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Guys, Gays, and Dildos (Not as gay as it sounds)
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For about as long as sex toys have existed, there's always been the assumption (by the ignorant majority) that straight guys can't own a toy, specifically a dildo. If you're in the mood to read a rant, read on!


Contributor: Bubba29

do you have any online reading recommendations for prostate stimulation beginners?

Contributor: Dannielle

Maybe not so much in the reading, the more in how to do it. One, Lubrication is a must for beginners, as it makes things enjoyable, if you haven't done it alot, and it finds it's way easier. Secondly, I normally find that I usually wait an hour or two after either eating, or doing a movement. That usually cuts down the mess factor considerably (along with the lubrication). Also, the idea that size matters. 10 inch vibrators can be fine, but usually go well past the prostrate. It should be reachable with an index finger, and use a vibrator that is curved (the egg on the bent stick) works really good.

I find that a combination of the vibrator and treating you rod like a woman does with a vagina does wonders. The longer you can go, before you get wet......makes the orgasm intense.

I started long ago, and enjoy it alot...and I even have the beads too. I usually enjoy having them in me for an hour or more, which brings on the instantaneous orgasms...with little warning.

It isn't just for women and gays. For me, it has helped me explore other areas of my sexuality. For some it is the awesome feeling it gives. If it works for you........regardless of reason...why not try it.

I did....and it's awesome..



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