but I still masturbated occasionally, and, at 21, I needed to orgasm more than once a week. Still, I felt bad when I did it—almost like it was a betrayal of our relationship, and I promised myself that I’d stop when we moved in together.

  • Pan’s Promise: Does Horny Goat Weed Really Work?

    Known for his legendary libido, Greek god Pan left a trail of ravished woodland nymphs in his wake. In modern times, does the aphrodisiac that bears his image live up to the horny hype, or is it another myth waiting to get busted?

  • Size Matters…In Your Head

    This week, Sexis' own friendly e-neighborhood sex surrogate takes on a BIG problem—penis size...or, rather, the size of men's anxieties over penis size.

  • Overcoming a Fear of Sex: A Step-By-Step Process

    All phobias can be overcome with some effort. The same is true for conquering a fear of sex. Here, I walk a young gay man through his trepidation. We take simple, easy to accomplish steps to build confidence and dispel his apprehensions.

  • The Hard and Soft of It: One Sex Surrogate’s Experience with Erectile Dysfunction

    Hey, fellas—when’s the last time you sported a boner? Have you ever noticed how annoying spontaneous erections are for teenage boys, and how annoying lack of erections are for older men?

  • Little Plastic Rings: The Ethos and Eros of Foreskin Restoration

    On the L in Chicago, an average thirty-something man sits quietly in his seat. Suddenly a little plastic ring falls out from his pant leg and rolls along the floor. There are thousands of men all over the country walking around secretly rigged up with devices in their pants—made of plastic, metal, tape and other items that yank the skin of the penis. And no, this isn’t some sexual fetish or kink.

  • How I Grew Up to Be a Sex Journalist

    There are not many writers who actually plan on writing about sex as a career. You might say it’s something that just kind of falls into our laps (pardon the pun). Some of us are well-studied counselors and professionals; others are ex-porn personalities looking for life after the performance. So, how was it that I ended up in this particular field?

  • Just Looking 101: How to Scope Out Guys without Being Creepy or Getting Caught

    Guys love it when people look. It’s the kind of shock and awe that leaves us riding high on dopamine and suddenly increased self-worth, even if secretly so. But let’s be honest. In a very practical sense, there’s clearly a right way and wrong to way to scope out guys. The right way is flirty and fun. The wrong way? Well, it might just necessitate a visit from Nancy Grace.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: Sex and the Aging Male

    I’m receiving a startling number of correspondences lately from older men and their partners, highlighting the sexual difficulties of the aging process. It’s not surprising that these people are noticing the changes in their sexual response cycle as they age, but it is astonishing that they haven’t attributed the changes to andropause.

  • The Hand-Off: Handjobs, Him & You

    Men jack themselves off constantly. They can probably coax an orgasm out of themselves better than most women can because they know every nuance—the exact amount of pressure and stimulation needed—right? Well, no, actually.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: The Heartbreak of Male Performance Anxiety

    One of the real bugaboos for anyone, regardless of gender, is living up to our own expectations of sexual performance. So many things can get in the way, literally and figuratively, of fully enjoying ourselves and/or pleasuring our partners.

  • Pondering the Penis

    Even today, when we men are encouraged, seemingly mandated, to embrace sensitivity and nurture our feminine sides, the penis defines in large part what it means to be a man. It defines our masculinity biologically...right?

  • Why Porn is Good for the Married Man’s Soul…Seriously!

    You might hear people make outrageous claims such as “Porn destroys more marriages than crack cocaine!” “Porn drives married couples apart!” I hate to break it to you, but that’s hogwash. Porn is the glue that holds families together. Porn is good. Porn is the bread and butter of any married person’s sexual existence. Porn is an integral part of 21st century living.

  • What Hollywood Teaches Us about Being a Daddy

    Or, how to successfully combine parenting, fatherhood, and sex...

  • So Ya Wanna Be A World-Class Cocksucker

    What’s up with the current lamentable state of cocksucking these days? Why, I can remember a time when the humble hummer was king. Now, sadly the basic blowjob is a lost art.

  • From Jilling to Jacking

    It was going to be a simple story about lap-based Web browsing. That is, er…you know, relishing the hot dog. Jerkin’ the gherkin. Patting the Robertson. The next thing I knew, I was out back, behind the garage, you know...

  • B, B, & B: Baseball, Bud Light, and the Bromance: A User's Guide to Conducting a Successful Bromance

    Bromance tastes great and it’s less filling! So for all you guys who want to hook up with other guys—without the hooking up part—just say: “Buds Lite, please!”

  • A Man Who Has it All...?

    Most men have one thing in common: they'd really like their penises to be bigger. And the world’s taken notice: ‘male enhancement’, as it’s so wistfully called, is a billion-dollar industry, hawking everything from herbs to pills to diet fads to pumps, with varying results. So what’s it like to have been kissed by the gods—what is life REALLY like with a BFD (Big Fucking Dick)?

  • A Deeper Prostating of the Obvious

    The ins and outs (and ins!) of advanced prostate play - and yes, we're breaking out the toys!

  • The Nominalism of Masculinity, Machismo, and Manly-Manliness

    What is masculinity, anyway? Is it a single, inert thing – or is it open to anyone’s interpretation? Can you buy it, steal it, rub up against it, or administer it in pill form?

  • Freehanding: Advanced Jerkology for the Young and Old

    It’s commonly assumed that male masturbation consists of three simple steps: whip it out, get a death-grip on it, and start a-yanking. Well, there’s actually a bit more to it than that. In fact, there’s a LOT more to the art of Jerkology.

  • The Bobble Head: The History and Hype of Male Masturbation

    Men like to jerk off. In fact, they’re really kind of good at it – when it comes to masturbation, men are inventive, thorough, and relentless. Which should come as no surprise to anyone – after all, they’ve only been doing it for the entirety of forever.

  • Prostating the Obvious: Prostate 101

    Guys – are you getting the maximum oomph out of your sex life? If not,
    you may be missing out on the joys of a hidden part of your anatomy -
    your p-spot.

  • The Art of Fellatio: A Blow-by-Blow Guide to Pleasuring Your Partner

    Old, young, gay, straight, bi, or political pundit; if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that guys love blowjobs.

  • The Body Impolitic: Men & Self-Image

    This just in: women aren't the only ones with body-image issues.

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