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Studies Show Circumcision Reduces the Risk of HIV...So Now What?

Courtesy SneakersAndPearls
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Studies in Kenya and Uganda show that circumcision reduces the risk of contracting HIV, but does that mean circumcision should be the standard?


Contributor: Freddie

These studies have been debunked. The tests were not double-blind and there was no effective placebo (how do you hide whether a man has been circumcised?). The men in the study who were circumcised received training in personal hygiene and safe sex, and were given free condoms, while those who remained uncircumcised received nothing. And there were other severe flaws in the studies.

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Contributor: SneakersAndPearls

Freddie, I had heard that some of the studies (there have been a few, I believe) were called into question. That's one of the reasons that how it's being report is annoying me. Even if the studies weren't flawed, you can't take the results of areas that need education and condoms and apply them to 1st world countries. It makes no sense.

Contributor: Pia Jouet

You both raise very important points. I suspected the studies were flawed from the beginning and am now gratified others in the scientific community are coming around. In addition to the inherent flaws in the the protocol, the studies also neglect to examine the important role first world hygiene education and practices plays in the transmission of the virus. Once men have access to the means to keep their foreskins clean, it somewhat evens the field.



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