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Why fetishes are a good thing
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In today's society, fetishes have a very negative connotation. On a very special episode of "rants by Mine Fujiko," we discuss why fetishes can actually benefit people.


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Contributor: LadyDarknezz

Nice article! I'm a submissive and have my share of fetishes. I'm completely heterosexual, but I just realized that I really love breasts, especially prominent perky nipples (like my own). I definitely agree that having fetish sex is definitely like a dream come true; the orgasms are too amazing to describe!

Contributor: Azula

Excellent article. I completely agree fetishes are normal and natural and yes, even good.

Things got really awkward when I noticed your username, however. *points to own username*

Contributor: newlover

Nice article.
I believe we are still kind of in the dark ages in terms of sexual expression. Thank goodness the Internet lets perfect (and imperfect) strangers share and share all sorts of info and phone numbers sometimes!

Lots more to understand about ourselves and sexuality. A lifetime pursuit...



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