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The power in your hands - part II
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So you already know the basics of a handjob, and maybe even have a few techniques you can vary, but you're looking for more options? Read on to learn how to make your guy smoking hot for you.

  The never-ending withdrawal

This is the exact opposite of the previous technique, also two handed: grab the base of the penis, as low as your partner likes to be stroked, and stroke upwards. When you reach the head of his shaft, place your other hand on the base before removing the first hand. Stroke up again and repeat. This will cause a sensation of withdrawing from a never-ending tube, hence the name.

  The tickling butterflies

This is a great teasing technique, a good method to start your hand job with. Spread your fingers wide, hold them loosely, and move them quickly in a tickling motion. Move your hands up and down along his penis, and allow only the tips of your fingers to touch his penis. You can vary the sensation by seizing and re-starting the tickling motion of your fingers.


Pass his shaft between your two hands: grabbing with the right, grabbing with the left, then right again. Let the penis swing from side to side a bit, like a pendulum. This motion will cause a heavy feeling in the penis – comment on how hard, big and heavy it is. It will boost his self-confidence as much as the size of his cock!

  The secure hold

Place one hand on the base of the shaft, one on top. If he isn’t long enough to support both hands, open the lower hand's fingers loosely and slide your hand down, the open fingers caressing the balls instead of the shaft. Now move your hands, either in an alternating or synchronized motion. You won’t have to wait long for the effect!


Place your hands on both sides of his shaft, your palms flat like the pastry part of the Oreo. Now move your hands up and down, rubbing only the sides of his shaft. You can add a rolling motion to your wrists if you want to, rotating your palm over his skin, (palms still flat) your fingers pointing upwards, then down. Keep it up and you will get to see the creamy filling of the cookie!

  Fire starter

If you were a girl scout, all that camping training is going to be handy with this one. Place your hands on either side of his penis, palms flat, fingers spread, and slide your hands back and forth in an alternating motion. Make sure to do it gently! Remember, pulling the skin too tight can be painful, so slide your hand over the skin, don’t twist the penis or its skin. Don’t put too much pressure between the two palms. This is usually a technique guys either love or hate, but there isn’t much middle ground. Now make his fire roar!

  The cockring

Form a ring with your fingers around the base of his penis, and squeeze it. This will work a lot like a cock-ring, trapping the blood inside the shaft, making him harder and more sensitive. This is a great technique to use between two strokes. If you are in a position of straddling his chest or stomach, you can use the free fingers to tickle his balls.


Form a ring with your fingers around his penis, and as you move your hand up and down give a twirling, twisting motion to it. Moving your elbow will help you to turn more, and add a more intense circling motion to your hand. You will notice that your elbow will move both in a circular and in an up-and-down motion. Keep in mind not to hold the penis too tightly. You do not want to twist the skin, merely add a twirling sensation.

  Wringing sensation

This is the two-handed version of screwdriver. Place both hands on his shaft and move them simultaneously up and down, adding a twisting motion to it – only twist the two hands at the opposite direction like you wanted to wring water out of a cloth. Be careful not to twist the skin. Let your hands just glide!

  The bowling ball

Grab his penis with your non-dominant hand just under the head. Create a "cup" from your palm and place it on the head. Move your cupped palm around in a circular motion as if you were stroking a bowling ball. Be very gentle, the head is extremely sensitive. Always use lots of lube for this technique.

  The bottle cap

Grab his penis with your non-dominant hand just under the head. Imagine that the head is the cap of a bottle you wish to twist off. Place your outstretched fingers around the head and make a twisting motion. Be gentle, don’t actually twirl his penis. Let your fingers glide.


Garb his penis with your non-dominant hand just under the head. Use the forefinger of your dominant hand to draw small circles on the head of his penis. Use a lot of lube, and don’t draw more than 2-3 circle at the same spot as touching the head draws more blood to it and sensitizes the skin.

  Fake lick

You use the flat of your palm to stroke and tease his cock. Pretend your hand is a tongue, licking him over. Use quick, smooth motions. Refrain from jerks and bumps. Apply it to the underside of his cock, where you could lick it best too. If you use a warming lube, it can imitate the heat of your mouth and tongue.

  The flattener

Use the flat of your palm to stroke the underside of his shaft. Push his penis gently against his stomach, and let it spring back when you let go. For added effect use two hands, and move your entire body with the motion, as if you needed all that power and strength to move his hard shaft. He will love to see that!

  The scissors

Open up your fingers like a pair of scissors, and take the shaft between them as if you wanted to cut it in two. Then tilt your hand until your fingers are pressing against his cock in their entire length. Now move it up and down! You can add wrist movement to it, like painting a garden fence: up and down, like Mr. Miyagi said in Karate Kid.

  The prayer

Lace your fingers together like praying and grab his penis like that. This sends the message that his penis is so big you can’t reach around it with one hand! All guys like to believe they have a big penis – especially if their partner appreciates it. If you don’t think they get the unspoken compliment, well, speak it!

  Upside down

For this, use your hand upside down, your thumb facing down. Apply a lot of lube and close your thumb and forefinger into a ring. Place this ring on top of the head of his penis, and open it up slowly as you move your hand down. This will create a sensation like penetration. Keep stroking his penis, holding the thumb-and-forefinger ring as the tightest part of the grip – this will stimulate intercourse as the tightest part of the vagina is the closing muscle ring.

  The knitter

One normal, one reverse – stroke his penis once with your hand in the upside up and once in the upside down direction. Up and down, the other direction, up and down. You can do it with one hand, changing directions, or you can do it with two: one for the normal and one for the reverse strokes.


The head of the cock is the most sensitive part – but you can concentrate on the shaft, ignoring the best bits on purpose so when you decide it is time to play with the head too he will be so eager for it he will be ready to explode!


Contributor: Robinhoood

Oh a guy and never realised there were this many ways. The authors partner must be a real lucky one. Its even very sstimulating to try them all out myself.... and how perfect this world would be if every girl would read this

Contributor: edeneve

fantastic article! I've used a lot of these techniques but never realized there were so many.



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