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Bromance: Our favorite on-screen male/male couples.

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The Bromance: the most versatile relationship two (or more) characters can enjoy. It's uniquely suited to the varying desires of a full-spectrum public: to some, it's a depiction of buddies. To others, it's an exploration of how strong the bonds of friendship can become. And for still more viewers, it's the fun of watching guys constantly engage in behavior that can be read as strongly homoerotic.


Contributor: Darktorn

Gotta love supernatural the boy are so hot

Contributor: Paula Lovell
Paula Lovell  

You forgot the bromance between Seth Rogen and James Franco in Pineapple Express!

Contributor: bluekaren

OMG! You totally missed Scrubs---the original bromance that even had a theme song about guy love!

Contributor: Tikal

Lovely list. I also feel the need to mention House and Wilson from 'House'.

Contributor: Queen Aeron
Queen Aeron  

Peter Burke/Neal Caffery from White Collar! What most of us watch it for.

Contributor: MeliPixie

This is so awesome. I was drawn in by Sam and Dean, because they're ACTUALLY brothers and I was interested in what you might say about it, but you're so right! Sooo much bromance in that shooow. Love it! ^o^

Contributor: MeliPixie

PS: I like that you used a picture of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki instead of one of Dean and Sam Winchester. The two actors have some bro-love goin on too I think!

Contributor: Sonica

I still love my CSI slash. Too many sexy configurations to ever get bored with it!



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